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Towards Dystopia

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As machines become more and more efficient and perfect, so it will become clear that imperfection is the greatness of man.
– Ernst Fischer

(Towards Dystopia may merge with Dumb & Dumbstruck.)

Avoid letting the aesthetically pleasing nature of contemporary British society deceive you. What is going on in this country and effecting people on a random basis almost every day should be of concern. This projects mistrust of citizens by the government and a ‘for profit’ repressive system of law and order, where common sense, freedom, privacy, honor and dignity are gradually being dicarded day by day in order not to cause too much alarm. Values that would normally come from the family unit have been replaced by appalling reality and celebrity television, government/industry controlled electronic surveilance, talentless jobsworths with a chip on their shoulder, gestapo like public spies and a lack of robust ethical leadership.

Who would have thought it would really happen?

Worryingly, other than the odd article in the press – and justifiably furious comments by readers and bloggers – in my research I have found the majority of young anglo saxon whites oblivious to all this and where it is headed. Orwell and Golding were spot on in their respective analysis.

What exactly are we protecting? Freedom? Is that finding local council officers as frightening as the criminals who are able to get away with murder due to the lack of tough police on the streets? Not to mention the risk of your personal communications being read, abused and/or re-sold after theft, accidental data loss or intentional sale by the beholder. One of the most priceless aspects of life is privacy and dignity. Your right to partake in a moment of life with no ‘physical’ record that that moment ever occured – unless you (and anyone with you) specifically desire it. Think about that one!

Update: References from around the world will now be included, not just from the UK. Like a shotless war, this for profit nightmare is spreading its ugly reach under several dubious premises and absolutely no one is doing anything to stop it.


Separately I have collected printed newspaper articles that I ripped out from papers I find on train seats or at home. Some of what is going on on an almost daily basis is unbelievable.

  • March 2017
    • Annoying automated video reports from the BBC, Sky News and most other media organisations. Instead of intelligent clear vocal narration, these feature videos with large (non removable) caption text appearing over the footage with a trendy music. The captions not only distracting from the subject, but obscure a good portion of the scene, so one cannot actually see what is going on! Here is a recent example from Sky News about an equally dystopian subject.
  • Feburary 10 2015
  • December 12 2012
  • May 30 2012
    • BBC News website reports on advertising that was supposedly offensive. I have seen them all, and they are superb and often very funny – and not a person I know has expressed any concern over them, which further indicates to me that like the discussion of a possible ban on calling someone ‘fat’, the government is hyping or creating these scenarios out of thin air to further tighten the screws on common sense, wit and the natural order of things, leading to a world whereby we will be terrified of doing or saying anything. A good way to keep the population timid and subservient.
  • 21 April 2011 – Bristol family receive tree house demolition warning – © 2011 BBC
  • 13 April 2010 – Dogs banned from some parks – © The Daily Telegraph
    • First religion, then pets – all part of the gradual erosion of compassion and natural fun to create the perfect repressive fear based dystopia.
  • 13 Feb 2010 – Man forbidden from bringing a pot of paint onto a bus –  © BBC
  • 13 Feb 2010 – Councils to enter homes to inspect trash – © The Daily Express
    • Even more worrying than the previous item.
  • Police entering homesovernight to warn homeowners of security lapses – © 11 Feb 2010, The Daily Mail
    • Beyond the massive infringement of privacy and sense of space, what if (like many people I know) you have your window(s) open for fresh air?
  • 27 Dec 2009 – Bingo caller forbidden from using the term ‘Fat ladies’ – ©  BBC News
  • Parents to be vetted before attending school Christmas activities – © 29 Nov 2009, The Times
  • Behold, the dystopian Christmas tree! (One word: Creepy!) – © 27 Nov 2009, The Times
  • 2011 UK census questions – what do you think?
  • Public to partake in a ‘game’ where cash prizes are awarded for monitoring and spotting ‘crime’ on CCTV cameras (This is possibly one of the most evil, dumb and privacy invasive subjects covered on this page – so much so, I shall not link to the article or ‘company’ behind the scheme. How long before low life gossips will be signing up and firing off images with the hope of earning their snitch money? Lovely country isn’t it? Did your grandfather die to fight such SS, KGB and Stazi like behaviour? How about putting some police on the streets – as has been said a thousand times before by concerned individuals across the UK.) 5 October 2009
  • Woman refused scissors in library
  • EU to monitor public for abnormal behaviour using advanced technology – A good reason to join Liberty. © 22nd September 2009, The Daily Telegraph
  • Boy forbidden from putting model boat in pond. © 13 September 2009, The Daily Mail
  • Parents driving children to clubs face crime checks. © The Times, 11th September 2009
  • CCTV cameras now popping up in American cities too (so tragic, in what was once a trusting open freedom loving society)
    • © MSNBC, 9th September 2009
  • Boy Scouts banned from carrying pen knives
    • 8th September 2009
  • Hanging baskets banned. (Oh, and surprise surprise, a £25 fine to get back your property!)
  • You don’t say?
  • CCTV in schools
    • © The Guardian, 4th August 2009
  • Nu Labor’s attempts to destroy the middle classes continue, with a potential council tax on homes with pleasing characteristics (again, this is an envious leader attacking the honest, hard working and successful – always the losers way!)
    • © The Daily Telegraph, 26th July 2009
  • Clowns (and others) forced to join (and pay for!) massive Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) database
    • © The Independent, 25th July 2009
  • Traffic wardens pressured to meet targets (no, really!?)
    • © BBC, 25th July 2009
  • Drivers in Manchester to be monitored usingmobile CCTV
    • © BBC, 11th April 2009
    • Note once again that the authorities use the claim that there are xxx number of accidents and other guilt inducing stats to justify this massive invasion of privacy. Think about this one, hard. How about a law that says if you hurt/kill someone when the cause is your own (rather than say, brake failure or similar) that the punishment is more severe?


