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Out of the blue

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Being someone who always (always) likes to know the very truth, how things work, why they happen (or don’t), I have taken great interest in the mysteries associated with the tragic day that was 9/11. I don’t believe in conspiracies (although they do of course exist, sometimes perhaps for the good of the good?), but I have, until about 5 minutes ago, been interested in what exactly bought down WT7, and why the BBC reported it’s destruction before it actually occurred. Not to mention the lack of one single photograph, home video or CCTV footage of the aircraft that hit the Pentagon.

Well, minutes ago, whilst reading about The Guardian’s interesting project to document what people were doing when they learned of the attacks, I came across this…

Julian Borger, diplomatic editor
I was watching TV in the Guardian’s Washington office. A colleague dropped me at the Pentagon. As I ran around the building I came to a huge burning hole. The Latino gardeners, who had seen the Boeing 757 fly straight into the building, stood there completely stunned.

Like most of you I am sure, I have read and watched thousands of (level headed) articles and reports on 9/11, and not one, not one! has dealt with these mysteries in a credible manner, therefore leaving some of us with doubts that we are being told the whole truth. But when a journalist from a left wing publication of all things discloses something like this, a good portion of such doubts are quashed.

I think you know what I mean.

This still doesn’t explain what happened to WT7, but if you would like some creative common sense input from this blogger, it really was demolished by one of it’s occupants to protect sensitive materials inside that may otherwise get blown all over the city like the papers from the twin towers – or taken by looters or foreign agents from within the damaged building. No conspiracy, just precaution in the same way the stealth helicopter that crashed during the mission to kill Bin Laden himself was destroyed by the US special opps team to prevent such advanced military technology from falling into enemy hands.

So, there you go, after all this time – head scratching, research, chatting with people and all else, a random paragraph in The Guardian unexpectedly brings it all home. Why? Because I trust the source and the witnesses quoted.

The moral of the story? With patience, cakes get baked and questions answered.

Fight back club: Give it time.

For those wondering what my views are on the whole 9/11 event. To quote that setting on the world’s largest social networking site, “It’s complicated.” However, I did predict it 7 or 8 years before that terrible day. The reasons 9/11 happened are also outlined clearly in the aforementioned short story and as I type this almost 20 years since being ‘inspired’ to write The Party, I stand by the concepts discussed then. An analysis and prediction you understand, not an attempt to be judgemental. In simple summary: Vast differences between Eastern and Western culture. Period.

With regards to all the conspiracy theories, of course, it would be impossible for something so daring and complex to be pulled off (in the West) without one person squeaking, but ‘allowing’ one or more components of the attacks to occur for various reasons to do with that great lumbering oil tanker that is humanity’s destiny is a possibility I have entertained based on events decades prior to 9/11, where a heinous ‘own goal’ (or ‘false flag’) act has been carried out. Oh, I just don’t know! But do you? 😛


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Why the surprise?

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Since starting out in business, I have constantly questioned why the stock market exists, and more recently, the other non tactile concept, currency speculation. Before anyone starts thinking “oh hear we go, an anti-capitalist rant”, I am a keen Thatcherite (oh we so need her now!) many of the most successful smaller but viable businesses, such as Dyson and John Lewis (both superb British companies) are private or employee owned, and a lot more ethical and common sense based than the huge lumbering planet destroying public companies out there whose policy and corporate ethics is linked to the nasty laws they have to obey on behalf of their stockholders. Such laws ENCOURAGE them to get up to all sorts of maleficence, from selling sensitive customer data to drilling and spilling oil wherever they can. All because growth (on a non expanding spherical planet) MUST continue – ad infinitum! What a ridiculous concept! I know intellectuals do get annoying by saying this, but we do really allow some very dumb and greedy people into positions of far too much power on this increasingly frustrated planet.

As I type this, unsurprisingly, the global economy is in turmoil, effecting people and organisations who have done little or nothing to contribute to the problems – including many businesses, pensioners and the (already) poor.

When in the USA, (as mentioned elsewhere on this blog or in former pre-blogging broadcast emails to my colleagues in the US ), I highlighted the fact that by owning stock in a company, one creates a conflict of interest in friendships. a) If I am working on a secret project and a friend owns stock in a competitor, that puts said friendship under strain. Yes, friend could work at the competitor itself, but a single individual can own stock in multiple competitors. b) Related, knowing someone with stock in your own company would make it easy to inadvertently provide them insider information – therefore breaking the law.

Like currency trading and other speculative economic concepts, I just find the whole stock market thing a bit like SMS text messaging and Twitter, pointless and achievable using alternative more robust methods. If it is so great, why are so many Scandinavian countries that do not rely on a stock market driven economy so successful, happy, clean and green?

Fight back club: Only invest in the tactile. So hop in the Tardis and buy some gold at 2005 rates!

I have written this post very very quickly and it needs a big edit when time allows. FYI, for the last few years, I have been taking note of how many people I meet, talk to or just observe and concluded that only about 10% of those who read my blog will even agree with it. And I find that very very worrying, not for personal or ego reasons, but because if that is the case, then the West is definitely doomed. Ironically, the increasing number of people (of all classes) taking up allotments to grow their foodstuffs is evidence that subconsciously, those of all opinions sense deep down that something apocalyptic comes this way…

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August 5, 2011 at 9:32 pm

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