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And the answer is…

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Since starting this blog, and the evidence will show, I have never used or referenced external blogs, articles or other to source opinion or content. I was taught to “Find out for myself”. Either way, I have always taken an interest in exploration and research, or in this case, investigation – sometimes intentional, other times, by accidental discovery, as is the case today.

That said, when it comes to my core observation that Britain (and perhaps the rest of the civilised world) is slowly degrading itself in such a manner that it’s losing it’s dignity, sense of purpose, confidence and therefore, honor, I have been wondering: Is this simply because too few care or have the time to oppose it (after all, most of us have enough day to day problems to deal with than to rise up/write a letter/blog) – or is it all part of something intentional?

I learned yesterday, it may well be the latter.

The barrier to credibility within the non technical aspects of Vision Aforethought is my lack of a political education. I only took an interest in all this after being victim of or observing unacceptable behaviour by the state’s ‘workers’, or jobsworths as we call them here in middle England. Further, I also could not help watch in horror as our television and society dumbed down exceptionally quickly, with all that goes with that. However, in the last few months, I have begun to learn about specific political concepts that are intentionally used to re-engineer society, often to the benefit of just a few.

Whilst reading the comments on a newspaper website yesterday (yes, I’ve forgotten which one already), I came across this post by a blogger I’m assuming is based in the USA. What he discusses is fascinating, if not worrying, although those of you with a political education may already know of it. Draw your own conclusions, but it checks all the boxes when it comes to what’s going on today.

No wonder the British PM is on holiday, he has pressed the big red button, and is letting the virus ridden autopilot fly us to wherever

Flight back club: Explore and you will eventually find.


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May 27, 2013 at 8:48 am

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Idea for our government

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How about ceasing paying benefits (a concept I was not even aware of until the press coverage recently) and instead, give those who desire to go to college or University a free education, just like it used to be. Through my work I am meeting enthusiastic young people who are unable go to college or University because they cannot afford it and/or do not want to be saddled with debt – an honorable sensible attitude that no one should attempt to alter. Most of these people intensely detest social media, reality TV and the general dumbing down of our nation, and are upset and scared that they have no career path. I don’t blame them!

From walking around our city centres, Britain appears to have created a huge underclass (not to be confused with the honorable working class!) who rather than contribute to society and our economy, suck from it, and therefore, have (in part) bankrupted the nation causing immense harm to those decent people who want to be all they can be.

Which begs the question, who created this mess, and why? (That question is a tease because this blog has been warning that dumbed down media & education, health & safety legislation, no win no fee lawyers and dystopian social engineering would lead to this mess which takes all that is worst about trash American culture and condenses it into a small overpopulated island with the result our town centres are an embarrassment. Compare to the recently discovered colour footage of London from the 1920s.)

The solution is several fold:

  1. Compulsory national service (I did the equivalent when young: Was in the scouts and attended various out door activity centres where we were made to do some fairly tough activities, including: Sleeping outdoors with no tent, climbing tall brick walls, crawling through muddy ditches in the rain, etc etc.)
  2. As initially suggested, with the exception of the elderly and real disabled (not frauds), simply switch off the benefits system and force people to work and/or club together as family units to help each other so they can gain some dignity. Elephants do it, so can humans, and we have opposable thumbs to our advantage!
  3. Repeal the dystopian health & safety laws that are ironically ruining children’s health and giving people excuses to be sham victims.
  4. This one is controversial because it may seem fascist and undemocratic, but how about banning children from using social media, watching reality TV and consuming junk food? We ban smoking so why can’t we ban those other toxic concepts? (My bro and I were banned from TV and junk food as children and are very grateful.) And if we’re prosecuting older men who have abused the young in the past, why can’t we prosecute the creators of anything that is harmful to young people and adults alike, junk food and reality/celebrity TV included? If these people are too poorly educated to know what is good for them, then selling or giving them such rubbish should be illegal, no? What am I missing here?
  5. Invest the money saved to provide a good education that gives people the knowledge and skills to earn a living and educate family with dignity.

