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Mr Mayor?

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May 6, 2018 at 11:47 am

Liberals are destroying Planet Earth

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  1. They try to defend criminals and distort reality, so giving them and their ‘posse’ extra ammo
  2. They (in particular the BBC’s Radio 4 and 5) have focused entirely on unnecessary at this juncture selfish feminist, anti-family and gender issues, so a youth who would in the past be protesting at Fracking, animal cruelty and the government’s removal of solar subsidies, are instead, planting themselves in front of their computers and making oh woe is me YouTube videos.
  3. They are incredibly aggressive and rude towards anyone who holds a different opinion, lacking any respect.
  4. They (French left now too, idiots) support allowing uneducated fairly violent migrants into cities without any thought of a) What they will do on arrival b) Learning the lessons of the ghettos in London and Paris of the past. So, already, there has been a massive rise in violent crime, including that by scooter/moped, and in France, (UK media tends to ignore this), they torch cars and such every so often for no good reason.

How is this destroying the planet?

  1. It forces some to vote for people who will be stricter on such issues (good!), but who unfortunately, tend not to care for the environment (bad!), so it is left to fester, hence already, atmospheric moisture levels are higher. Note how sticky the weather is in the UK of late. That is climate change, period.
  2. Our society becomes more dystopian, because the aforementioned issues require surveillance technology to be installed everywhere, ruining what it means to be a sentient being: Free of control, monitoring and dignity.

Fight back club: The left need to grow some and return to focusing on less self centred matters, stop defending criminals (which begs the question, how many people on the left ARE criminals trying to protect their drug supplies?) and instead go save the planet before it is too late.

UPDATE: August 26 2017 – And this man agrees. Did he see this page?

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July 29, 2017 at 9:18 am

Justice League

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Just PLEASE hope this security guard is released and not charged.

A few years ago, I was witness to and photographed the daylight theft of three top of the line mobile phones from a Carphone Warehouse store just as I was leaving. I asked why the staff didn’t chase after the thieves (like I did, camera shooting away!) and why the store didn’t have CCTV, being it seems to be the in thing today for spying on more innocent people like motorists accidentally doing 36 in a 30 zone.

Answer, the staff are trained not to put their lives at risk, and the cameras cost more than the amount of merchandise stolen every year. I also wish to point out that it took the police a week to view my photos, despite my offer of handing them over there and then!

The mind boggles! If people think they can get away with crime, then they will try again! And in the aforementioned case, they did. The O2 store up the street was robbed the next week, by the same people!

Fight back club: Fight back! World’s male population is being turned into precious snowflakes, except this brave security guard. Hero!

I don’t publicise my blog, but I think it’s time to start to advertise it before it is to late.

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February 10, 2017 at 9:48 pm

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Creepy nation

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Since starting this blog, I have repeatedly hinted at examples of the significant missuse and pointlessness of CCTV, never mind it’s significant breach of personal privacy and sense of space. Those who support it have to date, completely failed to prove it has any use or that it isn’t misused.

Whilst I spend my life thinking about, designing and developing cool technology, and would prefer to spend my time on those subjects, it has been real world experiences that shocked me into writing about matters beyond my regular remit and education. The first was several years ago when I drove into Putney, London, taking a left of Putney High Street to park on a minor road. I pulled in on the left and parked in a legal spot. I then went about my business.

A few days later I received a penalty charge notice from the council to say that I had driven up a one way street. Apparently, (and a first for me), the small side road was one way, and yet I had not noticed the signs. (I drove back and they were tiny and I photographed them.) Fair enough, I had made an error, that on a main road could have been dangerous. But it wasn’t the fact I was not even being given a chance to explain (a separate issue) that stunned me into disbelief, it was the fact that to backup their claims, they presented a series of colour thumbnail photos showing my car driving up Putney High Street, PRIOR to me making the left turn.

The issue is, why was my car being photographed or video recorded prior to an offence or alleged offence?

If they had presented a photo of my car in the parking space, that would have been understandable.

This was a huge breach of privacy and made me think, how much of our vehicular travels (and even pedestian travel) is recorded?

So I began to sit up, take notice and blog accordingly.

