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Is the old way really better?

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For a while now I have been thinking about ageing and retro concepts that refuse to die, if they actually need(ed) to exist at all and whether there is an already pre-defined in the cosmic order, a final utopian manner in which to execute most ideas?

In a parallel universe, where the process of discovery and invention evolved in a different order, we may well have devised the technology to develop the perfectly executed whatever it is right away without first going through a lengthy process of design evolution.

Got that?

Think about the spherical bath plugs in the movie Brazil. Far more practical than our flat plugs that only fit specific hole sizes and pop out too easily. In the world of Brazil, they got it right first time!

Bath plug

Balls to that!

Let’s consider vinyl audio recordings. No matter how much nostalgia you have for their tactility, be realistic, they are subject to dust, static crackles, wearing, breakage, storage requirements and are not exactly that convenient to transport. Digital audio recorded at a high bit rate and available on demand from almost any device at any location offers a far superior value proposition – even if the business model is still controversial. Of course, DJs understandably prefer the aforementioned tactile ease by which vinyl records can be scratched and mixed, something only the latest all digital ‘turntables’ (such as those from Pioneer) can replicate if you do not want to lug your SL-1200s and vinyl collection around any more.

Technics SL-1200MK2

So hard to let go

Likewise, the tabloid newspaper. Inconvenient to read (with the one exception, when you’re in bed), blown away if you’re outside, tickling your fellow passenger on the tube train, has to be disposed of, stories can become obsolete the second something changes – and if you do let the corner touch that candle, there goes your house! Not to mention trying to find a specific item of content is, as per vinyl records, an effort in time wasting reality searching – whereby keyword searching would make things a tad easier and even help you discover related content.

Reading a news story on an iPad, Nexus 7, Kindle, Galaxy Note or other suitably sized electronic display equipped device is not only more convenient, but in the long term, better for the environment too.

What made me break away from work and finally express my thoughts on this was watching this video put together by Adobe to promote their latest Digital Publishing Suite (at work we subscribe to their excellent Creative Suite), where you see an iPad being used to browse the designer’s portfolio. It is just so fluid, natural and intuitive! Content has been waiting for the (well executed) tablet, not the other way around.

Adobe currently publish countless apps to cope with the various mediums that content is pushed to, from Indesign(tm) for printed tabloids to their latest web friendly apps suited to tablets and other gadgets.

Truth is, why are we even wasting ONE more minute on this planet with paper based media?

Kindle Paperwhite

1000 less books to box up when you next move

Can you honestly say that it is more convenient to read a colourful publication on a medium (paper) that is lacking in interactivity and so limited in capacity or sharing ability?

Why don’t we globally just stop wasting time with being embedded in a past that may not have happened anyway if we had invented the NOW before the THEN and in the process save a few trees and landfill/recycling energy wastage by accepting our digital fate?

Luddites of the world flame me.

Fight back(wards) club: Move on!

P.S. I don’t mention electric cars because they and the necessary infrastructure is not quite ready to provide a superior alternative to the old way, so the above arguments do not apply – yet.

P.P.S. Yup, I admit, even in 100 years, people will still read paper newspapers, and genetically enhanced 24 hour super DJ’s will still be spinning their thang with passionately preserved 1200s and vinyl.


Written by Oflife

September 27, 2012 at 4:32 pm

TechTip: iPhone 5 & LTE/4G

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Switching into work mode to alert those of you who are drawn to the shiny shiny before comprehending the inner workings of a device.

Due to the complexities of the LTE (Long Term Evolution) wireless infrastructure, if you acquire an iPhone here in the U of K, on EE (the new speedy mashup of Orange and T-Mobile), it will NOT work on the forthcoming 4G/LTE networks offered by O2 and Vodafone, although it will work on their 2 & 3G networks. That is, unlike until now, you cannot simply swap out your SIM and switch networks if one lets you down.

This dear reader, is what happens when those great big industries and governments that govern our daily lives fail to co-operate or put the citizen ahead of their motives.

Forewarned is forearmed!

(Although to have four arms would be quite useful, then you could have one phone in each hand for each network.)

Fight back club: Read, think – fire!

Note: My employer (lead by me) is in the wireless device business, however, I am providing the above advice in the interests of informing, not to show bias or other towards another company. The issue highlighted above is not Apple’s fault. In fact, I am typing this on the world’s best notebook, the MacBook Air 13″ i7, and have a still functioning like new iPhone 1/2G to my left. My main phone is an Android because it has a slide out keyboard and works on Google’s superior cloud experience. The standout feature of all Apple’s iOS devices, from the iPhone 1 to the new iPad has always been the ultra responsive display and the way it never stutters, such as when browsing photos or the web. Something other vendors have yet to emulate – even with top end processors. That’s optimisation for you!

Written by Oflife

September 13, 2012 at 3:21 pm

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