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Finally, got around to creating this page (Feb 27 2018). May end up being a Twitter account too dedicated to constructive moans.


As well recorded in the communications between myself and yourself via text chat and phone conversations, an item that I was forced to refund thanks to a very very fussy and selfish buyer (who lost me a lot of money), never arrived back at any of my addresses. On various occasions (as your records will show), you promised to contact the post office to find out what happened and get back to me within a few hours. (Your words, not mine.) It’s months later, and nothing. So, I have lost the cost of shipping that I included out of generosity to the buyer, and the money paid back to the buyer (who got a bargain), AND of course, the original item! Total loss about £100?

Your website, the way it operates and all else is a disgrace to human interface design, the messaging system is antiquated, your fees are extortionate and the fact one has to pay both yourselves AND PayPal for any transactions is beyond contempt.

But, it isn’t all your fault, you have NO competition at all. Nothing. You even own Gumtree (clever move!), so it’s all one cartel. Why are governments fine with punishing Microsoft for including it’s browser with Windows (why not, it’s their product?), but not eBay for monopolising and exploiting the global auction market?

The Independent newspaper (UK)

Beyond your clear hatred of Israel and decent people under the guise of righteous liberalism, you flood your website with bandwidth hogging random video and other ads that not only increase a computer’s energy consumption that is bad for the environment you are (rightly) so keen to protect, but the ads make reading articles a battle and the auto playing video ads disturb the peace and quiet and are stress inducing.


Please drop Lighting on your iOS devices and adopt USB-C.

Add Apple Pencil compatibility to iPhone.




Written by Oflife

February 27, 2018 at 7:49 pm

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