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Going Underground

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Being very busy with both business and family, and with most of the analysis and predictions made on this here blog having come true, I won’t be posting here as much. Further, there are some (alas) who may perceive me as being somewhat crazy, which could harm my career and therefore others who are reliant on my efforts for their income. This is a sad reality of today’s Britain (and already in America), where truth is banned and self serving (very selfish harmful) viewpoints are given way too much airtime and anyone who does not agree is insulted or worse. It isn’t a left wing right wing issue, it is about control, insecurity and greed.

Effectively, my blog will soon go behind a password, and if you want access, you’ll need to contact me and I’ll have to know you too, in particular because it’s become very risky to express certain opinions in public.

As part of this change and to divert more of my time towards business, I’m not renewing the and domains. Just don’t have the time to manage them.

I have two major posts to publish, both years overdue, ‘The Big C’, about cancer and the corrupt pointless nature of the ‘industry’ (superbly portrayed in Breaking Bad) and the other, ‘Napalm’, that discusses repression and the pure terror and heartbreak (if that is the right word) of being abused by people in positions of authority. As mentioned before on VA, the trigger point for me was an incident at Reading Station (UK) a few years ago, that was a life changing event and influences much of what I write here regarding a dystopian society and my empathy towards the mistreatment of good people. Your greatest enemy is not asteroids, ebola or climate change, it is the jobsworth. A person who brings little to the table, is morally inept, has a false sense of entitlement and authority – and takes out his or her personal insecurities on the innocent, either through official ‘due process‘ or physical action.

When time allows, I’ll write and publish these two final posts that will mark a transition to a full on focus on my business, which itself intends to continue to be a force for good by liberating people in a manner the very opposite of a dystopia.

Better to walk the walk eh?


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January 19, 2016 at 10:50 am

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Dystopia arriveth!

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It’s happened. After over a decade of warning and tracking changes to our society on this blog, the nightmare scenario of a dystopian Europe is now a tangible reality. Although I’ll move this to the dedicated Vision Aforethought Dystopia page in due course, here’s a check list:

  1. Police to introduce airborne drones to (amongst other things) replace police on foot. If you have lived in a city (such as London or Oxford) and lay awake stressing as a helicopter hovers above, this is your worst nightmare, because other than the total detachment between one human and another, the noise will be unbearable, day or night. Never mind the privacy implications. (I build and fly electric aircraft and drones – they are very noisy.)
  2. Ultra aggressive left wingers have made it impossible for anyone who opposes their views to say anything without public vilification.
  3. Light hearted harmless banter and humour, that has been the bedrock of UK society for ages is now fought with the risk of fines, banns, arrest and so forth. All despite the fact that Internet forums are awash with all manner of hate and lies against good people.
  4. Politicians who have the wealth to ‘run to the hills’ are totally out of touch with the average person, such as those victims of the recent floods. Said floods were predicted decades ago if we continued to use carbon base fuels to power our society and industry. And what do we do in return? Reduce the price of fuel so much (99p a litre today) that cleaner sustainable alternatives are threatened.
  5. Rather than evict evil hateful people from our nations, we allow them to settle here, and instead, use advanced surveillance techniques to monitor and record ALL our communications with the hope that this blanket monitoring will catch someone. And then when there is a possible threat, decades if not centuries old customs, such as public fireworks displays are cancelled. Pure capitulation to the forces of hate and dishonesty, with the public too weakened to speak out and protest. And if they do protest, aforementioned drones will be used no doubt to monitor them.
  6. Major threats to the environment are hushed up and swept under the carpet. For example, the huge sink holes that appeared in Siberia a few years ago and the other melting permafrost in Canada and Alaska, all of which mean huge amounts of methane is being released into the atmosphere that will in turn speed up climate change with catastrophic consequences for predictable weather forecasting and farming.
  7. This will probably raise a giggle, but bare in mind that in my eyes, Dystopia is about a less human centric society, no matter where you go in the UK today (I cannot speak for abroad), there are no longer any public toilets, so you are forced to find a John Lewis and then work your way up the floors to the loo. The public toilets were removed from town and cities over the last few decades to stop people doing drugs or engaging in gay sexy in them. So the majority are being made to suffer? How about more imaginative solutions, using technology?
  8. Poor quality houses being rushed into construction that will make life for the residents pitiful and also harm the environment due to the concreting over of fields that otherwise absorb the sun’s rays. This is dystopian because it socially engineers people into living a lower quality of life without them realising how much better things could be if more imaginative designs were conceived.
  9. The authorities are making it harder for us to save money and live a responsible lifestyle. For example, whilst vaping cigarettes have been allowed to flood our shops without any lessons learned of the effects of tobacco (IE, test the ingredients for long term toxicity effects), they are about to make it impossible for us to be fiscally responsible and use large refills. IE, buy in bulk. (The fact the government is now to impose other regulations that will include testing the ingredients is good news.)
  10. To make it less likely that the masses realise the aforementioned issues are so important, people are bombarded with tittle tattle, a sudden onslaught of gender issues and dumbed down television programming (BBC 3 an example of how low the BBC has sunk) so they are too stupid to engineer themselves out of all this. (‘Bread and Circuses is the correct term.)
  11. New is increasingly automated and lacks any form of journalistic integrity or due process, with little link between truth and reality, or a reliance on unverified social media feeds. This article from The (once respected) Independent is factually inaccurate and makes a big issue out of a non event. (See comments below the article for what I am referring to. Just one of thousands of articles across the UK media that are junk advertising filler news.) The Daily Telegraph had a story on the 5cm (oh, we’re all doomed) snow that was 50% twitter feeds, again, no verification of the facts through journalistic follow through. ‘On scene’ social media reporting can be useful to bypass censorship, but only if verified.
  12. Ah we have an new one (Jan 8 2016), a single individual has suddenly realised that alcohol, even in small quantities, is bad for us and updating the government guidelines and suggesting we drink tea instead of a glass of red wine after work. This is in fact worse because non herbal tea contains stimulants that will keep one awake, and lack of sleep is far worse than the odd tipple. This sudden clamp down on even a minor relaxing drink could be part of a swing to an all out ban to appease those who are infiltrating our nation. I think those of you clued up know what I am saying here.

Am very busy, but will add more to this in due course.

The irony of all this is that it is not due to any specific political ideology or party. Everyone is in on it because they are too weak or fiscally influenced to care or do anything about it. Life is going to become more and more cold, humourless and difficult to appease thanks to a mix of big business, left wing Mafia and hateful people with more oil than us, something I for one, and those close enlightened colleagues of mine are deeply concerned about.

My politics? Leaning towards Libertarian, the most ethical and responsible concept, but I have more research to do first to weigh up the pros and cons.

Fight back club: Working on some ideas. BRB…


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January 5, 2016 at 12:38 pm

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