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A hand built alternative to the ‘Blogroll’. The missing bullet points in this list are due to the bugs in WordPress (that Google docs also suffers from) that make managing lists a major hassle for some reason.

  • The End of Suburbia – Thought provoking 52 minute documentary on oil
    • The future of music? (Many years after I listed them here, Apple bought LaLa.)
  • Aptera Typ-1e
    • A practical and very innovative electric car.
    • British Toilet Association
    – 20 Feb 2008

    • Just learned of it via this wonderful woman who I had the pleasure to meet in the 1980s
  • Editable landscapes!
    • IncrEdible!
  •– 20 Feb 2008
    • Still in development (Feb 2008), but what a treat for your inquisitive kids!
  • Free Internet Press
    • Always something of interest
    Gadgetoid – Slick gadget destination whose layout betters inferior yet more well known sites


    • (Ask me about the flyer I created in the early 1990s while in Palo Alto)
    • What this company is doing with regard to tracking visitors to web sites is inexusable, however, this website is a great idea – and the name is great.
  • Icanhascheeseburger
    • Sorry, this is for me the funniest website ever conceived.
  • Open Architecture Challenge (The)
    • Similar concept to open source software, but applied to sustainable living for the poor – and maybe eventually, everyone else? (Jan 2008)
    • Remain informed, act accordingly (published by my employer)
  • Panoramic view of the Airbus 380 cockpit
    • Note the centre screen showing what looks like a view of the aircraft from it’s own tail – great idea, finally the crew can check all is ok if the telemetry equipment fails. Spot the cup holders!
  • Rotten Tomatoes
    • Consolidates movie reviews
  • TVGuide UK
    • A site that does its job. The information is immediate, clear and accessible. New design is very exciting and ‘web 2.0’ too. (Dec 2007)
    • We’re doomed, so help us all!
    • Intelligent analysis (Like VA, but better!)
    • Useful currency conversion site.



Written by Oflife

July 19, 2008 at 12:53 pm

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