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Liberals are destroying Planet Earth

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  1. They try to defend criminals and distort reality, so giving them and their ‘posse’ extra ammo
  2. They (in particular the BBC’s Radio 4 and 5) have focused entirely on unnecessary at this juncture selfish feminist, anti-family and gender issues, so a youth who would in the past be protesting at Fracking, animal cruelty and the government’s removal of solar subsidies, are instead, planting themselves in front of their computers and making oh woe is me YouTube videos.
  3. They are incredibly aggressive and rude towards anyone who holds a different opinion, lacking any respect.
  4. They (French left now too, idiots) support allowing uneducated fairly violent migrants into cities without any thought of a) What they will do on arrival b) Learning the lessons of the ghettos in London and Paris of the past. So, already, there has been a massive rise in violent crime, including that by scooter/moped, and in France, (UK media tends to ignore this), they torch cars and such every so often for no good reason.

How is this destroying the planet?

  1. It forces some to vote for people who will be stricter on such issues (good!), but who unfortunately, tend not to care for the environment (bad!), so it is left to fester, hence already, atmospheric moisture levels are higher. Note how sticky the weather is in the UK of late. That is climate change, period.
  2. Our society becomes more dystopian, because the aforementioned issues require surveillance technology to be installed everywhere, ruining what it means to be a sentient being: Free of control, monitoring and dignity.

Fight back club: The left need to grow some and return to focusing on less self centred matters, stop defending criminals (which begs the question, how many people on the left ARE criminals trying to protect their drug supplies?) and instead go save the planet before it is too late.

UPDATE: August 26 2017 – And this man agrees. Did he see this page?


Written by Oflife

July 29, 2017 at 9:18 am

See, democracy does work

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Whilst a lot of what goes on in this country is bonkers (covered elsewhere here), the fact the UK government has set a realistic year by which ICE* vehicles will be banned, is the kind of Apollo program level ‘project’ and vision needed to both excite the public but also motivate businesses and entrepreneurs.

This blog has since inception been calling for robust solutions to issues, not pussy footing, and this may seem a long way off, but bare in mind it took 10 years to get DVDs onto the market, and they are not an essential component of our lives.

Fight back club: Don’t, for once!

*Internal Combustion Engines


Written by Oflife

July 26, 2017 at 8:55 am

Complaint to BBC Radio 6 Music

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My belief that this is one of the best radio stations out there due to the superb selection of quality music and old school no agenda honest broadcasting was blasted into smithereens today when I was driving and heard a female presenter tell off a guest or caller for referring to someone as an Oz or Kiwi because it was ‘highly offensive’.

Really? For one, any Oz is welcome to refer to me as a Whinging Pom. Perhaps a suitable new name for this blog? 😉

Am willing to bet if you asked 500,000 Ozstralians or New KiwiZealanders if they had an issue with being called by their national nickname, none but one or two brainwashed snowflakes would care.

My complaint to the BBC is that it is using tax payers money to not just pay themselves too much whilst they spend half the time preaching socialism (ah ha, gotcha!), but are also using your money to create an aggressively enforced witless dystopia – something this blog exists to fight tooth and nail.

Fight BBC club: Complain, and of course, continue to refer to our good natured antipodean friends in a good humored well intentioned manner with a wink in the eye, and expect the same back.

Written by Oflife

July 22, 2017 at 8:25 pm

FFS (3)

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Well, we know what these council people would have been doing in WW2, and it would not have been pleasant.

Really England? So you were kicked out by the Americans, the Indians, the Irish and Lord knows who else. If this is how we have behaved around the world over the last few hundred years, I really need to revisit my school history books.

At the time, I didn’t question how our castles, mansions and other were paid for, but I can see now, it was on the back of the little people.

Fight back club: Don’t pay

I know it is not appropriate to discuss eugenics, but I have always wondered how it is some people can be so heartless, dumb, abusive, thoughtless, cruel and more, whether it be council workers abusing their power like this or putting a bullet through the back of the head of an unarmed civilian. One has to be devoid of compassion, common sense and more. What worries me is when such people not just get into positions of power, but are backed by an armed military. It happens all the time, just read the history books. The progress of time does not alter the evil within some, it is just how they practice it.

Update: Friday July 21 2017 – Just Ice prevails. But would it have if the public didn’t get to hear about it?

Written by Oflife

July 20, 2017 at 6:33 pm

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Wales to try to impose state over family

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Fortunately, smacking is still legal in the UK (I believe), but Wales wants to ban it.

Any of you who are in a position of leadership will know how easy it is to tell who was bought up in a disciplined (not to be confused with abusive) house hold. Never met anyone who was smacked as a child and regrets it.

