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Dear PM,

Congrats on your win.

Thinking about it, it was inevitable, because under all the superficial news and opinion of the somewhat biased media, an underlying majority of good people were fed-up of all manner of threats to our freedoms, dignity and a value system based on personal responsibility and focused compassion.

However, the justified popularity of UKIP, whose leader was a decent person opposed to threats to the aforementioned issues cannot be ignored. In fact, you won because when it came to putting an X in the box, people realised that a vote for UKIP would let the other side in, so they voted for the next best thing. (Or worst thing for those on the other side of the house!)

When Lady Thatcher was in power, she became unpopular over time (and more recently with some unjustified bile from those who have no idea of her true character), not because of her policies – that have subsequently been proven to be good for the country – but because those around her were not as upstanding as she was. “With friends like these.” Etc. Hangers on comes to mind!

The bankers exploited her trust in their new found freedoms, that we paid for in 2008. Other aspects of capitalism lost their sense of honour too, something that has also continued to this day.

So Mr. C, if you are to represent the majority of the populace, then you should honour the desires of those who empathised with UKIP and other parties who feel ‘something’ is wrong, even if many of these things are not discussed much in the media, beyond articles in the Daily Mail or on the other side of the spectrum, The Guardian:

  1. Eliminate hospital parking charges by the end of this year – the most unethical aspect of UK society today, and something UKIP were due to repeal.
  2. Make it illegal for landlords and estate agents to charge fees for background checks, beyond a total of £20. (They can pay an intern £10 an hour to do the work – as we do – and cover their genuine costs with the balance.) On a personal note, I am no fan of landlords or estate agents, many unpleasant words come to mind, but we’ll leave that for now.
  3. Impose stricter regulations on pay day loan companies who, like bookies, exploit those down on their luck – and sometimes only make things worse.
  4. Ban car and other insurance companies for charging fees (often as much as £25) to update a policy. For example, a customer address or driving situation. To charge for making a quick update to a database, a process that takes seconds yet costs the customer money in telephone call costs is unethical and like many of the other issues on this list, quite simply didn’t happen not long ago.
  5. With relation to 4, above, rein in the unjustified fees that ladies have to pay for car insurance despite having a far lower risk of accident. The fees were raised due to the selfish behavor of feminists (don’t get me started) who wanted equality. Well, they have been hoisted by their own petard, financially crippling many safe driving young women everywhere. Can you believe that most young people today pay more for their car insurance than for their car? Totally unjustified, even for young men. Cars today are far safer, speed limits and drink driving laws etc are stricter. So there is no need for it.
  6. Ensure that mobile phone airtime providers do not block customers with Pay As You Go calling plans from calling customer services when they run out of credit. What are they supposed to do if they cannot get through to query something or seek help? Do you know what it is like to be in a situation like that? I imagine not. (And that’s one of the flaws of Conservatives, some have never known what it is like to live on the edge.)
  7. Do as America and Australia do, and only allow people into this country who are not going to be ward of state, agree to our system of democracy and as Gordon Brown was hoping to encourage, take an oath of allegiance. Some of us find it reprehensible that decent people are sometimes forbidden from entering this country, whilst those who come from countries where we source our blood oil are allowed in for geopolitical reasons. In return, they kindly spew their hate by exploiting our freedom of speech laws. And by doing that, actually encourage the easily brainwashed to commit terror on our streets that in turn leads to unjustified intrusions into our privacy through monitoring of our communications. Cure the disease, and you won’t need a morally dubious cure!
  8. Honour your pre-2010 election pledge to be a green PM. Did you kbow that GOP supporting farmers in middle America are panicking because the unpredictable weather is leaving their crops decimated? Yes, ‘redneck’ types who once thought #climatechange was a load of hooey, now know it is real and not a UN new world order conspiracy. This ONE example of the dangerous effects of climate change has not been reported, but threats to our food supply are a lot more serious than inconveniences such as flooding and the odd out of place tornado. (One touched down in Germany the other day causing much damage, but people won’t starve and they will rebuild.) How about scrapping HS2 (that will be obsolete by the time it’s finished due to the advent of autonomous airborne delivery and transport services – quote me on it) and instead invest in next generation solar and other sustainable energy technologies. To kick things off and inspire people, how about committing to making the Houses of Parliament run off 100% solar/tidal energy, just like the lovely National Trust HQ in Swindon that runs on solar. Your chancellor and fellow Bullingdon Boy started with the welcome investment in graphene, so keep up the momentum – Elon Musk cannot do it all on his own! Britain has some great University talent, so harness it. Have you ever experienced the enthusiasm of an idealistic student before he or she is sucked by an attractive graduate salary into the humdrum never changing monotony of dull 8:30-5:30 career?

If I think of anything else, I’ll update this list. Need to check my notes, but in the mean time, don’t forget how and why you got here, beyond the hard work of you and your team of course.



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