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Mass hysteria

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How many of you, in particular those over 5 years of age, have noticed how every single death or accident is now broadcast across the airwaves and Internet as if there has been some form of major catastrophe? A child falls in the sea, someone else dies from an illness, and it’s the second or third news story in every paper or website! More disturbing, and in particular when a young person passes on, the media reports that so and so has posted “Such a lovely boy/girl, bless, light of our life.” etc on a social media site, with hundreds of people expressing themselves. Hundreds! Who are these people? How can someone have so many ‘friends’? If they are genuine friends and family of the deceased, why are they broadcasting their sorrow in public, rather than in a dignified manner directly to the parents and immediate family, via conventional means, such as visits or hand written cards?

If you look at the newspapers of the past (only way to compare to today’s media), you don’t see such reporting.

Something is seriously wrong, and it’s creepy, unsettling and insincere.

Further, with every outdoors accident being reported as if it’s the end of the world too, more young people are going to be deterred by their own fear, jobsworth parents, or paranoid health and safety legislation from ever going outdoors and risking ‘breaking a leg’. So instead, they will die a slow horrible death from diabetes and/or suddenly drop dead from a heart attack the moment they try to exert themselves after years of sitting in front of a gaming console or social media connected computer whilst downing heart stressing energy drinks.

Life is tough, sh*t happens – live with it!

There is more, and I have been wanting to write about this for years: For the last decade or so, there has been another equally disturbing trend. Parents or close relatives of children who go missing or are found dead immediately appear on TV (‘celebrity victims’ as I call them), yet most of the time one or more of those whose crocodile tears and fake sobs tease us are the propretrators of the crime. Are the police so dumb today that they cannot see through the ruse? What happened to good old detective work and character analysis? To date, within seconds of them appearing on I’ve been able spot the guilty party (years of being in business teaches you to sense when you’re being hoodwinked) so surely the police and criminal psychologists can too? Or are they spending too much time wondering around looking for motorists or smokers to fine?

Fight back club: Bring back dignity.

By the way, please don’t comment that this post is insensitive, it doesn’t make reference to any specific individual or event, despite the plethora of such matters making the news as I type this. The whole way the hugely dumbed down broadcast media has turned this country into a weak dystopian hell full of CCTV cameras has been making more and more of us who see where this is headed increasingly angry and it is time to speak out. The superb London Olympics were a brief interlude, although even then, just about every participent lost their composure in a manner that would have been unheard of just a few years ago. Enough already!


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August 27, 2012 at 12:21 am

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Dear Orange

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Dear Orange,

Thank you for the text message of Wednesday August 8 2012…

“Hi from Orange. We’d like to know if we can stay in touch with you about our great offers and rewards. If you’d rather we didn’t, just text STOP to 450 anytime.”

So I did, and received the following reply a few seconds later…

“Thank you. You will no longer receive marketing messages from Orange.”

And then, on my birthday (today)…

“Now you’re up and running, we want to make sure you get the most out of your phone & everything we’ve got on Orange. We’ll be in contact soon.”


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a problem. And that problem is that we have all got ourselves into a position where we are bombarded with and unable to control incoming information – and as per future postings, there are other problems too. In the middle of the night last night, I received another unsolicited email from Twitter claiming X, Y and Z “have tweets for you.” Oh really? I don’t think so. The last time this happened, I clicked the ‘Unsubscribe” link – it had no effect. What makes this worse, is that through my employer and another venture, we have several Twitter accounts, that are also bombarded with this crap. Unlike Orange, we don’t pay for Twitter, so I suppose, one cannot complain.

It gets worse, yesterday, (Aug 8), I received not one, but THREE calls from my building society Nationwide, (I told them I was busy working), to ask if I was satisfied with their service after a recent interaction with them. That being I had ordered another cheque book! It should be noted that on ALL the paperwork I signed with Nationwide, I checked all the boxes that request NO contact from them – unless an emergency such as misuse of my account.

Further, every time I contact Vodafone, no matter the nature of the incident, seconds later, I received not one, but THREE text messages asking how I feel about their service. I complained about this and they said “Sorry, it is part of our service and cannot be disabled.” I pay Vodafone, so this is unacceptable. If, as per Orange, Nationwide or any other I wish to complain or compliment, then I will do so via their formal channels.

It doesn’t stop there. I have three Google+ accounts (work, personal and social), and of course, Google services are free, and optional, so one doesn’t really have cause for complaint, but I keep receiving all manner of messages that I have NO interest in. Yes, you can turn them off, but the point is, all of this garbage is overloading ones life.

Don’t server providers realise that we are all (sometimes with no option not to), subscribed or signed up to countless such services (from banks to mobile phone contracts to ecommerce sites) and that there is a limit to what we can absorb unsolicited?

Many servies that spam offer an Unsubscribe link at the base of the email. When clicking this, one is sometimes informed that it may take a few weeks for the setting to be registered. IE, they will send you a few more spams. As an engineer, I can tell you that anything associated with computers and databases does NOT take time to propagate. Yes, a system may go down or slow down, or a database may take a few minutes to produce information (hence the teller at your bank may inform you that there will be a few minutes delay whilst they pull up some account information), but any BS about a few weeks is just an excuse to keep spamming you a bit longer.

This is all stressful, distracting and totally uncalled for.

The problem is, as I state on the Life Tips section of this blog, the second you are born, you are for sale. And it really is unpleasant. Anyone who believes that a self regulated over commercialised society offers a better standard of living than the alternatives needs to travel to mainland Europe, in particular Denmark and other Scandinavian nations, where people are a lot happier. As I have written before, people do not buy things or sign up for services because they are bombarded with advertisements and promotions, they do it because they obtain recommendations from friends or observe non intrusive advertisements that we can respond to in our own time. (Some of the key reasons for advertisements is to boost staff morale and retain brand awareness.) As also mentioned in an earlier post, I bought my first Audi Coupe GTi because a colleague of my father’s turned up in one and impressed at it’s sleek design, I said, “I want that car!” So I worked hard, and bought one.

That’s real freedom!

Fight back club: Don’t pay for services that annoy you, complain publicly like this if other channels fail, create a competing better run service etc.

P.S. Orange, your cinema commercials are excellent! Kudos.

P.P.S. Oh dear Orange, you just sent ANOTHER spam text today (August 10!) asking me to spend even more money. Do you realise you send me more texts to my backup phone than my contacts do on my main phone? How desperate are you exactly?

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August 9, 2012 at 9:43 am

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