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Inspired by the book The Meaning of Liff where British place names are used to describe as yet un-named situations and things, I list below my own made up words. There are two differences – I cannot be bothered to use place names to makeup my words – and some are unique to my own life experiences and so may only appeal to those who are familiar with the descriptions!


Appologetically squeezing past a fellow shopper in the Co-Op on Walton Street, Jericho, Oxford, England. There is no other supermarket with Aylbumpin facilities.
– April 2009

Update: October 2010 – Oh no! They have remodelled the supermarket with much wider ailes. No more intimate squeezings between the Ragu and the Tofu then! 😦


The act of holding your hands above the keyboard during an instant messaging session while you wait for the other party to finish typing their message.
– Did you know Microsoft hold a patent on the system that displays a little animated pen to indicate the other party is typing?


That semi-tactile slightly wet sound made as a librarian date stamps a thick aging book that is most probably covered in an equally thick protective transparent plastic cover.

The retired and history students frequently experience Stickythwak.


The process of trying to eliminate characters from an overflowing (Twitter) Tweet without spoiling it.
– October 2010


Common in multi-occupancy residences (such as student digs) when one knows full well someone else is about to use the bathroom – and yet you quickly grab your towel and washbag and make a move by quietly fast walking before the other party gets there. If you had not Washdashed, then it could have been a 30 minute wait and a missed appointment or burst bladder.

Have you been (to) WashDashin? A dubious destination.

– August 2008

More coming when I locate them on my hardie drive…

Copyright © Alex Blok 19xx – 2010


Written by Oflife

July 22, 2008 at 8:47 am

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