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We can do it!

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I know, the Daily Mail is looked upon as being published and read by a load of grumpy old farts. But the truth is, some of the issues this blog – and more recently the DM – have been harking on about for a while are a serious threat to the (genuine) freedom and sense of honor, respect and trust that goes with being sentient.

Today, the DM is claiming success in three areas that I have been attempting to fight not only on this blog, but behind the scenes too. (Have you ever read one of my letters contesting an unjustified ‘penalty charge’? This is evidence that the Internet and our democracy CAN be used as a force for good – just as long as enough people with a grounded sense of right and wrong get up and do something.

Yes, I would rather stick to writing about Android VS iOS or other technical and design matters that are close to my heart, but that is easy. What is hard is to stand up to authority when that authority is getting away with behavior that causes innocent hard working people considerable stress – and a feeling they do not have anyone to support / ‘be there’ for them. Yes, there are far more serious ways in which a human can suffer, but if people are constantly battling against a flawed (and nefarious) system here, they won’t have time to put aside time for more worthy causes, such as helping out in a school in Africa or an after work charity.

Much more on this in due course over my lifetime – the next two issues being the government’s attempt to sell off some of the UK’s forests and the embarrassing and economically damaging state of our transport infrastructure. The latter can be solved through good design, sound ethical management and well motivated staff.

Fight back club: Fight back!


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February 9, 2011 at 11:36 am

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