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  1. Cameron of RBi (Someone I met in 2005 I believe)
  2. Philosophical concepts behind Star Trek: Next Generation
  3. 1960s movie Logan’s Run for its warning of how a dumbed down society could become blind to it’s fate.
  4. Apple’s marketing and print design
  5. January 2004 holiday in Egypt that vindicated most of what I understood about Western culture and values
  6. In 1992 in Palo Alto, California, I came up with the idea for a networked machine to dispense coupons in supermarkets. I was introduced to a retired marketing executive of a huge pharmaceuticals company who was offering mentoring advice to startup entrepreneurs like us. I visited his office on University Avenue, Palo Alto, where I made my presentation. I mentioned we were going to install the first trial machines in Whole Foods Market nearby, a superb large grocers selling all manner of organic healthy stuff. (There is now one in London!) He immediately said, “Don’t do that, Walgreens and Longs Drugs will never talk to you!” (They are large chemists like Boots.) I asked “Why?” He replied that the aforementioned make a killing (ha) out of selling processed junk food/snacks on one aisle, and drugs to fix the ailments caused by aforementioned junk down the other. They won’t want us doing business with a store selling healthy groceries! I was simultaneously dumbfounded, disgusted and shocked. I felt the same way I would if I was to learn that we had populated Mars a decade ago. IE, I had NO idea such an evil practice existed! This meeting was the first that opened my eyes to the fact that huge powerful entities, public or not, can go about their existence based on totally nefarious objectives, whose only idol is the stockholder. Yes, I knew there were nasty people in the world, and of course events of WW2 taught us that they can get into positions of power, but this was 1992, in America, the beacon of goodness in the world. Oh how naive I had been! And as we have all learned more recently, the energy companies are just as bad. Incidentally, the world-wide web eventually came into being altering how products were promoted, sold and discounted, and we got involved in a different business, so never bothered with our coupon machine anyway. #bigpharma
  7. Dad’s advice on cash flow and marketing
  8. Mum’s pragmatic environmental work
  9. My best friend and invisible business partner, Neil Lee who introduced me to pragmatism, God and cigarettes – in that order!
  10. Theodore Kaczynski – the Unabomber. He began his campaign in advance of the public use of the web. I began thinking that if only he had had the ability to publish his thoughts using affordable democratic means, he may not have had to resort to terror, after all, venting in writing is a good mental release. That influenced my interest in publishing ideas and opinion ‘online’ and my first ‘blog’ and the since mothballed Eureka!Box project that I will discuss some time in the future. Today (2009), blogging is a fantastic way to publish your thoughts and create honest debate – just as long as the facts are accurate and the hate left to rot in some dark corner of the mind.
  11. My shock at American culture that hit me during my second year residing that side of the pond. Triggered by a writing competition in the Palo Alto Weekly, in 1992 I began work on a short story predicting a major terrorist attack on New York City.
  12. 1970s BBC series The Changes where (from what I recall) massive climate disruption leads to electricity being feared and rejected – forcing the world into an earthy almost stone age existence


Time’s Up Logan!


Written by Oflife

August 14, 2008 at 5:00 am

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