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Thursday 7 March 2013

In view of this inevitable situation, it is time I published this rant that I actually wrote 5 years ago as an email to send to my colleagues, but was too afraid to send. With everything I predicated having now come to pass, I’m compelled to publish.

Just re-read it, and it’s all still good and true, although I am sure some of you will disagree with that sentiment!

OK, here we go…


Dear all those who I know as fellow entrepreneurs with extra cerebral white stuff,

Apologies for a rant via unsolicited email, I could just post this on my blog or send a hot-n-spicy tweet (in 140 characters?!), but just need to get this off direct to those who I think have some potential and must not be muddied by the dirty.

I’m sitting here watching a prog on Channel 4 about the phone calls made from the WTC on 9/11. (An excuse for Ch.4 to milk more ad dollars out of the tragedy, so Ill prob switch it off!) Anyway…

…I flipped the channels and Dragon’s Den (which I refuse to watch) was on. I just caught a few seconds that further validated why this tosh should not be watched by anyone because of the appalling influence the behaviour of the panel will have on a malleable youth and naive young wannabe business people.

Basically, a young man had just given a demo of his product (a children’s toy). Something broke during the demo. (Happens ALL the time, no big deal.)

The panel, sitting there all smug and self important, scalded him over one negative issue. (What happened is not important.) They basically humiliated him for money. (The BBC re-sell their programs and concepts across the globe.)

Since the 1980s, I have given thousands of demos. To customers, the media, rooms of people and of course, investors. Things ALWAYS go wrong. I remember once demonstrating CPC AMX Pagemaker to a room of 300 people in London on a
large video projected screen. The software was still in development and crashed almost immediately filling the screen with random pixels and then resetting the computer.

After blushing I focused a high intensity Zoolander Blue Steel directly into the eyes of our lead engineer (Gary) who was sitting in the front row, trying to look at the ceiling. (All light hearted of course, poop happens! Gary is a great engineer and his Mum made great English breakfasts too.) After rebooting and completing the demo, we received a standing ovation and lots of orders (mainly from schools). As is the case with anything like this, people understand there will be difficulties and problems during the development of a product. The see the glass half full.

As I have stated on my blog, and most real ‘tactile’ business people agree, it is this crap that is why the UK is currently the world’s worst performing first world economy. There is nothing real under all the rudeness and grandiosity. (Except old stuff like Waitrose, Mini, Pret etc.) I’m not writing this to boost my ego, this is to help the recipients because I really really do worry that Blair’s Britain is causing great harm to those who are vital to the future of the nation, else we really really will return to a form of med-evil living.

I beg those of you still in the learning phases of your life and business not only to ignore such programming, but not to watch it at all. It pulls you down and/or may make you turn nasty – without realising it.

How dare a bunch of smarmy individuals in suits tell an intelligent hard working entrepreneur who knows his or her market what to do in such a manner! There’s advice, and there’s a put down. There’s college, University, books and mentors to learn or gain advice from. Not having someone tear you apart for the entertainment of the unwashed guillible masses!

(For the record, all my favourite entrepreneurs, except for Sugar and Branson, who have sadly been sucked into the cesspit, echo my opinion on this. You just have to dig deep to find out because as of this year, most of the British media (even the formerly intelligent broadsheets like the Daily Telegraph) have sunk to so low, embedding themselves in the cult of ‘reality’ TV, Big Brother and other garbage that it is really hard to find any quality content any more.

Why? Because people* are so thick today they lap it up and the media moguls rake in the advertising dollars. But the end product is a whole generation of individuals who THINK they are smart, but are not, and so are incapable of doing their job properly, which means our businesses cannot compete on a global stage and our economy has to borrow billions of dollars from Arabs
(just as communist China is propping up the US dollar as you read this) who we appease by rewarding their terrorists with housing benefit.

(Which is why this is all so important and if I was not so busy, I would edit this email and give it more cred.) It’s all rather sad really, but the good news is, all concepts based on a flawed proposition eventually collapse. You cannot run an engine on hot air for ever. And the UK is (really) £1trillion in debt – as Mr. Darling knows and admited today. He’s one of our only remaining living assets. (Darling reference added a few months after I composed this email – 6 Dec 2009.)

Back to tonight’s TV, the real good programming is the fantastic Neil Diamond concert from Maddison Sq. Gardens on Beeb Cee 1. He didn’t become famous by appearing on trash TV, he got there because he’s an NBT – Natural Born Talent.

OK, back to writing a spec for our main project and a really important proposal. (No rest for the wicked.)

How are you guys all doing anyway? Will I ever get a reply? Or is everyone
only communicating via the tweetie thing now?



*Most, not all. I do generalise, but I think you get my point. Phwa!


I don’t need to comment on appalling programming such as “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here.” Enough of us know why such programming is so damaging to society.


Written by Oflife

March 7, 2013 at 9:36 pm

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