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It must be at least 10 years since I watched Casualty on the BBC. Caught it this evening and oh what an example of just how dumbed down everything has become over the last decade or two. What was once, (like Holby City), gripping medical drama is now like an episode of Eastenders, but set in a hospital. Lots of not very nice people all bitching and conspiring with or against each other. No humor (why?), no science, no mature responsible respectable mentor like senior Doctors. Mindless nothing wrapped up in contemporary disjointed convoluted social melodrama.

Well, if that’s how today’s script writers portray people who have been through 7 years of medical school, Lord help us.

Who writes this stuff? How were they educated at school? Which social engineering concepts were used during their education?

What a contrast to the brilliantly researched prog The Unsinkable Titanic on some other channel, but to find that, you had to surf through masses of mindless tat electronically transmitted in glorious HD.

Which begs the question, if this is what we’re watching today where the intellectual content of our programming is inversely proportional to the resolution of the broadcast signal, how will we be doing when 8K is everywhere? Will our brains fall out of our ears like President Reagan’s did in Spitting Image whilst he slept?

Fight back club: HBO? Netflix? Off switch? A book! Ah ha, cracked it!


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August 8, 2015 at 10:21 pm

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