I have mentioned this above incident before, so I’ll move onto the matter of the day…


Whilst taking a break from work just now, I read that the authorities have released CCTV footage of a little girl the day she was murdered. It shows her in a leisure centre. There is more footage of the accused too. Which begs the question, why was a leisure centre recording young children going about their day? Who watches the video? And even if it isn’t being viewed, why was it kept for so long!? To be perfectly frank, why are their cameras in leisure centres, hotels and other locations where people are going about their privacy business?

If it was because there had been a spate of thefts and they were trying to catch the thief, and the police installed a temporary camera (as they did on my father’s premises once, and caught the thief too), that is understandable – it is a limited time installatio and monitored by no one until the next crime, and then used to catch the criminal, removed and no doubt erased after prosecution.

It seems that the UK is full of creepy people, but it’s not the ones who commit the crimes that are the issue (there will always be creeps), it is the fact that we are ALL obviously being recorded – in colour – as my own Putney experience and the footage of the little girl show.

The fact is, the CCTV didn’t stop the crime, and it never will, because unless the authorities install cameras everywhere, back allys, foot paths – and even monitor the cameras connected to some contemporary TVs, the criminals will simply choose a camera free location! And if the cameras are hidden, that is even worse, because then we won’t know we’re being recorded, yet another major breach of privacy, trust and sense of space.

All said, what should be of concern is not the above, it is the total capitulation of the British public and now after the Boston bombings, the Americans too, to this dystopian behavior whose motives are sinister and worrysome.

Not peachy

Image credit: The Geek Hideout

I have already written about my experience in Oxford where I came across an innocent young lad laying in a pool of his own blood after being assaulted in public. A homeless man then cradled the lads head and I called 999 for an ambulance. They then put me through to the police whose response summed up just how useless this country has become. “Yeh mate, we’re watching it all on CCTV.” My mental response involved expletives, but was tempered to “Well, it may be better you get out here onto the street ASAP.” (5 minutes later the ambulance and police arrived, and I left upset and appalled.)

A few months later, I witnessed and photographed 9 police officers pulling over a significant number of cars off St. Giles for exceeding the pointless on that area of road 20mph speed limit. No police officers patrolling the heart of a city that lives on drugs and alcohol, but plenty making a nice little earner for the council from innocent hard working motorists, taxi cab full of passengers included. (The aforementioned photo is on a prior VA post.)


In other news today, UKIP have shocked the UK government and Lib Dems. I wonder why?

Because as this blog has been screaming for years, Britain has become a repulsive cowardly greedy dystopian illusion, sugar coated with vast debt and state run pomp that fools everyone into believing everything is just peachy, when it is certainly not, even if the sun is out and smartphones are amazing. Whilst I didn’t vote today because I’ve lost faith in the lot of them, this national weakness and subservience to technology, ‘health and safety’, ‘human rights’ (hah!) and for profit law and order has ruined the country and people have rightfully had enough, so are pushing the HELP! button and praying for change.

The bottom line is that all this is going to end in tears, and that is a major understatement. Hate to toot my trumpet, but the record will show that Vision Aforethought has been spot on every time, and whilst it would be great to be right when it comes to positive predictions and analysis, on this issue, I so hope for everyone’s sake I’m wrong, whether it be because those in charge undo the eradication of common sense on their own – or people revolt and rip it all out by force if necessary.

Fight back club: Looks like it’s started!

Above I refer to having photographed some police pulling over motorists in Oxford, an act itself that could be viewed as being a breach of privacy. However, a) They saw me taking the photo and did not object. b) I blurred out all faces and number plates before publishing the image. c) The original photo is secure on my hard drive and inaccessible to anyone else, and in fact, could be deleted. However, I believe what I witnessed was both morally and legally questionable and needed proof before I commented on the matter. I did not take the photo BEFORE the incident, only during!

Oh, and one more thing, why are young people who don’t know better allowed to use social media? It’s a toxic, nasty medium in the wrong or immature hands.

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May 3, 2013 at 10:48 pm

Protected: More

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January 26, 2013 at 10:58 am

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Have always believed that boredom is one of the primary causes of street crime and terrorism, and whilst the latter may still be up for debate, this BBC article about the recent drop in vandalism is eye opening.

Those who cannot create, destroy.

