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Told you so!

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E M E R G E N C Y  B L O G  P O S T

Since I started this blog, I have been warning way before anyone else that all this surveillance and abuse of power by the state and it’s footsoldiers was about protecting large corporations, the non renewable energy industry in particular. Years later, we finally have vindication of this warning.

This is deeply worrying and tragic.

Fight back club: As ever, avoid purchasing energy from any entity involved in such behavior and continue to protest.


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December 15, 2014 at 11:41 pm

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In UK, pat a lady on the bottom during a time when everyone was doing it (and the reverse), and it’s public humiliation PRIOR to a court case, and then what is equal to life in prison if you’re over 70.

In Australia, ASSAULT over 40 women (and other heinous crimes), and you remain free to terrify and kill innocents despite the authorities knowing all about you.

What the hostages went through is impossible to comprehend, and someone high up has blood and terror on their hands over in Oz. Liberals at work again or is there something more to this, like those who murdered Lee Rigby in the UK who allegedly had connections with our secret service?

The West has got its priorities wrong and lost it’s balls.

Fight back club: Grow some.

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December 15, 2014 at 11:02 pm

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Woe is me

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Beyond capping video camera recording limits to 30 minutes as a way of encouraging importers to pay the EU a nice little earner, this nasty little organisation has introduced yet another way to repress us long suffering people. Read this – and come back here. Think about this one, the owner of a sandwich shop has to meticulously examine the ingredients of every single item they serve, and then flag any of those items – most of which are in fact VERY good for you, way more so than sugar, chocolate, crisp, chips and other junk carbs. The harm this is going to do to small businesses everywhere is going to be huge. Not only will their staff waste much time managing all the information, their menus will be a mess of warnings, and of course, they will worry about being sued by yet another money grabbing victim Brit – who make up an increasing percentage of our weakening population.

When I was at school, there were 310 of us, and not one had an allergy. Today, you would think people are collapsing or dropping dead on a daily basis. Actually, they are not, this is just mass hysteria caused by a few news reports and the EU turning the screws bit by bit to further repress every sector of society and business. I was educated that the EU was formed to prevent another world war – by ensuring economic balance between nations – and it works, although even on that, the EU/Euro created the meltdown in Greece and Spain, and we had to save them.

And why the sudden case of youthful Brits either self harming or claiming to be allergic to things that their parents and grandparents were not allergic to? Simple, they have been brought up on a diet of junk rather than whole grain solid natural foods, so their bodies have been unable to adapt. And even if these allergies are widespread, why on Earth should restaurants and cafe’s list all these so called allergens? Yes, mention the junk additives and chemicals (as is law anyway), but it’s the responsibility of and far easier for everyone if the individual checks the menu.

(As it happens, I’m allergic to cats and the nickel coating on all Apple’s aluminium products, but I don’t blame anyone else nor seek fiscal remuneration or an article on the BBC, I put up with sniffles from cats because they are lovely, and use an external plastic keyboard and coatings when using Apple gear. No blame no shame!)

And regards the reports of increases in self harm, what do you expect with a society that mollycoddles young people, not allowing them to participate in competitive sports and instead keeps them indoors in front of a TV or tablet game? Not long ago, they would be outside building tree houses, rough and tumbling in the garden and doing other laddish things that release energy and encourage social bonding and team work. (I spent my youth building tree houses, go carts, shooting, bicycling, doing odd jobs for needy neighbours etc etc. The contrast between then and now is deeply troubling and very narcissistic and selfish.)

The enlightened of you will already know where all this headed, an increasingly dystopian nation where every single action is monitored and tracked, and if you step out of line, expect a hefty fine to fund the greedy overpaid council or EU workers.

Am an environmentalist, but the Green Party are also continuing their police state mentality, so discrediting the ecologically friendly term used in their name. I’ll be writing more about how they have ruined Brighton in a future post, including video footage of their motorist entrapping impractical 20mph speed limit along the Worthing to Brighton coastal road.

Oh and we cannot let the so called #WeatherBomb get away with it either. Media hype over an event that has yet to be anything like as problematic as previous storms, hides the fact that as it happens, this winter, so far, is as mild as the last one – and most importantly, the fact that the temperature is fluctuating all over the place. Below freezing on Nov 5 (as it should be that time of year) and then up to almost summer temperatures, causing confusion in what we humans should wear, and no doubt prematurely waking hibernating animals. This is because the jet stream way above the Earth is stuck due to climate change, but we cannot talk about that can we because the energy companies need their profits. What a muddle, eh?

Fight back club: Ignore these laws and revolt. The EU must be stopped from going beyond it’s original remit. Common sense and liberty must prevail, worldwide, before it is too late and this madness becomes world-law managed by inhuman AI CCTV and subservient individuals who know no alternative.

I bought a packet of nuts the other day – transparent too. Guess what it said on the back? “Contains nuts.”

I rest my case M’Lud.

Written by Oflife

December 12, 2014 at 10:41 am

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