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How can you tell…

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…when a politician is lying?

We all know the answer, when their lips move. Old joke, but never so true than today. I cannot believe the untruths being spouted by our (sponsored by big carbon) trusted authority figures.

Am so concerned about the subject of this post, I have hit PAUSE at 0:44:34 whilst watching the very first episode of Sherlock, (on Netflix via a Google Chromecast* plugged into a TV to be precise), to write this, before it is too late.

Those who support fracking state the following:

  1. British standards are very high, higher than the US even when it comes to such energy extraction methods and land management.
  2. The effects on the local community will be minimal.
  3. There is no evidence of toxic contamination of ground water.
  4. The local community will benefit financially.
  5. We need energy independence, in particular in view of events in the Eatern Bloc, or remanants of.

And so on. And on the other side of the more honest fence:

  1. Indeed, British standards are high, we do do contemporary coal mining, environmental protection and beautyspots better than most other nations, but this is different. Fracking is a technology and process that is by it’s nature, harmful, you cannot do ‘clean’ fracking today, and by the time any processes are perfected, the need for it will be obsoleted if it is indeed planned to be a short term solution as backers claim.
  2. If you have ever visited or lived in an English, French or Austrian country village, they are in no uncertain terms, in particular if equipped with a church, a pub, a post office, a bakery and broadband, the closest you’ll get to heaven on Earth: Quiet, pretty, friendly community spirit, relatively crime free (just look at a crime map) and the air is sweet, except on a cold winter’s evening when some fire up their coal or log fires. In the US, where Fracking is already under way (despite a so called left wing president in power), those communities that feature fracking suffer the following, as you can research yourself: a) Large trucks trundling along the local roads that in the UK will not just produce noise pollution but cause vibration damage to buildings. b) Pollution and smells from burnoff. c) Ground water contamination, that whilst not dangerous immediately, does eventually effect water that could possibly be consumed in the future. d) And there is increasing evidence that fracking causes small but frequent earthquakes as experienced in Oklahoma recently.
  3. There is evidence of contamination of groundwater because the chemicals used to help extract the oil or gas is toxic and by the nature of the process going to seep into any ground water! The lies when it comes to this matter are repulsive.
  4. …and so is this one: When I lived in the US, everywhere there was any form of energy extraction or refining, not only was the local area polluted (you could smell it in the air), but the area was poor and fairly grotty. Anyone living there when the industry builds a plant and can afford it leaves (‘white’ flight), and only the poor are left behind to suffer the ill effects. Environmental ‘racism’ or ‘prejudice’ as I call it. The financial beneficiaries are the companies that extract, process and/or sell the fuel, not the locals, beyond any hires of working class blue collar workers. And those white collar workers who really benefit live miles away from the noise and pollution. Just as will be the case in the UK. So, the lie continues.
  5. Actually, we don’t need energy independence, although (and this persona), it is a dream of mine for every home or community to generate it’s own energy and get right off the (national) grid. (I have ideas on this and my employer has been doing some research into the feasibility.) Anyway, if the UN stopped wasting time on same old hateful political issues and instead made the (strong, forceful) case for a global investment in and move towards sustainable energy production, we could share our clean energy with each other. Germany’s overly successful solar panel revolution means it is forced to sell excess energy abroad – what a great problem to have!

Fight frack club: a) Protest at a potential fracking location when you get a chance and b) Do not use fracking sourced energy, so ensure you find out where your home and/or business supplier sources its energy.

*Very clever bit of kit and excellent quality for the price. A glorified Internet remote control for those not in the know.


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