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  • Damon Albarn formerly of Blur. The more he says, the better it gets. What a guy!
  • John Bolton, former US ambassador to the UN. One of the few people who get it. Not too popular with the left.
  • Richard Branson of Virgin: Nice guy who treats his staff well and knows how to spend his money in a manner that goes way beyond materialism. (He’s being a bit naughty putting biofuels in his experimental aircraft, but let’s see whether he becomes enlightened in due course.)
  • Warren Buffett. Sensible money man.
  • Dr. Vince Cable, egoless pragmatic intelligence that will save our economy, businesses & society in the long term. (See reference to him in the comments below this article.)
  • Arthur C. Clarke, Visionary and Science ‘Fiction’ author. It is sad he died before we discovered something really amazing down here or up there.
  • Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumkins: Smart guy too (and used two of my employer’s Sonovista BiT BOPPERs when on tour.)
  • Jacques Cousteau – Probably my first hero, being I watched his television program when young and along with a few other influences, he made me appreciate the natural world. May his memory be preserved by the work of those following in his seasteps.
  • Tom Daley, British Olympic champion diver. I would not normally rave about someone so young, this is out of respect for a true talent who stands up for himself. Our PM (GB) worships nasty trashy celebs, well, here’s someone he should be worshipping. Update – Jan 2013: By deferring University for trash TV, TD no longer a hero.
  • Andrew Gilligan: Brilliant ethical journalist, the last of his type.
  • Zak Goldsmith: Loaded but cares for the planet. A rarity.
  • Alan Greenspan: Highly intelligent and realistic attitude to economics, well, in the 1990s anyway.
  • Oliver James, author and commentator
  • Buckminster Fuller: Amazing engineer/architect/industrialist? Should be running the world today. Sadly, he is gone.
  • Mathew Bellamy of MUSE. Not only do his views echo mine but his band is now my favourite and along with Pendulum, their music is part of the ‘soundtrack’ to my life, if you know what I mean! Added on 13 Sept 2010.
  • Elon Musk of Tesla Motors, SpaceX and more: From the day I met him I knew Elon was one of those rare (priceless) people who combine all of the essential attributes required to achieve great things: Technical skills, business savvy, passion, vision and extreme intelligence.
  • Eric Pickles – UK Conservative politician who is the honest common sense antithesis of the previous regime and a pleasure to listen to.
  • David Pogue: Exceptionally talented and funny New York Times technology columnist – and musician! Exhibit A – Exhibit B
  • Jonathan Porrit, formerly of Friends Of The Earth. Pragmatic environmentalist.
  • Jamie Oliver (Chef): Great guy and not afraid to talk his mind and do something about it.
  • James Lovelock: One of my first heros and conceiver of the Gaia principle, something I believe to be spot on. More…
  • John Peel: BBC DJ & Broadcaster who, as he did for many, introduced me to music – literally! Incredibly, just days before he died I threw away the box for a compact cassette of a recording of his late night radio shows I had made in 1976. I had lost the actual cassette, but hope to find it because it’s priceless. On the recording he introduces acts that later became huge.
  • Character Jean Luke Picard of Star Trek
  • Prince Charles: Unappreciated and mocked, yet full of common sense. Our obsession with worshipping people based on aesthetic appeal only is undermining the potential of others with much to offer society. (Something tells me I’m alone on this one.) Update: Not any more (21st March 2009 – © The Daily Telegraph)
  • Gene Roddenberry: Creator of Star Trek and major influence behind much that my employer does and will do – minus the rubber aliens and cardboard rocks.
  • Peter Sellers: Beyond funny
  • Tim Smit creator of The Eden Project. WOW! I saw him speak in November 2008 and he echoed many of my own sentiments on various issues as well as providing some insightful and extremely motivational tips.
  • Chesley Burnett Sullenberger III – A prime example of how if all the pieces are in place, whether it be character, crew, the ‘plan’ or all three, if you get it right, you get it good. Update – I’ve summarised the concept of perfection here.
  • Dr. Jim Swire: Although this link is recent (2009), Dr. Swire has been a hero since he first challenged the events over Lockerbie. This issue, along with one or two others that occurred during my time in the US, has reduced my respect and trust of ‘the West’ somewhat. Duplicitous would be the appropriate term. Disillusionment would be the appropriate feeling.
  • Norman Tebbit: Despite his unpupularity with lazy lefties, this man deserves respect for many reasons
  • Peter Thiel: Added him whilst watching this interview at The National Press Club recorded on October 31 2016. I agree with most of what he says, but not all.
  • Whoever does the marketing for Apple, Inc.

Written by Oflife

August 14, 2008 at 4:54 am

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