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One of the key objectives of Vision Aforethought is to get to the truth of a matter. With politics and/or financial interests getting in the way of scientific truth today, it is very hard to obtain an objective opinion on many hot subjects if you are not familiar with them at the start. If it is climate change, there are accusations (some possibly valid) that much of the hype is political or to benefit cash strapped charities or researchers. (More about that in ON > Climate Change, to be posted soon. Summary: Yes, it’s really happening.)

Back to drugs…

As is the case with much of my opinion on a subject, I base these comments on real world observation and/or science, not biased opinion, a personal vendetta or something I read in an article.

  1. For the individual, drugs should be treated exactly like food, smoking and alchohol: Find out how they effect you, including physical and mental health, addictiveness and any other factors.
  2. From a legal angle, the law should be based on the factors covered in 1. In other words, if it can be proven that a specific drug (say canabis) is harmful then the public need be educated as to its precise properties – just as they are informed that chocolate is fattening and sugary or that alchohol damages the brain and liver. And that brings me to the next point:
  3. There has been an ongoing debate with regards to legalising some drugs, with the result that amongst other things, this will reduce organised crime. This would also make it possible for the government to do what they do with food and alchohol, provide easy to comprehend nutritional and other information and warnings on any packaging. This is a key benefit to legalisation.
  4. My observation of those who partake in canabis is that they are laid back and easy to get along with. However, they have appalling memories. I have taken it about 15 times in my life and can confess that while it feels great if inhaled properly, it makes me flaky, forgetful and irresponsible. In other words, I become hopeless and certainly incapable of running a business. With regards to other harder drugs, I have never and will never associate myself with people who do them. On the single occasion I became involved with someone who had got into cocaine, that persons life fell apart around the time they became obsessed with it.
  5. The irony is that in cultures where canabis is illegal, it is widely used. In California and Oxford, it is of course illegal, yet it’s everywhere. Young people in particular like to challenge authority. They don’t secretly suck on lollypops or consume chocolate because they are legal!
  6. I have observed that pot smokers tend to have really nice thick hair. The fact they don’t get too wound up means more blood gets to their hair follicles. I do have a habit of non celeb people watching – a lifetime hobby! – and have always dwelled on this one.
  7. Skunk is terrible and does induce a form of multiple personality disorder. Just spent time with anyone who does it or read the science.
  8. There is an ongoing discussion on how alcohol would never be legalised if it was invented today. It is obvious that it is very harmful for so many reasons and probably responsible for more trauma and death than any other substance consumed by humans. (Drink driving, bar fights, disease, alcholism etc etc.)

Written by Oflife

November 2, 2009 at 6:19 am

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