It gets worse! I was just reading an article about how the underclass is wrecking the lives of young people who are born into a hellish no chance lifestyle, when up pops a 30 second video commercial for a television ‘program’ entitled ‘Honey Boo Boo’, to be shown on TLC.

And what does TLC stand for? The LEARNING Channel! Sure about that?

Fight back club: As above.

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May 18, 2013 at 2:12 pm

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Creepy nation

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Since starting this blog, I have repeatedly hinted at examples of the significant missuse and pointlessness of CCTV, never mind it’s significant breach of personal privacy and sense of space. Those who support it have to date, completely failed to prove it has any use or that it isn’t misused.

Whilst I spend my life thinking about, designing and developing cool technology, and would prefer to spend my time on those subjects, it has been real world experiences that shocked me into writing about matters beyond my regular remit and education. The first was several years ago when I drove into Putney, London, taking a left of Putney High Street to park on a minor road. I pulled in on the left and parked in a legal spot. I then went about my business.

A few days later I received a penalty charge notice from the council to say that I had driven up a one way street. Apparently, (and a first for me), the small side road was one way, and yet I had not noticed the signs. (I drove back and they were tiny and I photographed them.) Fair enough, I had made an error, that on a main road could have been dangerous. But it wasn’t the fact I was not even being given a chance to explain (a separate issue) that stunned me into disbelief, it was the fact that to backup their claims, they presented a series of colour thumbnail photos showing my car driving up Putney High Street, PRIOR to me making the left turn.

The issue is, why was my car being photographed or video recorded prior to an offence or alleged offence?

If they had presented a photo of my car in the parking space, that would have been understandable.

This was a huge breach of privacy and made me think, how much of our vehicular travels (and even pedestian travel) is recorded?

So I began to sit up, take notice and blog accordingly.

I have mentioned this above incident before, so I’ll move onto the matter of the day…


Whilst taking a break from work just now, I read that the authorities have released CCTV footage of a little girl the day she was murdered. It shows her in a leisure centre. There is more footage of the accused too. Which begs the question, why was a leisure centre recording young children going about their day? Who watches the video? And even if it isn’t being viewed, why was it kept for so long!? To be perfectly frank, why are their cameras in leisure centres, hotels and other locations where people are going about their privacy business?

If it was because there had been a spate of thefts and they were trying to catch the thief, and the police installed a temporary camera (as they did on my father’s premises once, and caught the thief too), that is understandable – it is a limited time installatio and monitored by no one until the next crime, and then used to catch the criminal, removed and no doubt erased after prosecution.

It seems that the UK is full of creepy people, but it’s not the ones who commit the crimes that are the issue (there will always be creeps), it is the fact that we are ALL obviously being recorded – in colour – as my own Putney experience and the footage of the little girl show.

The fact is, the CCTV didn’t stop the crime, and it never will, because unless the authorities install cameras everywhere, back allys, foot paths – and even monitor the cameras connected to some contemporary TVs, the criminals will simply choose a camera free location! And if the cameras are hidden, that is even worse, because then we won’t know we’re being recorded, yet another major breach of privacy, trust and sense of space.

All said, what should be of concern is not the above, it is the total capitulation of the British public and now after the Boston bombings, the Americans too, to this dystopian behavior whose motives are sinister and worrysome.

Not peachy

Image credit: The Geek Hideout

I have already written about my experience in Oxford where I came across an innocent young lad laying in a pool of his own blood after being assaulted in public. A homeless man then cradled the lads head and I called 999 for an ambulance. They then put me through to the police whose response summed up just how useless this country has become. “Yeh mate, we’re watching it all on CCTV.” My mental response involved expletives, but was tempered to “Well, it may be better you get out here onto the street ASAP.” (5 minutes later the ambulance and police arrived, and I left upset and appalled.)

