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Porkie pipelines

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As the West prepared to invade Iraq way back, as ever, I dug deep to try to understand why, despite knowing (like you) that ‘extracting’ all propaganda, it was about oil, period. But whoever it is that controls us – (and they are not a nice lot really, else you wouldn’t have to pay to park at a hospital) – devised a superb ploy to detract us from the truth.

1. Create a direct threat to the individual, in this case, a long range missile, “capable of reaching the UK”. Even back then before the term was invented, one could respond with LOL!? I spent my youth reading books on nuclear and other missiles, and believe me, Iraq was not even close to such means, and if they were, would never attack the UK.

2. This is the clincher, it was sort of kind of accidentally on purposely ‘leaked’ that Israel would love us to invade Iraq because Saddam was providing resources to it’s enemies. This is not true, Iraq has synagogues and there has been no case of threats to Jews or other minorities in Iraq.

The scud missiles fired at Israel were done to blackmail the West from continuing it’s war. The fact they were so useless validates the case against them having any seriously harmful weaponry.

After the UK, US and other nations lost troops in combat, not to mention the thousands of Iraqis, by spreading this little lie, it created the sort of toxic backchat that it was all about Israel, further increasing hate towards the country. It was a clever ploy, and it worked – to this day.


If you are a detective (a former career consideration), you go about solving mysteries (hunch or not) by joining the dots, and when they are staring you in the face, it is a lot easier. The truth, that was freely available for anyone to discover by keeping an eye on the newspapers, was that just before the Iraq war, there was a donation to the Labor party from BP. And the second the war started, British troops raced direct to Basra to protect the oil refinery. Kuching!

The UK PM then (who came into power when I was living in the US) made the case for the Iraq war with an impatient sham innocent glee not too dissimilar to a young man asking his father if he can borrow the keys to his car, promising that “it’s all good”. Of course!!

There is no smoke without fire, and just as the press articles about Basra and BP all but confirmed our? hunches, many years later we now have this. Hands thrown up in the air in total disbelief!

This by a man who once lead a party that was (I assume) pro environment and human rights, yet has done nothing other than act as a shill for the cancerous oil industry, whilst allowing lies about Israel to persist in the ‘chattering classes’, as I think some people call wealthy gossips, many who run today’s toxic press too.

This is all completely disgusting. The weather around the world is out of control, the seas are warming up, diesel* fuel has finally been proven to cause cancer, people are in general fedup of politicians for spewing falsities & breaking promises, we have instability in the Ukraine and Muddle East – and yet we continue to focus on an economy powered by carbon fuels that beyond dirtying the planet, enriches despots, who no doubt, just as we did with Saddam (who the West put into power), we will eventually attack to get our mitts on his pipes!

It’s all about oil, period.

Fight back club: Spread the word, avoid carbon fuel based products, don’t believe your leaders, go solar etc. What else is there to do?

*Am fairly convinced it killed two healthy non smoking family members who lived in London all their lives and succumbed to cancer not long ago. Nasty stuff, hence I have always refused to own a diesel vehicle.



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August 2, 2014 at 5:20 pm

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