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Break a leg

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An increasingly obese and diabetes laden nation is once again warned that because it is between 5 and 10 degrees below zero (it was minus 17 when I was at school once, and we all managed), the sheeple should remain indoors – no doubt to watch this tosh, featuring bizarre single named creations that remind one of those creepy dystopian Science Fiction movies of a few decades ago.

Remember, whether it is television advertising revenue, calling in on 08XX or 09XX telephone numbers or profiting the insulin vendors, the more blobby and stupid people become (as so brilliantly observed by WALL-E), the easier they are to milk.

What is very upsetting is that some of us voted for the new government with the hope they would undo this status quo. And while their dismantling of the welfare state is a good start (our nation will thank them 10 years from now), failure to stick up for their founding principles stinks of capitulation. Just in the last few weeks, two politicians or leaders have made honest truthful comments regarding the true economic situation, and yet been forced to retract their remarks. Truth too much to bare huh?

As with the environment and so many other matters, we live in denial of the truth and are forgoing the best way to aspire to greatness. And that folks, is why the West is doomed, except perhaps for a few who foresaw the collapse and will industrious themselves out of this mess. (Including this blogger.)

This is not a left or right issue. It is an issue of common sense, science and values. The pros and cons of various national and International factions and concepts overlap, but the problem lies in that people with a nefarious motive are manipulating the population to the manipulators advantage. Nothing new of course, but it does matter when the fate of the free genuinely content world depends on it.

And that is one of the reasons why this blog exists, to provide enlightenment to this dangerous status quo.

Anyway, benefits of heading outside when the freeze hits:

  • You won’t have to pay to heat your house or power the TV while you’re out and about
  • The cold dry air is very good for you, as long as you breath through your nose
  • The exercise associated with pulling sledges and running around is good for you
  • Driving to a location will provide an education on how to control a vehicle in such conditions
  • While walking on slippery surfaces is dangerous for the elderly, it helps the young learn to balance as part of the bodies conditioning process
  • The scenic views will be lovely and inspire the young ones to take an interest in preserving the natural world

(Snowball) Fight back club: Switch off the TV, attach chains to your car tyres (as my father did when we were kids), load the sledge into the back and head off to the nearest hill to enjoy a day of fun, risk and intergroup snowballing! Way to live!

Live long and prosper
(Through science, common sense, humour and risky physical activities)


Written by Oflife

November 27, 2010 at 6:08 pm

Here comes Holovision!

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Not long ago, I warned that all this hype over ‘3D’ content was a pointless fad and a vast waste of resources. The genuine¬†practical way forward was actual immersive holographic 3D, offering the potential to sit around your Holovision ‘coffee table’ and watch a football game ¬†– even poking the holographic players as they darted around the pitch! Well, although I knew Sony and others had such technology in the labs, it looks like someone else has too. And what they are doing is going to render a lot of our technologies and ways of doing things obsolete.

The social factor
Having now spent much time using an iPad, it provides an ideal 2D introduction to this new way of experiencing information.

Thanks to its form factor and decent sized screen, you can place an iPad in front of a number of people and entertain or allow them to partake in the fun – no matter which side of the viewing surface they are located. For example, you can hold a spontaneous social gaming session (such as table top hockey or other touch screen game) at a bar, coffee table – or even out in the park!

This scenario is impossible with laptops and mobile phones, whose screens are angled the wrong way or too small.

Fight back club: Do not spend too much money on fake ‘3D’ equipment. Wait for the real McCoy!

Update: Looks like Charlie Brooker agrees.

Update 2: And so do Apple.

Written by Oflife

November 3, 2010 at 9:03 pm

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