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Is it real, or is it Matrix space? (Posted May 17, 2001)

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Press Pool

Are we real?

May 17, 2001, Washington DC. President Bush, flanked by some of the world’s leading scientists and a select group of NASA engineers, made an announcement that is sure to have profound consequences on our perception of reality.
 Apparently, yesterday, NASA engineers received signals from the distant Pioneer 10 probe now on the furthest reaches of the solar system. These signals indicate that the probe has stopped moving. This information comes just days after NASA discovered that several of their deep space probes were being effected by an unexplained force. (See Exhibits, below.)
 The data received from Pioneer 10 and other probes has lead scientists to conclude that there is nothing beyond the location in space where Pioneer 10 is currently located. Effectively, the Universe is limited in size to the diameter of the area between Pioneer 10’s current location, and an equal distance the other side of the Earth.

In the hit movie The Matrix (1999), the lead character played by Keanu Reeves had to come to grips with the fact that his life had been a virtual reality simulation so real that he had never in fact questioned his existence. The discovery this week by scientists leads us to believe that we are in fact also living in such a virtual environment and they are keen to know who controls the power button.
 Telescope images and signals that provide the illusion that the universe extends further are likely based on simulated ‘backdrops’, similar to those seen in video games where clouds and distant landscapes appear real, but are simply flat surfaces. Any attempt in some games to travel beyond these boundaries is met with an invisible wall or force field. You may well have played a character or flown a craft in a game, and been unable to walk or fly beyond a particular point. Well, this is why the Pioneer 10 probe has stopped moving. The virtual world we and the probe exists in ends at the probe’s current location.

Jonathan Enris, Professor of Theology of the University of California, Berkeley says that this will have profound religious consequences. Effectively, it provides creationists some remarkable credibility. 
If this this discovery is proven with further evidence, and that is very likely, it means we are not only alone in this very small simulated Universe, but some higher entity is responsible for our continued existence and consciousness. Now we have uncovered such a frightening reality, will they choose to ‘switch off’ the simulation?
 The President, along with other world leaders has requested the public remain calm and await further announcements through the news media.



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Protected: Britain needs a constitution

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