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Michael Jackson escapes

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…escapes the horrors of a lifestyle that we in the UK are also attempting to encourage, thanks to ongoing celebrity programming whose crassness is such a contrast to the respectable and respected nature of British culture in decades past, it is embarrassing. (Alas, this is only going to get worse globally now thanks to the recently announced hookup of the head of a UK retail giant and one of the key X-Factor judges to produce a ‘Global Entertainment Network’. Horrific!)

Anyway, as has already been discussed over the years, the tragedy of Michael Jackson’s life was mainly thanks to his possy who used and exploited his naivity. Although we are all shocked at his passing, how many are surprised?

The majority of high achievers or those pressured into exceptional goals by fans, mentors or parents know full well the huge stress one can impose on oneself for fear of failure – whether a high flying stock trader, musician, author, movie maker or entrepreneur. In the case of Jackson, he had it from all sides: People after his money in the form of ‘fake’ friendships, external pressure to ‘be the best you can be’ and recently, in the run up to the UK concerts, the massive self imposed discipline to get everything right and keep his fans happy – not to mention, financial problems, deceptive promotors and several personal problems. In reality, the way people exploited his naivity is disgusting, just as the repulsive British celebrity culture is doing the same to young, vain or naive ‘wannabes’, the majority of whom, will end up living lives of abject disappointment and/or Jackson like tragedy as they age. Note: Jackson was a true talent, and as with others of similar skill, didn’t and would never require reality TV to promote his career. People like him are discovered and make it the natural way.

Fight back club: a) DO. NOT. LET. IT. (CONTINUE). TO. HAPPEN. IN. THE. U. K. SO. STOP. CONSUMING. TOSH. SWITCH. OFF. YOUR. TV. AND. DO. SOMETHING. WORTHWHILE. b) With regards to self imposed pressure based on what you believe others may be thinking about you, actually, no one gives a toss, as they are tied up with their own problems and probably respect you for what you do, even when you fall down. You’re brilliant by default, so accept it!


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June 28, 2009 at 8:07 am

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