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  1. Criminal allowed to remain in the UK  (16 Dec 2010 © Sky & Yahoo)
    • Do read the spot on comments by the father of his victim. I concluded a while back that it may well be a hidden policy of world leaders to make the UK a honeypot for crims and terrorists, to free up the rest of the world. Just a theory, nothing more.
  2. Unqualified people to monitor other people (Ref: Lord Of The Flies)
  3. Man charged for killing a burglar
  4. Runway 3 at Heathrow, so people can leave their noisy polluted homes under the flight path. Clever!
    • © 25th November 2008, London Evening Standard
  5. Air-quality rules to be eased at US National Parks
    • © 19th November 2008, MSNBC
    • When visiting a national park (forest) several hundred miles North of Los Angeles in the 1990s, I was shocked at the level of airborn pollution in an area where you would expect the air to be fresh, sweet and cool. I took several photos of the haze over the forest. It is enough to break your heart.
  6. 6 months for this bloke
    • © 27th October 2008, The Independent
  7. Read this and let me know what you think by posting a comment below (below this blog page that is, although if you’re as disgusted as I am, you may like to join those commenting below The Times story)
    • © Monday 27th October 2008, The Times
  8. Britain proceeds further towards a calleous godless distopia
    • © Friday 24th October 2008, The Times
  9. Greek kids exploited too, so sad
    • © Wednesday 24th September 2008, New York Times

    Fight Back Club: Still working on solution to this. Not sure right now!

  10. Be bad, be paid
    • © Friday 19th September 2008, The Times
  11. Cluedo game murdered as we continue to dumb down
    • © 14th August 2008, Daily Telegraph
  12. OLPC murdered at birth
    • © 10th August 2008, The Times
  13. McNews
    • © 22nd July 2008, The Guardian
  14. Tell me it’s not true!
    • © 22nd July 2008, Daily Telegraph

Written by Oflife

July 22, 2008 at 9:22 pm

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