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In the movies

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If the Korean ferry disaster had been part of a movie plot (the Poseidon Adventure comes to mind), our hero or heroes would have used ingenuity and infinite resources to rescue a decent proportion of the passengers.

Perhaps, as I was thinking, by drilling or cutting through the upturned hull using some kind of machine. This would allow people to climb out, rather than send divers under and into the vessel, something that is dangerous and not really that helpful beyond confirming anyone is alive, and then only assuming then can reach every deck and cabin. The machine would require an air lock to prevent the release of any air trapped inside the vessel causing it to sink.

Likewise, flight MH370. With all our modern technology, that allows the NSA to do heaven’s know what to our private information, we cannot use ANY contemporary machinery to locate a missing aircraft of the size of a 777, prior to or after it went down. Fortunate it didn’t contain a wmd.

There appears a distinct lack of ‘Thunderbirds/International Rescue’ type attitude in the world today. Everyone is praising their own efforts on Twitter or promising “We’re doing all we can.”

Not really: Big problems require significant effort, technology and resources, not self hugs.

Recent events have also highlighted the dumbing down of the media and some authorities. For example, there was much hype over an oil slick – over a month after MH370 vanished. A slick would have been dispersed by the waves within days! So why raise hopes for the relatives of the missing?

It isn’t popular in certain quarters to praise America, but their record in dealing with emergencies is second to none, from rescuing stranded whales (UK failed in TWO attempts in the last year or two), to natural disasters to rescuing their own during war. Pity they are not on the case in Korea or re flight MH370, but local national pride and military security probably make such arrangements complicated.

Thunderbird 2 by Shigeru Komatsuzaki

“We’re on our way!”
© Shigeru Komatsuzaki

Flight back club: Time for a real International Rescue, and ideally, using advanced VTOL aircraft and drones fitted with extraordinary machinery, agile robots and high definition 3D cameras – all controlled by sentient humans of course.


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April 17, 2014 at 12:21 pm

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