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Back to the 70s

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People say a secure energy supply and strong economy are important for a nation. Agreed.

Right. That out of the way, let’s proceed:

  1. Today, as expected, the UK government gave the go ahead for Heathrow runway 3. The reason given is that it is vital to keep London the hub of global trade and travel.
  2. A few weeks a go, the go ahead was also given to begin fracking in a peaceful English village, and that to be followed by many more all over our lovely sleepy countryside.
  3. A few months ago, solar panel subsidies were ceased, instantly destroying the UK solar panel industry. Maplin, the only UK high street hobbyist retailer to stock solar panels on the shop floor – vital to get youngsters interested in the technology, just as Tandy did with their superb electronics kits when I was a lad – no longer stocks the panels in store.
  4. Also a few months ago, the UK government overturned a law designed to discourage companies from selling children sugary drinks and snacks.
  5. At the London mayoral election (and this is a BIG ONE), much was made about the idea of a Muslim mayor, odd in view of the number of horrific terrorist attacks across Europe and the USA, leaving the bloodied sometimes broken bodies of innocents in the streets. The green Heathrow runway 3 Conservative candidate was humiliated after his advisors somehow made him make some fairly untactful remarks about certain members of his community. At the time I smelled a fish, it seemed out of character for a Jewish environmentalist, the last sort of person to ever offend a minority.
  6. And at the recent Conservative leadership elections, the only intelligent, witty, honest candidate, Boris Johnson was thrown under the bus. Politics is like this, but the way he was treated was appalling.
  7. A year or so ago, a superb initiative to build a huge tidal energy generator in the River Severn Estuary (or nearby) was scrapped, despite the fact it would create thousands of jobs during construction. After completion a large harbour area would allow people to sail and enjoy other water sports, protected from rough seas. The energy generation capacity would power tens of thousands of homes, with zero pollution.
  8. A huge multi billion pound nuclear power station is to be built at Hinkley Point, after it was given the go ahead with our pretend PM who pretends to ‘think about things’ to give the impression she is making a decision after considerable thought. BS! Funded in part by the Chinese, this will be based on a technology that has never been tried before. What could possibly go wrong? And assuming nothing does, what will we do with all the waste? Are readers aware of the cost of processing our current waste at what was once known as Windscale? The numbers are embarrassing. (Oh and Windscale was also a new technology, and look how well that worked out.) As a keen environmentalist, I will concur that today, nuclear is the most reliable and clean method with which to generate lots of consistent power, however, why not use more modern tech that has been developed in labs that does away with a lot of the risks associated with current nuclear energy generation? Or put the billions into small local wind and solar farms, linked to local battery packs and use grid energy to power industry. We being lazy, unimaginative and short termist.
  9. Across the world, as documented on my employer’s @lifemachine and various tech and eco blogs, there have been rapid advances in the price performance ratio of solar, wind, tidal and other clean energy sources. Germany, Spain, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, California, Texas and other nations and states are racing ahead with industries of the future.
  10. Startups and large corporations are working on clean personal electric flying machines that over the coming decades will render both trains and large passenger aircraft obsolete. (Just you wait!)

So, what’s going on?

All of this is verifiable through a quick search of the quality press. (Since the 1970s I have followed ALL news articles, and so put the pieces together.)

  1. The London mayoral candidate was chosen because being Muslim, he is best suited to engage in negotiations with the Saudis for a massive oil deal that is in the works. (I will add a link when I get time.) He is being exploited. A total disgrace and contrary to his own keenness to clean up London’s air.
  2. Zac G was setup so he could not oppose Heathrow Runway 3, despite the appalling mess it will make of the local environment and QOL (Quality Of Life) for locals. (I used to live right under a Heathrow flight path, and was woken at 4am every single morning by low flying jets. And then there is the pollution that you can begin to smell even when you are still 10 miles from the M25!)
  3. Boris was kicked out because he was keen to harness Britain’s expertise in engineering to build an all new airport in the sea, similar to those in Hong Kong and San Francisco. Safer too in case of an air disaster.
  4. Our current PM’s husband has interests in all the dirty noisy old school ventures outlined above, and if you pay attention to the news media or dig a little, it is all there. After they leave their positions of power, a nice little earner will be had by those with their hands in the kitty, and damned your QOL (Quality of Life.)


  1. This is all made worse by the unjustified attacks on Polish by some white trash. Such behaviour goes back to the 70s and 80s when immigrant shop owners were often attacked for no reason other than their skin colour. 99.5% of those who voted Brexit oppose such behaviour and likewise are not opposed to good immigration, IE, hard working decent people who share out values, they just worried that liberal policies were letting terrorists in and making it hard to imprison or extradite home grown baddies. I talked a lot with outstanding respectable people I know about the EU vote, and each who voted Leave (I voted Remain) stated they were very concerned at the quality of people we were letting into the country (or allowing to stay, often at the tax payers expense!), and I was about to vote Leave, but chose not to for the sake of the economy and well meaning immigrants who are already here.
  2. As I type this, the UK is reverting to how it was in the 70s: Old clunky dirty noisy dangerous energy sources, visionless national infrastructure policy and now physical xenophobia against the wrong people. The worst has been bought out of the English: Backwards, hateful and lacking in confidence and vision. What would Brunel say?

At least the Americans have Musk to drag them kicking and grinning into a thoughtful future. What a shame that our bright eyed youth at colleges and Universities won’t be able to channel their energy into the clean industries of the future. As I have already discovered by mixing with engineering students at the UK’s top Universities, they will be plucked by boring city firms and maintain the status quo.

Flight back club: Avoid using anything that draws upon dirty, noisy or risky energy. As the say, vote with your wallet. I am now bicycling everywhere. And building a rather spiffy full size electric flying machine. You?


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