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January 23, 2013 at 10:04 pm

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The UK continues to fall apart

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It will be apparent for those who are following such matters for a while now that since the mid 1990s, Britain has been on a steady decline, mainly triggered by a slow change from a society based on self respect and honour, to one where everyone is a victim and/or deserved of instant fame and fortune, with common sense and the natural order of things pushed aside. By now, the concerned of you will have heard about many examples of this, but here is just one. Consider that the police are supposed to be protecting us – but in reality, today, all they do is hand out penalty charges for minor offences in shopping malls and city centre high streets, whilst true criminals get away with a slap on the wrist because they don’t have any money, so are not compatible with a for profit system of law and order.

Fight back club: Leave the country or write to your local MP

Written by Oflife

January 27, 2011 at 5:02 pm

Crime in the UK

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Not soon after I arrived back in the UK from the US in 2000, I commented at the time that crime here appeared worse than the US, Internationally perceived to be a fairly lawless country. (I don’t include massacres, such as the one co-incidentally unfolding in Connecticut today). Ten years later, the media have finally cottoned on that it is so. Speaking from experience and observation, a decade later, it is indeed far worse here than the US, but the issue of concern is how the British react to crime, not simply the amount of crime, although the two are of course linked.

What is unsettling – and the direct opposite of how Americans (thankfully) react – is that the victim is normally blamed or it is suggested they ‘move on’ or ‘buy another one’ in the event of property crime.

When criminals are caught, the punishment is not enough to deter repeat offences or those who have yet to offend. But, until the coalition, it was even worse, you were more likely to be branded a criminal yourself for breaking a recently introduced speed limit of dubious intent than a bike thief was to be caught red handed by a policeman on the evening beat.

Fight back club: Hound* the police and media, and if possible, go after the criminal.

*That is what they are here for. To uphold freedom and the right to exist without fear or theft. “It’s my country, and I’ll dance if I want to! La la la la…”

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August 3, 2010 at 8:09 pm

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Eyes wide shut

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  • Exhibit A
  • Exhibit B (And here is another added 1st March 2010) – Becoming more and more common, despite claims to the contrary that the country is not broken. In fact, the UK is so far gone, it is hard to tell, but then ones perspective is limited from within the fishbowl!
    • By following the local and national news regularly, you will find it easy to compile a large list of these horrible crimes that were predicted a while back by the brilliant Mr. Stanley Kubrick. He saw it all.
  • Exhibit C – Note that this individual is treated with more disdain than many of the thugs out there who are either ticked off or given ridiculously lenient sentences. This is common in dystopian societies. Effectively, the authorities and their jobsworths are the criminals!
  • Exhibit D (It is worth reading the comments below the article before reading my comment.) – Instead of allowing corporations* to surplant democracy with their privacy invading technology, the government could instead invest in less dubious businesses that provide employment and the protection of rigid family values, both of which help deter crime and terrorism in the first place. But no, they won’t, they encourage a culture to evolve that by it’s nature requires constant monitoring and therefore profits only those within the cartel. That is making life for those who desire a private honorable existence far less so.
    • *On a related note, did you know 3i indirectly own the British traffic wardens?
  • Exhibit E – If I was fairly ill and/or old (and not really with it), and knew in my heart my children were not really that decent, I would be terrified. Compassion, my a*$e!

Fight back club: Don’t be intimidated by those who challenge common sense with cold distant repressive dystopian values that target the wrong people.

As I type this, and this feeling is echoed by several successful level headed people I have recently spoken to, I am actually becoming genuinely frightened in my own country. Goings on abroad too echo events that have occurred in history before and thrust the world into war or revolution. Do read the news everyday, there are some very worrying items that you may spot if you keep an eye out. It doesn’t seem right for the masses to be addicted to mind numbing celeb and reality TV whilst out in the real world, innocent people are suffering. That is complicity!

A quick break from work to report…

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…yet more evidence that we are no longer heading towards a repressive stress inducing time wasting privacy invading dystopia, we have arrived. But being we’re British, it will continue to get worse. This will lead to a continued collapse of the private economy (as occurs in ALL repressive nations) because people fear doing anything at all that is creative, different or industrious. It will be safest just to stay at home glued to the TV or Internet.

