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Author’s Notes

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Visionary concepts introduced by The Party

These notes made July 2005

  • Use of Internet to locate and preen co-conspirators (When I started writing the story, there was no Internet)
  • Western values offending cultures so much they resort to extreme measures
  • Follow up attacks after the main event
  • Terrorists embedded within our community, not ‘imported’
  • Wall hanging high definition flat screen TVs (They did not exist when I began writing)
  • Effects of destruction of one major population centre on society in general

Author’s Notes

Written between 1992 and 1999 I originally conceived and began writing The Party in 1992 after preparing to enter a short story competition in the Palo Alto Weekly newspaper. Having lived in the United States for a year and already becoming alarmed at the difference in cultural values between the US and the other three main sources of influence world-wide, Europe, Asia and The Middle East, I concluded America would be attacked. (As a Brit who had been bought up with common sense middle class values, while I found America to be honest and energetic, there was something embarassingly wrong with it – already covered by other writers and commentators before and since my story.)

The scenario presented within The Party is entirely plausible, in particular if a small group of intelligent but slightly off the rails individuals make a concerted effort. The reason that a nuclear device has yet to be detonated by terrorists is simply because it would take well organized logistics and no betrayal or slipups by the team. Money need not be a factor if the ideals and connections are strong enough. If someone had predicted the 1993 attack on the world trade center, they would have been laughed at. But it happened, and the physical damage done was massive, even although the casualties were thankfully limited to ten deaths because the terrorists did not place the explosives in the correct position to bring down one of the towers — their intent, as you will discover if you study the CIA reports.

Other than chapter one, sometime between 1995 and 1999 I updated the text to include reference to the Internet. There is much missing because I have chosen not to write too much about world affairs until I have spent more time traveling and talking to people around the world, not just limiting myself to the US or England.

This is my first attempt to write a story since school, so please excuse any flaws and lack of an actual plot. It is more of a chronology of events. I could have gone on describing the carnage following the explosion, or detailing the gradual breakdown of society. However, many other stories and movies have done that. I did not write The Party as Hollywood fare, but in 1992, had planned on publishing it as a warning after being shocked at the way corporate America functions. I feel a bit silly releasing it on the eve of the very date The Party takes place (Dec 1999), however, that deadline was what forced me to get up and finish it!

Some close relatives who have already read some of The Party have told me not to make it available because the political opinions discussed by some of the characters make it appear as if I am using them as a conduit for my own opinions, and therefore, I may be viewed as a communist, or some other threat to someone somewhere. As it happens, I am a free market capitalist (backed by the rule of law), but do sympathize with some of what the characters have to say, but of course object to their actions which would kill millions and create a world far more unpleasant than the one they wish to protect! For the record, I am a third millennium capitalist, meaning, I think the world is now populated enough that we must think before we act — whether it before we manufacture a new type of plastic or implement a foreign policy decision. Not doing so could have subtly damaging consequences that we may not experience until it is too late. We (the US and UK/NATO) are already treading thin ice with regards to our relationships with other powers and the environment. The effects of both are reaching the news as you read this text (1992-1996 terrorist bombings), and have been for the last year or two.

I am very concerned that I do not upset some of my American friends who may perceive The Party as anti-American, which it is not. It was originally intended as a wake up call. I think America and England amazing countries, with huge potential and opportunities — as recently proven with the creative exploitation of the Internet. However, until special interests are removed from politics, in particular in the US, we are doomed to a tense relationship with the rest of the world who will eye our every move with distrust. The rest of the world also wants to be number one some day, and it is always good to be friends with those that have the potential to be your future well armed enemies. Dialog and understanding are the way. (Re-reading this in April 2010, I no longer hold the latter values. I now believe US foreign policy to be better and more honorable than the duplicious UK, who have gone on an oil grab in Iraq and profited our former Prime Minister through his dubious industrial connections. A despicable and massive breach of trust, in particular to the honorable working classes.)

Will See
December 28-30, 1999
(C) 1992-1999

Update May 20 2012 – Now accepting optional payment

Twenty years after first putting ‘pen to paper’ in Palo Alto, I have finally feel it appropriate to seek a voluntary payment of £1 if you feel The Party was worth your time. PayPal: alex DOT blok DOT pi2539 AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!

Either way, your comments are welcome. As I type this, I am about to watch The Divide (2011) on iTunes, after being notified of the existence of the movie by a Tweet from a colleague of mine. It has very conflicting reviews, so £3.49 won’t be a huge waste if it turns out to be too unrealistic.

Ridiculous, trying to embed a PayPal button in a WordPress page is about as simple as building an igloo in the Sahara.

July 25 2016 – Just to be clear, The Party was a prediction/analysis, NOT my opinion! I hear what people say, watch what they do, and come to a conclusion. Like most people, my opinions are all over the place, and subject to change. 🙂


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