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How very right wing, on one had, good at dealing with despots, but despotic when it comes to the environment. So rather than invest in alternative energy sources such as solar, hydro, wind and other, Trump is not only going to risk polluting areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB), but continue spewing CO2 into the atmosphere with his new energy policy.

Fight back club: Get off the grid.


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April 29, 2017 at 8:23 am

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Worse than 1984

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If anyone needs evidence that the UK is headed towards a worse than Orwellian police state run by useless snowflakes and their sponsors, read this. I just cannot believe this is going on, and the government is not intervening! We are on the brink of something that is a huge threat to freedom, common sense and a way of life that is in fact harmless. Someone somewhere is injecting sham issues into the narrative and turning young people into sham victims and that is going to lead to decent people being branded as criminals, which is what you will be if you breach these inane protocols.

Yes, this is in the Daily Mail, but the article is backed up with tangible evidence.

Fight back club: Refuse to comply. If you’re a snowflake, get over yourself for goodness sake!

UPDATE: April 27 2017 – Melted!

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April 22, 2017 at 3:08 pm

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Paying to stop your vehicle

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The corporate surveillance police state that now ‘powers’ the UK is out of control.

Co-incidentally, in view of the timing of this article, I was recently visiting a town that charges between £2.00 and £3.20 an hour for parking, or £16 all day. WTF?! There is literally NO place where you can park for less than £2, and certainly not for free, even further out from the town centre. You literally cannot stop your car, causing pollution and a waste of fuel. Poor people cannot afford to stop and enjoy the location or shop anymore, so there are few people around in the scenic areas.


RIP The family outing – better to grow obese on the sofa in front of the telly

Of course, the council are Greens, so despite a name that creates the impression of caring for the environment and people, they are in fact making things worse. Of course the millions they make on parking fees and penalties pay their huge salaries, but do NOT go toward the upkeep of the town that features many areas and items in disrepair – something I’m logging with my camera.

Worse, want to take a bus, it’s £8 to travel 15 miles. Think about that! For the record, I took a bus the same distance as a student, and it was 15p. Or about £0.30p for non students.

UK councils are like oligarchs, all socialist on the outside, but greedy self serving and corrupt on the inside. Please don’t buy their green or community BS, if they cared, they would invest in making things EASIER for the motorist or public transport user, not worse. Effectively, they are entrapping people.

Fight back club: 1. Refuse to pay fines, no matter how threatening the letters your received or nasty the bailiffs. I was issued a fine for parking on a Sunday afternoon, around the back of a row of shops for a few minutes on a bit of road that I assumed was ok to park on. Little did I know there was a tiny no parking sign affixed to a building. Even if larger, there was no good reason for the parking restriction. I refused to pay the £100 fine and they have given up chasing me. What really showed how nasty these people are is that they must have used a hidden camera to spot my car and send a jobsworth around to affix the ticket to my windscreen. 2. Time to expose councils and replace them with something more visionary, compassionate and democratic. I have some ideas on this.

Please don’t let these dystopian corporations take control of our democracy and freedom to stop our vehicles and enjoy the day, oh, and buy things whose taxes pay for the infrastructure. It is these corporations who make all the surveillance gear and manage the issuing of fines.

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April 21, 2017 at 9:30 am

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Is every Brit a precious snowflake now?

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I cannot believe people are complaining about this harmless ad from Tesco that is neither rude, offensive or other. What is really worrying is that it is ADULTS complaining now!

Have for a while been trying to workout how to stop this madness before the whole of the UK (if not the world) becomes a species of fragile humourless drones.

How to melt a snowflake or stop one forming

  • Compulsory non combat military service during youth
  • Compulsory rowing, rugby or other very intense outdoor sports between late single digits and mid teens (yes, I did all of it)
  • Those slightly older should be forced to watch at least 2 episodes each of the following:
    • The Two Ronnies
    • Benny Hill
    • Monty Python
    • Open all hours
    • The Sweeney
    • I’ll add some more as I think of them

This would be banned today!



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April 13, 2017 at 7:59 pm

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The terror just got personal

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One of the frustrations of being in a position of leadership is that one has to temper ones, uhm, temper. There are situations when it may be acceptable to get strict with staff, but when it comes to politics and other matters where one may desire to express an opinion whilst releasing steam from the ears, where do you draw the line? Speak your mind in an internal email or blog post and risk alienating those in your team and other stakeholders? Or keep quiet, in order not to offend anyone. It’s a tough one.

I just learned that along with an 11 year old girl (still missing?) and two or three other people, one of the victims of the recent heinous atrocity in Sweden was a wonderful British guy from Spotify, and not only that, he held a position directly related to my work and my staff may have interacted with him. (Since it’s foundation, I have been a massive fan of Spotify for multiple reasons.)

Connections with my employer or not, he has been murdered in a horrific manner.

