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This page is dedicated to the collapse of the UK – something I have observed to my horror since arriving back here in 2000 after almost 10 years of enlightenment in the United States. Returning from an extended period abroad provides an excellent perspective – not just because I was able to witness the changes in the UK in an instant, but experienced such dubious ‘values’ and concepts whilst in the US before they began to permeate their way into UK society. Of interest is that the lack of moral backbone in the UK means that negative American cultural influences are taken to far worse extremes here, while the positive aspects are ignored, except at specific institutions, such as Oxford Entrepreneurs, a beacon of hope amongst all the trash.

Perhaps this should be integrated with the Towards Dystopia section? This page is focused on dumbing down and politically correctness, while the aforementioned relates to the surveillance society. Of course, there is a link, so maybe it will be wise to merge the two in due course?


  • UK Universities dumbing down mathematics. Would you fly on aircraft designed by their graduates? 14 June 2011 © BBC News (Wow, the BBC reporting on such a matter!)
  • Oh dear, more council jobsworths ‘earning‘ their £100k (no wonder the libraries are being closed.) 22 April 2011 © The Daily Mail
  • Thought on this people? And this?
  • Lifeguards ‘save’ kids, in what (if you read into this carefully) was a massively exagerated example of risk ellimination – as the organiser states near the end of this article from The Guardian. Stay home and play Xbox kids, you’ll die young of diabetes, but be mollycoddled along the way by The Gord. There there!
  • Father arrested for defending his home.
  • Another dumbed down Brit profits from stupidity (meanwhile, hard working people struggle to earn a living)
  • Medical industry tries to profit from something that can be cured by consuming a few glases of water and a change in diet
    • While in the US, I was amazed to see advertisements for acid reflux medication. 100% unnecessary, but you are not supposed to know that. The less you know, the easier you are to dupe. Why is this important? a) Vast waste of medical resources when there are more important issues to deal with. b) Further erodes personal freedom by making the individual reliant on a for profit entity that doesn’t care for common sense and personal responsibility.
    • Link © 13th April 2009 BBC.
  • Parents of UK children undermining teachers
    • © 5th April 2009 The Guardian. (How ironic, in a paper that often espouses and protects the values that lead to all this!)
  • British actor Sir David Jason tells a harmless joke that is no different than the others told every day for the least few hundred years and yet is attacked for it, (by whome?), despite no complaints. And here’s the killer, the BBC and other news media have reproduced the joke. People, before it is too late, let us stop this madness! The only people offended are those with little self respect or sense of worth.
  • UK education curriculum to include Twitter.
    • Unbelievable! a) Twitter restricts posts to 140 characters, therefore making the correct use of English difficult. b) It is primarily an exercise in vanity & voyerism and discourages true social interaction skills. You will also note that in the same article, our enlightened government plan to remove learning about WW2 from the curriculum. I wonder why? To avoid offending specific nations or to prevent the young from learning about the values the war was fought to protect?
  • Can you believe it? Meanwhile, in Africa…
  • The Prime Minister of the UK offers his support to a cancer victim who received her fame through mediocrity , offence and a crass media(1)
  • Girl self sizzles (© 19th February 2009, BBC)
  • Pole dancing classes for mothers – Video story more ‘effective’, when I find the link – Text article – (© February 2009, BBC)
    • For the record, this was, for so many reasons, the most offensive and worrying news story I have ever watched or read since taking an interest in the subject of this blog page.
  • The Prime Minister of the UK sends a letter of congratulations to the winner of a trashy celebrity television program (1)
  • Police told to ignore burglary (2003)
  • Compensation culture damaging the UK (1999)

(1) Why does the leader of a country in deep recession associate himself with such people? What does history teach us about insecure leaders and their attempts at popularism? Why isn’t our leadership making heroes out of those who have contributed to society and shown dignity, such as racing driver, Lewis Hamilton?


Written by Oflife

February 19, 2009 at 8:20 pm

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