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More on the slide towards a repressive state

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This in The Daily Telegraph is spot on – and as usual it is worth reading the comments.

Fight back club: Vote before it is too late.

Having taken no interest in politics, (except when I took charge of the mock election at school in 1979 – that we won), I only began to comment on these matters over the last few years after experiencing first hand or learning of friends who have had their freedom or privacy challenged by the state for totally unjustified reasons. So, I feel the need to speak out before it is too late. Once we have passed the point of no return, society will begin to slide backwards towards a ‘quality’ of life few young people will be able to comprehend, but that those over a certain age or nationality will look back at with disdain. And don’t forget the reasons why this is happening: Insecurity, money and control – period. It has nothing to do with religion, nation states, land, resources or other. Simply that fairly unpleasant people with a chip on their shoulder are getting a tad ahead of themselves. It has happened before…


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March 17, 2010 at 11:49 am

Windows Phone 7 Series – NOT targeting iPhone!

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Microsoft have made some good moves with WP7 – a standardised feature set, a fairly intuitive and finger friendly GUI and some obvious, but to date ignored, innovation, such as the ability to play the same game across devices and continue where left off. IE, be playing on an XBOX 360 at home and then continue on the bus with your phone. Why didn’t anyone else do that already? With Apple, you have to buy one app for your iPhone, another for your iPad and then another for your Mac. That is what scaleable graphics is for.

Anyway, the point of this post is that MS are not targeting the iPhone, they are going for Android and disillusioned Android developers who have to design for a mass of devices of differing form factors and specifications.

I have always believed (and previously blogged) that the success of Microsoft is based on the errors of or failure to repeat innovate by their competitors. Netscape are the greatest example of this. MS have of course also been fairly sneaky, such as by totally trashing the concept of the ‘network computer’ (IE, cloud computing) before they were ready – and now committing the future of the company to it. Along the way, they destroyed Java and Sun Microsystems, who offered the future over 10 years ago. Nasty world. Now only Google are left to save Java with Android. (Apple appear to be moving to the app model that ignores Java, even if their desktop browser supports it.)

Fight back club: Buy what works for you.

Let battle commence…

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March 16, 2010 at 12:01 am

£220 for over filled wheelie bin, £200 for violence

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You want to know how seriously out of control the UK is today? Take a look at this. No, not just the two crimes (which are of course awful), but the punishment for the original attack. The ‘fine’ is lesser than those for flawed wheelie bin management and many other ‘crimes’ by hard working honest people. Oh, and today, I had just overtaken a VERY slow vehicle (<15mph) and then accelerating to drive up a very steep hill – and low and behold, TWO traffic policemen with a radar gun to catch drivers accelerating up the hill in a 30MPH zone that was until a few months ago a 40MPH zone and that suddenly switches to a 50MPH zone. You see Dear Reader, the laws of this country are not about justice at all, they are about entrapment and profit. The area where this speed trap is has no history of accidents or poor driving – but it is frequented by sensible middle class working people who have more money than genuine criminals so HM Gov and the local authorities have chosen to fatten their coffers by entrapping them. Yes, really. And you can be assured, when the fine arrives in the post, I will not only refuse to pay it, but I will be including a very lucid letter linked to this blog.

Now here is the big question, if the current government is evicted in the election, will their successor withdraw / overturn all these unbelievable laws – or will the status quo remain?

Fight back club: Sadly, running out of ideas, energy and hope at this juncture. But it would be nice to setup a fund and/or support group for those who suffer the emotional or financial consequences of all this. People need support, else they fall into despair.

By the way, I blame women and/or ultra liberals in government and places of leadership for this and most of the related non technical topics discussed within this blog. These people are not where they are through values or hard work, but because politically correct systems meant they were put into such postions to fullfil quotas. Ridiculous, as is ANY other system that puts PC values over abilities and character! With the exception of Mrs. Thatcher & Joanna Lumley, the weak, irrational and massively unethical women / former laddettes in positions of power today are destroying this country. And yes, I welcome a blast of comments that question this observation. Update: A few hours after posting this, I was chatting with someone who expressed the very same sentiment. Well I never!

