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See this and then that. (Sorry, both paid links.) One refers to the ‘problems’ associated with ‘too much’ solar energy overloading the grid (#excuses), the other, that the government is to arrange power blackouts in the UK to save energy. You could not make it up!

Read on…

The once cash rich energy industry has had years to invest in low maintenance, clean, sustainable energy. They have not. Why not? Because resources like shale gas (obtained through as yet unproven fracking) will make those who invest in it a fortune very quickly. So they have resorted to the oldest trick in the book, fear, to persuade (frighten?) the British public to back shale gas. No matter that with cancer effecting more and more people today already and concerns about access to clean drinking water by farmers, the energy companies (read, The Government and their paid off ministers) are more than happy to choose a path whose consequences will include both using huge quantities of potential drinking water and pollution of the ground water in the locality, rather than more ethical, viable and clean alternatives.

Here we are in 2013 (‘the future’) and we have crusty greedy visionless people running our lives in such a manner that make the clean, almost utopian (without the dystopian!) future we were promised and worked hard at engineering college to bring about far off, or even, simply doomed. It is almost as if our leaders want to keep us (who is ‘us’ is another debate!) repressed and with as little hope and freedom as possible. Reminds me of the 70s, but what makes it worse, is that today, as recent events have proven, we’re all being monitored 24/7 (both ‘on the street’ and online), so trying to protest against such policy will lead to the authorities arresting people before they even get marching. Freedom? Puh! (At least abroad they still have the freedom and passion to revolt.)

A degree in economics is not required to know that energy is what effects the price of all else, from food to clothing to building materials, not to mention your actual electricity bill. Yet the government is holding us hostage by forcing us to accept quick and dirty solutions, rather than take a more long term approach that will neither pollute or require expensive exploration.

Fight frack club: Just as you may choose not to buy your clothing from sweat shops or your bananas from a dictatorship, so, find out where your energy is sourced from, and if it isn’t clean, shop elsewhere. I’m doing my part by researching (and possibly developing) practical clean energy solutions, such as storing solar generated energy close to where it is needed, for on demand access, no grid or over fed politician required.


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June 28, 2013 at 12:40 pm


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A quick task for you – do it right now, before it’s too late. View the home pages for all the leading British broadsheets…

  • Daily Telegraph (Fairly conservative, so no surprise there)
  • The Guardian (Liberal, so this is out of character)
  • The Independent (Almost communist, so no idea what to expect)
  • The Daily Mail (I don’t think they even care about climate change or pollution, but they do care about celebs doing cocaine deals according to their headline as I type this)

…and you won’t find a single mention of the matter covered in an email I just received from one of the most effective green organisations to exist world-wide that I may well give a lot of money to one day:

“Hi Alex,

The vote was this afternoon and was amazingly close. But we lost.

MPs have just rejected a clean power future – and I thought you’d want to be the first to know.

It’s been a tense few days as we waited for MPs to vote on a clean power target in the Energy Bill, and it’s not the outcome we all wanted.

But there is a silver lining.

Thousands of us told our MPs to back clean electricity, and as a result the rebellion against George Osborne’s dirty, costly dash for gas continued to grow steadily right up to the vote.

We lost by just 23 votes. That’s the third closest vote since the election. If just 12 more MPs had switched sides, we’d have won.

Osborne may have won this round, but the Energy Bill will now go to the House of Lords. There will be another vote, which gives us another chance to secure our clean energy future.

The battle for Britain’s energy future is far from over.

Over the next few days, we’ll be thinking about where to take the campaign next. But right now we’re recruiting for our core volunteer lobbyists – the people who go and challenge their MPs face-to-face, in their constituency offices.

We need as many of these volunteers as possible to make sure we get the political impact we need. You’ll be trained for free and given all the support you need to become an effective lobbyist – for the good guys.

Let’s use today’s news to make us stronger. Volunteer for the Greenpeace lobbying network now.


P.S. In two days, 21 people will be sentenced for occupying one of George Osborne’s dirty gas power stations. Some of them are facing prison sentences. Follow No Dash for Gas’s Facebook page for updates.

This is a disgusting move by the government, in particular George Osborne, who is an unethical hopeless chancellor so in bed with old-n-dirty energy, when I received this Greenpeace email on my phone whilst driving (automatic, voice control, hands free, Mr. Jobsworth), the despondency made my shoulders drop at the wheel, and I slowed down to sulk.

Let’s see now:

  1. Algae blooms are choking our oceans world-wide
  2. Jelly fish are doing the same and spoiling our beaches as well as killing off fish
  3. The ice caps are melting such that they are cooling the gulf stream hence the whacky weather
  4. Most importantly, quick-n-dirty fracking that is to power the US and UK economy from now on will pollute groundwater (the quakes are not worth worrying about) causing unknown illnesses in the near and distant future
  5. Germany has designed superb bird friendly wind turbines, yet we have chosen not to buy and install them, nor their ultra efficient next generation solar panels.
  6. Etc!

But Osborne and his minions will be so wealthy, they will, like the bad guys in most Bond movies and Ben Elton’s visionary 1989 book, Stark, be up to their bank accounts in industry backhanders, so will ‘flee to the hills’ if things get nasty, and that Dear angry frustrated disillusioned reader is why the vote went the way it did. They just don’t care.

As ABBA once said, “Money makes the world go round.” Actually, it may stop it.

Fight backhanders club: Simples, don’t buy any energy sourced from fracking.

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June 4, 2013 at 7:07 pm

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