Meanwhile, last week, my bike was vandalised (for the 3rd time) and it was all recorded (yup, really) on that wonderful crime reducing life enhancing CCTV. Let’s see if the police put as much effort into catching the guy who for no good reason destroyed my transport, cost me money, wasted my time and caused much disruption to several people. Me thinks nothing will happen. If a policeman had been on the beat looking for criminals as they are supposed to do, the crime is less likely to have happened. But then, the crim is unlikely to be a ready source of £60 for the government. That’s dystopian justice for you.

Fight back club: The election approaches. Tick the correct box.

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January 29, 2010 at 11:39 am

Silly liberals

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Re events in China this morning involving the death penalty, it is interesting to note that certain liberal publications (and the BBC) are claiming that people are outraged at what occured. However, if you read the forums (IE, what the man in the street has to say), there is little outrage, but plenty of sympathy for China. Why do liberals always come to the defence of crims who cost society so much? Furthermore, why do they keep on making excuses for the behavior of said crims? As the Chinese say, it is a deterrent. And deterrents work. Perhaps Reprieve and other organisations would like to focus on threats to the decent hard working law abiding people of this country and the world (of call creeds and cultures) who appear to be increasingly ignored? The point here is not this specific case, it is the fact these publications, organisations and individuals are wasting time on the wrong issue.


Fight back club: Try to avoid doing anything that profits the liberal media.

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December 29, 2009 at 3:49 pm

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Yet another voice of reason

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This man says it like it is about the unacceptable rights given to criminals.

Fight back and stop these thugs club: Support him.

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December 26, 2009 at 2:15 pm


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December 17, 2009 at 12:10 am

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Another post already already!

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Seconds after having an Apple rave, am forced to draw your attention to this – no surprise considering the values of the current administration here in the rapidly disintegrating UK. From what I recall, history has proven on countless occasions that getting away with petty crime leads to more serious offenses. So if you strictly deter or punish the lesser crime, you may prevent the more serious (such as auto theft or murder) from ever happening in the first place!

Common sense really – but we’re almost running on empty with regards to that.

Fight back club: Keep calm, but do not carry on. Vote the right way at the next election.

I know, it’s just as mad in the USA – where celeb crims are distracting the media and authorities from more pertinent matters.

Am very very busy with work, and regret ‘wasting’ time on this blog, but I do believe the non technical issues covered herein to be exceptionally worrying, else I would not take time out. I do believe things are falling apart globally to such an extent that there will be a form of street level revolution soon. Not sure where, not sure when, but it is almost inevitable. A ‘for profit’ evil is permeating it’s way up the food chain of leadership around the world – and with technology and weaponry becoming more flexible and available – our very freedom to live a relaxed common sense based lifestyle could be threatened – possibly for a great deal of time. This is no science fiction novel or a depressed ramble. History books tell how there were periods in the lives of prior civilizations where people were born into, lived and died within a way of life that was almost permanently repressive – and this went on for hundreds of years. It could happen again – with technology the great overlord.

Most ‘concerning’, to quote a foreign colleague.

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October 20, 2009 at 12:05 am

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Proud to be British!

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August 20, 2009 at 2:08 pm

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This morning…

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…I went to play ice hockey on a large frozen flood plain. (An awesome experience.) On arrival at the car park around 8am, I discovered approximately 10 cars that had been broken in to. The lack of overnight snowfall under the cars indicated they had been there all night. Just as I was preparing to leave this morning people began to return from their Christmas and New Year break. It was very distressing for them to return from the holidays to find their belongings trashed or stolen. (Of course, leaving valuables in a car is madness, but just the invasion of ones space/property is heart breaking enough.) Here in Oxford, where parking is almost impossible for a lengthy period of time, one is forced to park out of the centre of town.


Just two of the ten or more vehicles that had been broken into overnight

My question is this, if the police are to be given powers to spy on our computers, and Oxford can afford to flood each neighbourhood with blue coated traffic wardens at dubious hours (I see them on the streets at 10pm) in what is in my opinion yet another infringement of consumer privacy, why don’t they patrol the car parks or why doesn’t the council install CCTV in the car parks? The latter would be one application of CCTV where no one’s privacy will be infringed – except that of the thief or thieves.

