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Election 2010 UK

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The debates on TV here in the UK have been very professional, ‘untacky’ and a lot more educational than one could have expected. Further, they have fired up the electorate – a good thing for democracy. However, none of the pertinent issues covered by this blog have been discussed. That is worrying because it indicates a denial of the status quo.

For example:

  1. Obvious increase in attacks (mostly lethal) on older and more vulnerable people by the young. (There have been countless number of these just in the last year. Reason? Liberal policies towards crime.)
  2. Increasing use of CCTV and entrapment in enforcing motoring law. IE, speed limits in one city different from another. This in turn confuses the motorist and any penalties impose undue financial strain on otherwise law abiding people. Meanwhile, cars of 4 or 5 young people continue to lose control and hit trees, killing most if not all of the occupants, because cameras do not prevent accidents, but policemen sitting in their cars ready to ‘pounce’ do.
  3. Lack of investment in British businesses, despite the bank bailout. The way this has been swept under the carpet in the run up to the election is something to be concerned about. The PM talks about it but nothing happens. Where are the government initiatives?
  4. Dumbing down of our country with the result the next generation of workers will lack the skills to contribute to the economy and live a dignified enlightened lifestyle.
  5. Rediculous health and safety and ‘human rights’ laws that are an afront to common sense and the natural order of things.
  6. The appalling attitude to Christianity. There is a reason why religion is being targeted, and it has nothing to do with terrorism. It has all to do with shifting the burden of ethics (or lack of) from the family or community to the state. (So far, this is having devastating consequences for our communities.) From my experience in life, the people with the most amount of common sense are religious. They have enough confidence in their views to be able to devote a portion of their, hmm, soul, to something invisible. It’s called faith.
    • Example (Dumb shoulder chipped PCOs are out of control – get rid of them!)

Fight back club: Vote for a return to common sense


Written by Oflife

April 10, 2010 at 8:14 pm

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  1. The LibDems are listening… this time your point three in particular:

    “This is not the time for banks to be complaining about tighter regulatory controls, it is the time for them to be lending to good British businesses” – Vince Cable

    Daniel Lewis

    April 30, 2010 at 3:10 pm

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