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Women are ruining society with their precious nonsense. In a lifetime, have never heard anyone moan about an ad, other than the usual comments about real roads being jammed with traffic, unlike in your typical car commercial.

We have a problem here (mentioned countless times on this blog), and that is a lack of sense of humour and condemnation of poking fun by easily offended insecure liberals who are turning the media into a propaganda tool to suit their bizarre aims.

It’s interesting to note, that even on the increasingly left wing BBC Radio 5 Live, most callers are not even bothered. It’s non issue that has been inserted into the narrative by the master string pullers so people don’t protest about climate change. Has no one noticed how intense the sun is these days, and how humid it is? This is caused by the oceans evaporating, as forecast by scientists years ago, but we sit wasting time discussing adverts for cleaning products and other matters covered on this blog.

Fight back club: As per a few posts ago, we need a charity to help provide funds to those who refuse to comply to these dystopian laws so they can continue to ‘break’ the law and maintain our common sense based status quo.



Written by Oflife

July 18, 2017 at 7:35 am

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