A few months later, I witnessed and photographed 9 police officers pulling over a significant number of cars off St. Giles for exceeding the pointless on that area of road 20mph speed limit. No police officers patrolling the heart of a city that lives on drugs and alcohol, but plenty making a nice little earner for the council from innocent hard working motorists, taxi cab full of passengers included. (The aforementioned photo is on a prior VA post.)


In other news today, UKIP have shocked the UK government and Lib Dems. I wonder why?

Because as this blog has been screaming for years, Britain has become a repulsive cowardly greedy dystopian illusion, sugar coated with vast debt and state run pomp that fools everyone into believing everything is just peachy, when it is certainly not, even if the sun is out and smartphones are amazing. Whilst I didn’t vote today because I’ve lost faith in the lot of them, this national weakness and subservience to technology, ‘health and safety’, ‘human rights’ (hah!) and for profit law and order has ruined the country and people have rightfully had enough, so are pushing the HELP! button and praying for change.

The bottom line is that all this is going to end in tears, and that is a major understatement. Hate to toot my trumpet, but the record will show that Vision Aforethought has been spot on every time, and whilst it would be great to be right when it comes to positive predictions and analysis, on this issue, I so hope for everyone’s sake I’m wrong, whether it be because those in charge undo the eradication of common sense on their own – or people revolt and rip it all out by force if necessary.

Fight back club: Looks like it’s started!

Above I refer to having photographed some police pulling over motorists in Oxford, an act itself that could be viewed as being a breach of privacy. However, a) They saw me taking the photo and did not object. b) I blurred out all faces and number plates before publishing the image. c) The original photo is secure on my hard drive and inaccessible to anyone else, and in fact, could be deleted. However, I believe what I witnessed was both morally and legally questionable and needed proof before I commented on the matter. I did not take the photo BEFORE the incident, only during!

Oh, and one more thing, why are young people who don’t know better allowed to use social media? It’s a toxic, nasty medium in the wrong or immature hands.

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May 3, 2013 at 10:48 pm

RIP the Cab

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One of the reason’s I’m bullish on what I refer to as ‘reality optimisation’ is because it takes crusty old concepts that are poor value, unprogressive and greedy, grabs them by the ankle and smacks them on the behind. We have AIRBNB, who offer an alternative to pricey hotels, whilst filling in your unused spaces, as opposed to most online services that are purely virtual. Then there is UBER who turn any qualified driver into your own efficient on demand ‘taxi’ service. No wonder the taxi companies and some cities tried to ban them, unsuccessfully thankfully! (My experience of taxis in all nations has been unpleasant: In USA, a passing taxi driver saw me park accidentally in a poorly marked bay and called the police who took my car away, and same taxi driver then arrived back on the scene to take me to the car pound. In London, on the day of the tube bombs, my drive who I had just given £30 robbed me of my smart phone. There are those who intentionally slow down in advance of GREEN lights such by the time they arrive at the lights, they have turned the same colour as your face, red.. Let’s not talk about the taxis in Italy or Egypt, it’s way too terrifying!)

But what Google are doing is going to bring about the greatest change. Their driverless vehicle technology, that to date has never failed, the mind boggles at it’s potential. For starters, unless you don’t trust it or find automated transport creepy, it renders the taxi and even other reality optimisation services obsolete too: You’re out on the town, a little tipsy, fire up your smart phone and use the voice control* to hail your own self-driving ride or automated UBER car.

Those who dislike driving or are unable to drive can do the same, in particular the elderly who when suffering ‘moments’ may cause an accident, whilst an automated vehicle is unlikely to err. If a software bug or mechanical failure occurs backup systems will probably take over or the vehicle will be programmed to stop or pull over unti the problem is remotely diagnosed and fixed, or the repair droid arrives.

Fight back club: Reject the old way!

*That will hopefully know it’s still you, even you are slurring your speech…

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May 1, 2013 at 9:35 am

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