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Eternal strife

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I’ll come back to this post later, but it is a commentary on how contemporary capitalism and local councils have enslaved us all, at least here in the UK.





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August 31, 2016 at 2:00 pm

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Another War Of The Worlds issue. (Spoiler alert if you have not read the book, listened to the superb! album, or seen either of the movies.) That is, a catastrophe occurring that was not predicted. In the aforementioned case, despite surviving our own mechanical defences, the Martian invaders are wiped out by Earth’s bacteria that neither their technology or immune system could cope with.

We ourselves worry about asteroid impact, terrorism, nuclear war, viruses and other threats, but it is our slow poisoning of our superbly effective ecosystem and the nitrogen cycle that is already killing us off, albeit very slowly and painfully. Hence the significant increase in incidences of cancer and other odd conditions that did not exist at all not long ago, or were less common.

Today I wanted to throw the radio across the room as I listened to an industry shill (paid for lies) suggest the government let his paymasters regulate their own industry, rather than accept a full on ban of microbeads by the UK government.

On my twitter account, and now here, I have suggested that those responsible for what is in effect environmental and/or planetary destruction, are charged and punished with the same gusto as a murderer and have their earnings taken and donated to environmental clean up operations. And if that means selling their lovely home in the Cotswolds, so be it.

The mass population today are so dumb and poorly educated (more interested in screaming “I’m offended” or discussing matters of the bedroom such as ‘transgender toilets’ – really? WTF???) that there are no longer mass protests against really important issues. No matter your politics, in the 1960s, people had their priorities right, got up and protested en mass against serious goings on that they saw as morally wrong, whether it was the Vietnam war or other.

Today, whilst we can easily – lazily? – click a link to support Greenpeace or other charity (guilty as charged), there is no full on physical response by the masses against direct threats to our well being as a species and life on Earth in general.

Microbeads are poisoning one of our major sources of food – fish, and already turning up in areas as far away as the arctic. This is VERY serious folks! Worse than any other threat.

Fight back club: Stop buying products containing microbeads. If you don’t know, don’t buy any body cleansers and stick to naturally produced soap. And if you have time, organise a mass protest outside a pharmaceutical company and block the entrance, I’ll go!


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August 24, 2016 at 7:28 am

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