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A few years ago, I started work on a timeline based graph that presented the parallels between the plots of various Hollywood films and current or potential future real world events. Whilst it is obvious that the Bond movies and similar productions are designed to draw upon current affairs for entertainment and light weight political purposes, a specific movie released in 2003 raised a few red flags as I sat watching it, despite the preposterous plot. Although a Science Fiction movie, there were craftily inserted references to actual political events.

That film was The Core. A big budget creation that appeared to be a propaganda vehicle, even if the motives were sound. While I will discus my observations on The Core later, the horrific tornadoes that have hit the US recently have highlighted the plot of another movie release just a year later, namely, The Day After Tomorrow.

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The film features extreme weather events, including a large number of tornadoes, unlike anything that had occured before, just as is happening today in the US, even if on a smaller scale. Likewise, the other weather events the film portrayed have also occurred since the film was released – again, on a lesser scale.

What raises a flag is the producers of The Day After Tomorrow were Fox, an entity with right wing leanings.

Some speculated at the time that this film was made with one purpose only, to exaggerate the effects of climate change, such that when they began to occur in ‘real life’ (as is happening now – consider the temperature fluctuations in April here in the UK), the public would not react in such a concerned manner. And it appears to be working.

Scientists have been very accurate in predicting such changes in our weather (including those here in the UK) and it is obvious to anyone who pays attention to politics and the news, that entities with right leaning interests tend to protect their old fashioned ways when it comes to corporate interests, and in this case, we are talking about carbon fuels. Beyond lacking the intellect and imagination to consider any other path, they do know full well that the world is undergoing speedy uncontrollable climatic change, but don’t want us to upset their investments.

And that is why that movie was made. Any film with such a huge budget that lacks the sort of intellectual credibility (The Core is the other example), has to be looked upon with suspicion. Why else would someone make it? An oscar?

People need to realise this and not allow their feelings to be watered down and consider the short and long term effects any human made climate change is going to have on our food supply, human migration patterns and therefore, economic stability. The current rise in price of basic food stuffs, such as rice and flour, is directly caused by climate change. If you doubt the price rises, ask any restaurant owner, or check your supermarket bill of a year ago, prior to the fires in Russia, the floods in Australia, China – etc.

It is times like this when governments and financially strong corporations need to make Manhattan Project level investments in next generation solar, battery technology and infrastructure, with the objective that globally viable clean energy generation solutions are ready for introduction by 2016. Yes, five years, the same amount of time it took to realise the atomic bomb, and the length of World War 2, a period during which humanity was forced to invest in and succeeded in triggering a speed of technological change that has never occurred since.

Fight back club: Get proactive by making lifestyle changes, such as choosing more sustainable and pollution free products and services. My employer is doing their part by developing @lifemachine. And we power our servers using 100% solar energy.

Due to the importance of the subject, have taken 20 minutes out of work to post this. When time allows, I will move it to a permanent page and add my observations on the script of the movie, The Core, that paralleled events in the Middle East at the time. I would also like to emphasise that there is no absolute evidence the tornados in the US this week were caused by man made climate change, there was a similar event in the 1970s, however, the increasing incidences of severe unstable weather world-wide does raise yet another red flag. And yes, the sun may also be responsible, but not entirely, and it also offers us potential salvation.


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