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Eww, it’s the EU!

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Temporarily reactivating my blog to post this because I’m seething with seeth, or whatever mysterious compound that fills one’s blood when sensing something bad is about to happen. (Oooh, this new WordPress in browser editor is lovely. Typical, they implement it just when I’m winding down my blogging after so many years!)

Before I ramble on (and I do), bare in mind that despite my interest in technology and design as a career, the issue of common sense based freedom (the opposite of dystopia) is my NUMBER ONE cause! The NUMBER ONE reason this blog exists! We must not become a soulless humorless politically correct robotic automated inhuman society. Never!

Got that? Then I’ll continue…

I find the UK councils a bit like the EU themselves, a mix of good intentions and often catastrophic execution that makes life hell for us everyday folk.

Late last year someone posted a link to some fascinating archive film footage from the early 1900s. A mix of London streets and rural towns, most shot from atop buses. Our streets were tidy, pretty and people dressed significantly smarter than we do today. Whilst the latter is less of a matter of personal choice, what the councils have done to our neighborhoods today is becoming increasingly unpleasant.

Once pretty country roads and town streets are blighted with plastic ‘recycling’ bins, up to 6 per household in some cases! Not only are these ugly and a nuisance to manage being there is no consistency in what you put in which bin depending on where you live, but they are made from plastic, that itself is toxic. The irony is the councils that tend to promote this ‘recycling’ are often so called Green councils. They have, to put it bluntly, made life hell. I cannot speak for everyone (alas, the British still put up with crap without protesting, hence our sorry country), but I for one do not have time or the physical capability to stress about whether I can put a yoghurt pot into the green or the blue bin, and whether it’s Wednesday or Thursday every other week when living in Warwick or Tuesday if in Streatham. And never mind the elderly or multi-occupancy households where students come and go from different areas of the country or overflow bins designed to hold the output of 3-4 people, not 5-6.

How about returning to the weekly collected single dalek style aluminium dustbin that one put all ones trash in, and have council staff or even robots sort the recyclable items?

The councils say they want people to recycle. Well, actually, the issue is the supermarkets! If they produce less packaging we’ll have less to discard! Why are the public punished?

And this brings me onto a related matter. The EU are discussing ‘punishing polluters’ by introducing congestion charging to more towns and cities. First of all, if I need to drive into town, I wish to retain that right. I may wish to pick up some items, spend a few hours meeting someone or walking around, and then go shop elsewhere. Not something one can do with a bus or other form of transport. More importantly, congestion charging involves tracking motorists and means one has to pre-prepare ones travel, rather than simply crack on.

We are not the polluters, the automotive and carbon fuel industry is! They have the power and financial might to invest in clean energy, but won’t, because it’s against their interests.

The (UK) councils are greedy visionless control freaks who treat the everyday person with contempt, and the EU now wishes to further turn the screws, with the profits of all this maleficence ending up elsewhere.

The EU would be better off investing their righteousness in what the organisation was founded to do, namely ensure political and financial stability. A great idea, that has already proven to prevent serious social unrest, and therefore war. Likewise, the councils should focus on parks and other social amenities. The lovely parks in Oxford are an example of this.

This is all about money. The councils, who are on the receiving end of EU dictat, make a killing from us folk, as do the remote dystopian private companies that they outsource all the monitoring and legal action to. They are on the whole undemocratic and the staff are overpaid. I have had the misfortune of meeting one or two such people, and their single mindedness and total lack of vision, compassion and respect for the public was quite shocking!

It is time for all this to stop, and until it does, I’m hoping the UK leaves the EU and returns to a more relaxed naturally pleasing way of life. Yes, it really was better in the past.

Those nations that offer common sense freedom have the best economies. Germany for example, with no speed limits, produces the world’s best cars, best beer and yet has a fair and just society. An example is rent control in Berlin, and so on.


  1. Supposed to retain stability between nations
  2. Strict on environmental regulations
  3. Encouraging mobile phone networks to reduce roaming charges
  4. Forcing electronics manufacturers to adopt microUSB (and hopefully USB-C)


  1. Very aggressive ‘leaders’ who no matter the talk are almost dictatorial in their behavior
  2. Import tariff on video cameras limits recording time to 30 minutes
  3. Complicated recycling laws

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