Fight back club: As per rest of this blog, refuse to comply. If enough people do so, the enemies of common sense will eventually give up or lose.

Written by Oflife

July 19, 2017 at 6:40 am

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FFS (2)

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My God in Heaven! Re this, what if the motorists were/are distracted by:

  • Attractive lady/bloke
  • Cuddly dog
  • Interesting road sign
  • Friend walking past (“Oh, hello mate!”)
  • Meteor

Come on all your Trump hating millennials with your snowflake crap, why not protest about the end of humour and harmless wit? Or do you wish to be ruled by fembots like those in The Two Ronnie’s visionary ‘The Worm That Turned’ comedy/thriller from a few decades ago?

You see peeps, the problem is, younger people today, who would in decades past protest at such authoritarian behaviour, have been so brainwashed by the liberal media and schools, they take this cold humourless me me me I’m so precious and offended social status as normal – like fish who have never lived outside the bowl.

Fight back club: Everyone, go buy light up bum gnomes and plant them in your front garden until the council jobsworths are to preoccupied discarding them, you can do something else to wind them up like built a tree house without planning permission until they admit defeat and go back to their mum’s basements to play WOW on the ageing gaming PC whilst consuming simple carbs.

Written by Oflife

July 18, 2017 at 8:47 pm

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Women are ruining society with their precious nonsense. In a lifetime, have never heard anyone moan about an ad, other than the usual comments about real roads being jammed with traffic, unlike in your typical car commercial.

We have a problem here (mentioned countless times on this blog), and that is a lack of sense of humour and condemnation of poking fun by easily offended insecure liberals who are turning the media into a propaganda tool to suit their bizarre aims.

It’s interesting to note, that even on the increasingly left wing BBC Radio 5 Live, most callers are not even bothered. It’s non issue that has been inserted into the narrative by the master string pullers so people don’t protest about climate change. Has no one noticed how intense the sun is these days, and how humid it is? This is caused by the oceans evaporating, as forecast by scientists years ago, but we sit wasting time discussing adverts for cleaning products and other matters covered on this blog.

Fight back club: As per a few posts ago, we need a charity to help provide funds to those who refuse to comply to these dystopian laws so they can continue to ‘break’ the law and maintain our common sense based status quo.


Written by Oflife

July 18, 2017 at 7:35 am

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The Antichrist

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Right here.

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July 17, 2017 at 10:13 pm

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The madness continues and continues

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All part of a drive in the UK (hopefully not the US) to create a cold robotic dystopia where almost everything is illegal and compliance with authoritarian rules is so strict, even minor ‘offences’ are met with serious punishment, from large fines, to imprisonment. Remember Demolition Man, the movie? Amusing, but such a superb prediction of where we are today. Tragic and terrifying.

Fight back club – If I was an employee of TFL, I would refuse to comply, and happily quit or take legal action to stand my ground. I hope others will. If I was retired, I would offer to fund/donate to anyone needing legal fees. People must never be made to feel bad or suffer the consequences for standing up for values they know in their heart are right, even if the toxic MSM distort reality with their propaganda.

Written by Oflife

July 13, 2017 at 12:46 pm

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Yay! I’ve been banned from The Guardian

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I must really be doing something right! Have now been banned from all the blind to their destiny lefty publishers, The Verge, The Independent (prior to my new login, mwa ha ha) and one other. Crack open the socialist Champagne! Note, not one less left leaning organ has banned me, proving what the history books already know that the more left leaning the entity, the more they crack down on free speech and truth, always leading to death and destruction long term.

Fight back club: Change your login and continue defending the honourable corner

The irony of this is I am an avid environmentalist and most of what my employer does appeals to the left. Those from birth to about 21 have been hijacked by Frankfurt School social manipulators so that a group who would 20-30 years ago be protesting en mass at the site of some potentially toxic fracking by Cuadrilla in Lancashire are now all wound up by woe is me matters of the bedroom that should stay in the bedroom.

(Has anyone noticed that 75% of Radio 4 and 5 Live phone ins are snowflakes moaning about their lot? Tune in anytime, and it’s woe is me, moan moan moan. What a contrast to the considerate 70s and early 80s!)

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July 10, 2017 at 12:38 am

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Canada falls for the toxic liberal dystopia

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There are people out there who consider this a good thing. If they ever get control of a nation’s military, IE, form a government, humanity may as well capitulate.

Despite being a techie (my main interest), I believe some liberal values to be one of the greatest evils sentient life on Earth faces. They must not win, ever.

Fight back club: Make it illegal, start by writing to your MP. That’s how the system works, right?

Written by Oflife

July 3, 2017 at 7:21 pm

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