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Climate change

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Random points:

  1. The real world evidence is what counts – that is, what is going on outside your window. Those of us who take photographs, write a diary and/or maintain some other long term record can prove that at least here in the UK, something is up. It is not the temperature, it is the variations. One day incredibly warm, the next, cold.
  2. The greatest (environmental) threat to life on Earth is the acidification of the oceans and pollution. Not just soot, diesel fumes and the other unpleasant particles that you get to see and breath in if you visit LA, Cairo or Mexico City on any hot day, but the various substances that are slowly permiating there way into our water supply, food chain and more. (Google PCBs or endochrine distruptors for an unpleasant example.) So, whether or not climate change is happening, it will do no harm and create many new jobs if we invest billions in a clean sustainable energy and materials infrastructure.
  3. There is no excuse for the government (in particular here in the UK) to tax us or make life more inconvenient to help undo any climate change. The private sector will innovate us out of trouble in the long term, and therefore businesses and individuals need space (cash!) to do their part. And that includes tax incentives, something the Americans, Germans and Japanese do well.
  4. The reason half the UK does not believe climate change is man-made is because of the makeup of humanity, not so much any sceptism. Therefore such polls do not reflect the truth one way or the other. Poll any subject, in particular in the West, and there will be an almost 50/50 split on opinion. That does not however bare any reflection on reality. Scientific fact is fact. It doesn’t matter what the politicians or special interests want one to believe.
  5. For all the obvious reasons, we should have invested in safe, low impact sustainable alternatives to a carbon based economy using oil revenues. A form of Manhatten Project. However, history has proven that man will tend to deal with threats at the last moment. The problem with climate change and pollution is that unlike a rogue asteroid, timer delayed terrorist bomb or approaching hurricane, there is no clear and present danger. The symptoms won’t be short sharp and painful – they will unravel over several years, reducing any shock and awe. Therefore the immediate instintive reaction to take action is tempered.
  6. As covered elsewhere on this blog, the solution to our energy needs lies in solar power, not nuclear, wind or ‘clean’ coal. Just look to nature! The Earth’s land based ecosystem is almost entirely ‘powered’ by the sun, with the well evolved nitrogen cycle keeping everything ticking over without any unpleasant biproducts, animal flatulence aside. But then, that is mainly from human reared creatures.
  7. Despite an obvious bias towards matters environmental, I believe we will survive any climate change due to our ability to migrate, adapt and innovate ourselves out of trouble. All flooding will do is spoil our cities. So what? We can build new ones that are a lot easier to navigate, more suitable for a sustainable lifestyle – and feature buildings built on stilts or further up hillsides! We could even live on floating solar homes or cities that rise and fall with the tide. Fun!

Fight back club: Every few days, use Twitter or other public medium to log the temperature and ‘visible’ weather conditions in your immediate vicinity. Ignore special interests on either side – literally. Don’t let them intimidate you. Follow your instinct. With regards to those who deny climate change, they are obsolete and far more terrified of the future than those who worry about climate change and pollution because their industries and profits are threatened. Too bad! That is why they are doing what they can to disrupt any progress towards a climate change agreement. Start a business to produce clean economically viable sustainable energy solutions or alternatives to polluting products and services. Try to live ‘off the grid’. (See my employer’s still in draft layout mode destination for ideas.) Government: Tax incentives, please!


Written by Oflife

December 6, 2009 at 8:57 am

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