It really is time that people extract their heads from the sand and admit that something has to be done that may not be politically correct. What really bothers me is that for some reason that I cannot fathom out, a large proportion of those in the tech community (including tech blogs, some of which I have been banned from, simply for stating the truth, not being rude), are the sorts who have allowed this very atrocity to happen by supporting groups whose values are in direct contradiction to the society that allows their employers to blossom.

I am angry and very very upset. It will be interesting to know how many more wonderful people will be slaughtered before this is dealt with effectively.

(I was going to send this text to my team, but won’t.  Shall keep my opinions within the personal sector – here.)

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April 9, 2017 at 10:40 pm

And so it begins…

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Here you go.

For the record, my day job is (was!, it’s finished!), designing a service that actually gives people control over their data. Do you want a future where you are the master of your well intentioned destiny, or at the whim of a cold remote entity run by a profit algorithm or worse?

You see folks, if their intentions were good, the chips would be embedded in removable water resistant bands or rings.

Fight track club: Think before injecting.

P.S. Sweden seems to be allowing some very dubious concepts to be tested, with consequences that are proving non to pleasant to date.

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April 7, 2017 at 3:40 pm

Humour the best medicine, unless…

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So this fun guy did what we have done in the West without harm for decades by creating a parody, and then receives death threats. Worse, he then apologizes, therefore capitulating to the forces of evil. Those without a chip on their soldier can take and enjoy a joke, but those lacking in intellect and any modicum of Joie de vivre are destined to threaten and persecute anyone who they feel is happier or more successful than they are.

Sadly, as events in Syria of the last 24 hours prove,  our mixed loyalties caused by a penchant for global warming causing carbon fuels and hypocritical Oxford powered toxic liberal values mean we will continue to support the worser of the two evils in that part of the world. And this means less freedom for us, and long term, as the population demographics swing toward those who cannot enjoy a laugh, we are heading towards a true dystopian nightmare: 24/7 surveillance on one side, and inflexible group think on the other.

Fight back club: Don’t buy oil based products and never say sorry for harmless banter.

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April 7, 2017 at 12:12 pm

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And more!

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Can we reverse the law so it is possible to sue people for wasting the time of, well, courts, the authorities etc? Here we have a superb ad, that could have equally referenced ‘your son’, and people are complaining!

When is someone going to say “Enough is enough!” can we focus on climate change and other real issues that effect other people, not the self of useless snowflakes.

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April 5, 2017 at 5:01 pm

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More cultural Marxism in action

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Cannot believe this is still happening! Are people so stupid and selfish today that if they read (for example) the word ‘foreman’ that it is taken personally? Or is it that they are being made to take it personally?

Are the idiot imaginationless jobsworths who come up with this aware of the book 1984, or how it is to live in a country like North Korea, where your every move or prose is monitored?

Fight back club: Refuse to comply. I shall continue to use all those terms in my personal and professional communications, even if doing so becomes illegal. Meanwhile, climate change and other serious matters continue, but of course, we want the precious little things to get all worked up about non issues as a distraction.

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April 2, 2017 at 6:42 pm

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Before Brexit is blamed…

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..for this horrific attack, this sort of behaviour by feral youth has been going on in our country for years now. And I know, I have witnessed and been subject to it. Further, one reads about elderly people being bludgeoned to death in or near their own homes, random acts of extreme violence in city centres after dark and so on. Make eye contact with the wrong sort of people, no matter your race or other, and you are in serious trouble. (I was attacked and nearly killed in London by a half cast muslim, and then years later, threatened by two semi drunk tattooed white trash, so the attackers and victims are just as ‘multicultural’ as each other.) About 6 years ago, I happened to walk onto the main shopping street in Oxford where a young white lad had been punched for no reason and fallen backwards smashing his head on the concrete paving, there was blood everywhere and his life was on danger. His ‘mates’ and others were just watching, one on his mobile, not to the emergency services, but to another friend moaning about how the fact his ‘friend’ was fighting for his life on the ground would ruin the rest of their day. About 15 other youth were standing around watching. I called 999 and was told by the equally appalling jobsworth policeman on the end of the phone “Er yes mate, we’re watching it all now.” (From live CCTV.) Believe me, if the cops has spotted a motorist doing over 20mph down St Giles, they would be out in force pronto for a nice little earner for the city council. So what we have here is a mix of compassionless youth (do read Lord Of The Flies) and detached dystopian police.

Returning back to today, yes Brexit has provided an excuse for those without anything between their ears to blame some of the wrong people for their woes, but the irony is that they have in this case targeted someone (a Kurd) who comes from a part of the world that is fighting ISIS. But they are too stupid to know, and you can be assured, if the victim was a posh white guy in a blue pin stripe shirt, he would have met the same fate. These are just awful people, ***** trash, and nothing new!

Let’s hope this incident is not exploited by those who oppose Brexit. (As a reminder, I voted remain but also empathise with the case for Brexit. But if asked to vote again, I will still vote remain, because the Pros outweigh the Cons.)

Fight back club: Get to the source of the problem! (In this case, feral youth and useless lazy non patrolling distant CCTV watching police.)

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April 2, 2017 at 5:23 pm

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