Dare to pick your nose at the wheel

  • Band banned from dressing at Santa in Oxford
    • © The Oxford Mail, 9th April 2009
  • European leaders want to track cars – All in the interests of safety of course.
    • © The Guardian, 31st March 2009
  • Now they want to   Facebook  – There’s a surprise! (To be frank, for years, some of us have been warning our friends that Facebook was already being monitored.)
    • © The Independent, 25th March 2009
  • Some good news amongst all the concern!
    • © The Independent, 18th March 2009
  • All travel plans to be tracked by (UK) Government (A bit worrying isn’t it?)
    • © The Daily Telegraph, 14th March 2009
  • Police creating database of protestors.
    • © The Guardian, 6th March 2009
  • UK Government seeks to extend their rights to access – and now, profitfrom what’s left of your privacy and dignity
    • So why don’t they just get the owners of premises to mount a cigarette bin on the wall? They are £10 at your local hardware store. Ah, but then they could not reap the rewards of for profit law. Silly me.
  • The police are too unfit, lazy and scared, so the government offers an alternative to community patrols that work instead offering a privacy invading distopian alternative. Surprise!
  • Oops, here we go.
    • 16th February 2009
  • CCTV to monitor punters entering pubs
    • © The Guardian, 11th Feb 2009
  • Children could be fined or arrested for throwing snowballs

    • © The Daily Telegraph, 3rd February 2009
    • Surely responsible parents will have taught children that there is a difference between throwing snowballs at your mates than through car windows? And who will have their window down anyway in the cold?
  • Ages old sports club forced to removed ‘Boys’ from it’s name (note, none of this PC madness is benefitting anyone, it is all about control and panic by a nation that has sunk so low and is to clueless as it it’s station that it resorts to the very opposite of what needs to be done to solve it’s social woes)
  •  6th January 2009 – Photographer arrested for photographing a building (note, I was questioned by police for some innocent photography in Chiswick once.) © The Independent,
  • Promotion of (hetrosexual) marriage discouraged
  • Man’s best friend joins the party. Barking mad. At least the thought police are not (yet) monitoring stick throwing. Next year perhaps?
    • © The Times, 27th December 2008
  • Minor traffic offences to be prosecuted. Exhibits AB
    • © The Daily Telegraph, 24th December 2008 (Note how many times the Daily T bravely covers such stories. How long before they also capitulate to HM gov or their editor is discredited so such laws are not exposed until it is too late? It’s happened before, it happens abroad, and it could happen here!)
  • UK councils to send ‘spies’ to hair salons to deter them from offering their customers a yuletide tipple
    • © The Daily Telegraph, 29th November 2008
  • Canadian University monitors student conversations for politically incorrect talk (you read that correctly)
    • © The Epoch Times, Nov 26 – Dec 2, 2008
  • Receive a fine of up to £1000 for failing to update your ID card – and worse…
    • © The Guardian, 22nd November 2008 (Widely covered across the media, thankfully)
  • 17th November 2008 – Father locked up for smacking his son. © The Daily Telegraph,
    • Hope people are paying attention to all this as you while away the evening watching Strictly Come Dancing
  • Government black boxes to storeall email and web communications
    • © The Independent, 5th November 2008
  • Use of Latin discouraged by council
    • © BBC, Monday 3rd November 2008
    • Surely people aspire to greatness, so they will LEARN what vice-versa means?
  • Professional consultant added to UK DNA database for no good reason
    • © The Spectator, Sunday 19th October 2008
  • UK mobile phone customers to require passports
    • © The Times, Sunday 19th October 2008
    • Criminals will simply steal pay as you go phones, increasing crime!
  • New UK ‘speeding’ cameras to record license plate details and average speed
    • © The Times, Thursday 9th October 2008
    • This is about money and surveilance and nothing else. Will it stop drunk teenagers? No.
  • UK Government to monitor all our communications (now there’s a surprise!)
    • © The Times, Sunday 5th October 2008
    • Also reported in The Daily Telegraph the same day – read the comments here too
  • Fines for misplacement & timing of wheelie bins
    • © Daily Telegraph, Sunday 28th September 2008
  • EcoTown Residents to be monitored for their carbon footprint (Your diet monitored! Think about it!)
    • © The Register, 26th September 2008
  • Headstones removed by Health and Safety officials
    • © The London Evening Standard, 12th September 2008
  • People walking in a park alone to be questioned – HOT
    • The London METRO, Wednesday 10th September 2008
  • Children being recruited to spy by UK councils
    • © Daily Telegraph, 6th September 2008
  • EU wants to ban what it calls ‘sexist’ advertising
    • © Daily Telegraph, 5th September 2008
  • France compiling database of people
    • © MSNBC, 4th September 2008
  • Civilians to issue on the spot fines
    • © Daily Telegraph, 27th August 2008
  • UK Database of children
    • © Daily Telegraph, 26th August 2008
  • Woman fined £300 for using wrong coloured bin bags
    • © Evening Standard, 25th July 2008
  • Parents stopped rom photographing their own children
    • © BBC, 13th December 2007
  • 2nd August 2007 – Police want DNA from speeding drivers and litterbugs
    • © The Times
  • 9th March 2006 – Lady banned from wearing hat in pub. © BBC

© Banksy 2008


  • Here
    • Also © The Daily Telegraph, 26th April 2009
  • Here (Hot)
  • © The Daily Telegraph, 8th March 2009
  • Here
    • © The Evening Standard, 26th February 2009
  • Here
    • 17th February 2009
  • Here
    • 20th October 2008

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