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March 15, 2010 at 10:47 pm


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Let’s see now, left wingers are more likely to be pro green, we have an (ultra) left wing government, yet they are prosecuting some people who: a) Are a force for good. b) Harmed no one. c) Have no alternative but to protest for the good of all. Yet they are to be taken to court!

I wonder which large industries slipped some dirty money into the pockets of those in power?

Fight back club: Starve the source by walking or riding a bike to work and play. As they say, vote with your wallet. How? Don’t use it!


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March 12, 2010 at 8:28 pm

It’s a long shot, but…

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…rather than invest billions in what will be an exciting and technologically advanced rail network – throttled by actually getting to the rail stations en route, how about dispensing with the need to dig up the countryside (again) and invest in a national personal STOL airborne transport infrastructure?

You know you want one – and the price is not bad for bleeding edge technology

Fight back club: Encourage the construction of mini airfields around the country – and in the case of the ICON (above), lakes could also suffice as water runways, further reducing the need to dig anything up. Nature knows and does best, so let’s follow the birds! It is the inevitable future.

This post is of course somewhat cheeky and idealistic, but I have always believed that come the day of ultra quiet (aircraft) engines and the intelligent virtual highway (something I was thinking about in the 1980s and that NASA have done a lot of work on), it will be much safer to travel in personal aircraft. In the event of an accident the number of victims in a train or commercial aircraft is of course much higher than that of a smaller craft.

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March 12, 2010 at 12:36 pm

Everything is just dandy in the UK

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Exhibit 276 of unknown. Meanwhile (physically) powerless PCOs etc are out issuing fixed penalties for offences of significantly less severity. Under the rule and value system of previous British leaders, these youngsters would have been under the leash of a father and/or be doing an apprenticeship at college in conjunction with a local employer. If you find life interesting and respect your mentor, then you are not really that likely to get bored or murder someone three times your age.

The current situation in this country is tragic and the government of the last decade and certain television producers aught to be ashamed and are directly responsible.

This image was used exactly* one year ago within Vision Aforethought – at that time to provide a warning of what has now transpired

Fight back club: Vote – and ensure that the term ‘compromise’ is not in the manifesto of your preferred choice.

*An unfortunate coincidence. I only realised I had used a painting of the Titanic in March 2009 when searching the blog to locate the image for re-use.

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March 11, 2010 at 3:23 pm

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Indeed J.D.

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Great news, a great engineer echoes a suggestion made here back in August 2009.

Fight back club: Support a party or parties who will carry this out.

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March 9, 2010 at 8:56 pm

Look who’s coming back!

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This is who they were.

This is how they will return.

And in the propaganda war, here is the first shot in the ‘everything is just wonderful’ campaign. The issue is not what is being silenced, it is the fact that something is being silenced at all.

Fight back club: The usual.

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March 8, 2010 at 10:39 am

Should this be of concern?

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Sometimes one hears of an event and is unable to decide what to think of it. Here is an example.

The issue being that a person doing their job has been charged with manslaughter for the first time in the history of their profession. And if you are keeping an eye on the news, you may have noticed that this is becoming more common of late.

What do you think? Please comment.

Fight back club: Keep an eye on the country as well as the road.

Please note that I don’t hype my blog – posting for reasons given on the About page, so don’t be surprised if no one comments, Dear listener!

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March 5, 2010 at 9:14 pm

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Another green painted dystopian law

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The big question over this issue is a) How will they know? Are the police now going to be looking at every single stationary car? What a massive invasion of privacy and waste of resources better served by preventing the issues covered in ‘Eyes wide shut’. b) Why not just make a polite request to the public?

Like so many of the financially motivated environmental laws and carbon trading, all of this is discrediting genuine green causes. Or is that the idea?

Fight back club: Vote for common sense and trust. And of course, note that starting your engine uses a great deal of fuel, so it is only worth turning it off if you are stationary for more than a few minutes.

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March 2, 2010 at 2:15 pm

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