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You have swallowed the red pill. Buckle up.


Stimulate debate, change the world (for the better), mental therapy? “I blog, therefore I feel better…” 😉

Although taking interest in just about anything interesting, pet causes include:

  • Preserving middle class values and encouraging more to adopt the lifestyle – for the good of all!
  • Banning advertising (of junk) to and general corporate misbehaviour towards those too young to know better
  • Matters environmental and practical solutions (Summary: A solar economy is the future. Period.)
  • Exposing corporate influence over democracy (relates to ‘for profit’ law and order – the UK today!)
  • Spotlighting the distortion of scientific truth by big business and/or government
  • Technology and design
  • Consumer rights
  • Highlighting political correctness and health and safety gone mad
  • Predicting the short term (15 years) future (business & technology)
  • And of course, the greatest issue of all: The dumbed down voyeuristic surveillance state and a cold heartless dystopia where life ceases

Use of English
When I first post, I am often in a hurry, livid, happy or a combination of! Therefore the first revision is often riddled with teepos and non too succinct. However, I will normally come back and do some editing when time and mood allows.

What’s not within Vision Aforethought?
Despite being a (pragmatic?) idealist, I co-manage a for profit business and alas do not believe it wise to spill the beans on a subject that may give a potential competitor the edge. There is little discussion or commentary on human factors, design or business strategy within these pages, unless I am reviewing a product or service because it deserves to be raved about. The only exceptions are the somewhat generalised life and biz tips sections that are there to help you, dear reader, get on the right track.

Once I retire or pass a ‘tipping point’, then insights into my strategy for design and innovation will be provided.

Today, sharing ideas and concepts (in particular on company blogs) is popular. While crowd sourcing is a cool concept (some of you may have seen my prototype EUREKA!BOX website of many years ago), design by committee is catastrophic for the ‘end user’ and not that good for business either – unless the product is already on the market and a revision is on the drawing boards requiring feedback from users and developers alike. A business that is no longer in business because it gave away the crown jewels cannot support its loyal expecting customers.

That all said, consulting is possible. Contact my employer if you require some tips on how to get from here to there safely and in style.

Is this the world’s first blog? Whilst certainly not originating at this domain, in 1995 approximately, while residing in Palo Alto, I began expressing my opinions online and via email. I used the MyTV nickname (and possibly the domain name), believing the future lay in personal electronic broadcasting – a logical progression from desktop publishing. I later changed MyTV to Reality Bytes, but decided to drop that after a well known American magazine began to use the term for a column. Back then, no one else blogged, my lengthy emails or pages were limited to my colleagues. Only now (2008 ) am I going to really begin blogging properly with the ongoing objective to stimulate thought and change. I had a blog at for a while, but it was hand built in ‘orrible Dreamweaver HTML and was therefore a nuisance to update remotely and there was no ability for people to leave comments such as, “Alex, you’re nuts!” To which I would reply, “Not mine mate, here – they’re yours! Ah, ok, gotcha!…”

If you are inspired by or wish to quote from Vision Aforethought, please feel free. My one request is that if you do, please credit this blog and provide a link back. You will notice that throughout VA the source of any external content is always given due credit.

Many thanks, and may the force be you!


Written by Oflife

July 18, 2008 at 5:29 pm

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