Fight back club: Contact your council and suggest such common sense changes. Shall I start the ball rolling?

Written by Oflife

January 5, 2009 at 12:05 pm

Time for change

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The enlightened amongst you who question everything, will have known that issues such as this (© The LA Times 2008) would rear their ugly head once the effects became mainstream. (I have been warning my friends about plastics for over 10 years.) Likewise, the events in the financial markets are unsurprising, not due to capitalism (a force for good), but because any entity that goes too far and relies on greed rather than common sense ethics is liable to collapse when the rotten foundations give away. This writer has no experience of the corporate world – being an every day consumer – however, if the big financial houses attempt the same shenanigans as the hight street banks, one cannot imagine the level of hardship some individuals or businesses must be put through. A recent example that has lead to some successful consumer lead lawsuits of late is that high street banks will intentionally or through incompetance ignore any courtesy warning from a customer who knows he or she may slip into the red while some payments clear. The bank will subsequently impose a fee for even the smallest oversight, for example, a £25 charge for an overdraft (OD) of £10. So, you are now £35 over. And guess what? A few days later, a pre-arranged small payment of £15 automatically direct debits from your account (mobile phone? sports club? etc), so you are fined another £25 for that breach of your increasing OD! And so on until it steamrollers out of control. At the end of the month, you are dealing with fees of anything from £50 to £300. No wonder people are strapped for cash and cannot feed the economy! This is fairly common, but most Brits are too embarassed to say anything and the process of challenging that huge electronic entity in the sky is too complicated, with real sit down and chat managers surplanted by overseas call centres manned by pre-programmed staff who are unable to stray from the beaten path. (Effectively, they are robots.) On a more serious scale, and of course, this is why the banks are also in meltdown, why did building societies both sides of the Atlantic offer mortgages to people who had no hope of repaying them?

We are also seeing more and more services whose essential telephone lines begin with 084X, 087X, 09XX etc, leading to unexpectedly large mobile and landline bills from ‘trapped’ or unsuspecting consumers. Just today, I called an 00800 number for what appeared to be a UK based company (UK prices, Union Jack on their home page!), and ended up talking to an office in Canada – on my mobile! (I await my bill.) Finally, there is the massive dumbing down of society across the planet, denial of climate change (it’s real) and invasion of privacy by terrified governments who are actively attempting to destroy the intelligent, thoughtful and vital middle classes – who are the greatest threat to all this nefarious behavior.

Each issue has been discussed on my older blog for years and will be imported to these here pages in due course, with external links to provide vindication of most pertinent matters.

I am sure many of you have seen films, read books, or even thought about the writings in the leading religious texts that discuss multiple threats to humanity arriving simultaneously, followed by significant changes and then, well, things get better. This time may well be upon us. The way forward is for people to revolt against any entity that it is plain obvious is a threat to our freedom. Start by ceasing to do business with them and if you are really feeling brave, start your own venture to offer a superior more considerate alternative. Don’t forget that the main focus of my blog is to highlight the usurping of democracy by technologically ominpresent and callous ‘corporations’. Cut off their income and they will die. That’s capitalism at its finest!

P.S. Remain optimistic.

Written by Oflife

September 16, 2008 at 7:38 pm

Attack on litter police

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As per lengthy missive due for importing from my previous hand built blog, the collapse (© Telegraph 2008) of law and order in the UK is due to the de-evolution of an Island that is conceptually progressing towards that featured in William Golding’s Lord of The Flies. Amongst other things, this is occurring for the following reasons:

  1. New Labor and politically correct laws that undermine common sense and family values
  2. Dumbed down education system
  3. Tony Blair focused his whole time on Iraq, not our national wellbeing
  4. The directors of the BBC (Mark Thompson in particular), GMTV and Channel 4 for dumbing down our media with their insipid ‘just how low can we go’ programming that unlike television of the 1970s does not provide firm foundations for character and intellectual development
  5. Our adoption of all the worst aspects of American society – rather than the best, such as Three Strikes and You’re Out laws, positive role models, constructive (glass half full) criticism etc.

More later on a separate dedicated page.

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July 18, 2008 at 5:41 pm

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