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Well, we know what these council people would have been doing in WW2, and it would not have been pleasant.

Really England? So you were kicked out by the Americans, the Indians, the Irish and Lord knows who else. If this is how we have behaved around the world over the last few hundred years, I really need to revisit my school history books.

At the time, I didn’t question how our castles, mansions and other were paid for, but I can see now, it was on the back of the little people.

Fight back club: Don’t pay

I know it is not appropriate to discuss eugenics, but I have always wondered how it is some people can be so heartless, dumb, abusive, thoughtless, cruel and more, whether it be council workers abusing their power like this or putting a bullet through the back of the head of an unarmed civilian. One has to be devoid of compassion, common sense and more. What worries me is when such people not just get into positions of power, but are backed by an armed military. It happens all the time, just read the history books. The progress of time does not alter the evil within some, it is just how they practice it.

Update: Friday July 21 2017 – Just Ice prevails. But would it have if the public didn’t get to hear about it?

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July 20, 2017 at 6:33 pm

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Wales to try to impose state over family

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Fortunately, smacking is still legal in the UK (I believe), but Wales wants to ban it.

Any of you who are in a position of leadership will know how easy it is to tell who was bought up in a disciplined (not to be confused with abusive) house hold. Never met anyone who was smacked as a child and regrets it.

Fight back club: As per rest of this blog, refuse to comply. If enough people do so, the enemies of common sense will eventually give up or lose.

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July 19, 2017 at 6:40 am

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FFS (2)

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My God in Heaven! Re this, what if the motorists were/are distracted by:

  • Attractive lady/bloke
  • Cuddly dog
  • Interesting road sign
  • Friend walking past (“Oh, hello mate!”)
  • Meteor

Come on all your Trump hating millennials with your snowflake crap, why not protest about the end of humour and harmless wit? Or do you wish to be ruled by fembots like those in The Two Ronnie’s visionary ‘The Worm That Turned’ comedy/thriller from a few decades ago?

You see peeps, the problem is, younger people today, who would in decades past protest at such authoritarian behaviour, have been so brainwashed by the liberal media and schools, they take this cold humourless me me me I’m so precious and offended social status as normal – like fish who have never lived outside the bowl.

Fight back club: Everyone, go buy light up bum gnomes and plant them in your front garden until the council jobsworths are to preoccupied discarding them, you can do something else to wind them up like built a tree house without planning permission until they admit defeat and go back to their mum’s basements to play WOW on the ageing gaming PC whilst consuming simple carbs.

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July 18, 2017 at 8:47 pm

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Women are ruining society with their precious nonsense. In a lifetime, have never heard anyone moan about an ad, other than the usual comments about real roads being jammed with traffic, unlike in your typical car commercial.

We have a problem here (mentioned countless times on this blog), and that is a lack of sense of humour and condemnation of poking fun by easily offended insecure liberals who are turning the media into a propaganda tool to suit their bizarre aims.

It’s interesting to note, that even on the increasingly left wing BBC Radio 5 Live, most callers are not even bothered. It’s non issue that has been inserted into the narrative by the master string pullers so people don’t protest about climate change. Has no one noticed how intense the sun is these days, and how humid it is? This is caused by the oceans evaporating, as forecast by scientists years ago, but we sit wasting time discussing adverts for cleaning products and other matters covered on this blog.

Fight back club: As per a few posts ago, we need a charity to help provide funds to those who refuse to comply to these dystopian laws so they can continue to ‘break’ the law and maintain our common sense based status quo.


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July 18, 2017 at 7:35 am

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The Antichrist

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Right here.

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July 17, 2017 at 10:13 pm

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The madness continues and continues

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All part of a drive in the UK (hopefully not the US) to create a cold robotic dystopia where almost everything is illegal and compliance with authoritarian rules is so strict, even minor ‘offences’ are met with serious punishment, from large fines, to imprisonment. Remember Demolition Man, the movie? Amusing, but such a superb prediction of where we are today. Tragic and terrifying.

Fight back club – If I was an employee of TFL, I would refuse to comply, and happily quit or take legal action to stand my ground. I hope others will. If I was retired, I would offer to fund/donate to anyone needing legal fees. People must never be made to feel bad or suffer the consequences for standing up for values they know in their heart are right, even if the toxic MSM distort reality with their propaganda.

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July 13, 2017 at 12:46 pm

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Yay! I’ve been banned from The Guardian

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I must really be doing something right! Have now been banned from all the blind to their destiny lefty publishers, The Verge, The Independent (prior to my new login, mwa ha ha) and one other. Crack open the socialist Champagne! Note, not one less left leaning organ has banned me, proving what the history books already know that the more left leaning the entity, the more they crack down on free speech and truth, always leading to death and destruction long term.

Fight back club: Change your login and continue defending the honourable corner

The irony of this is I am an avid environmentalist and most of what my employer does appeals to the left. Those from birth to about 21 have been hijacked by Frankfurt School social manipulators so that a group who would 20-30 years ago be protesting en mass at the site of some potentially toxic fracking by Cuadrilla in Lancashire are now all wound up by woe is me matters of the bedroom that should stay in the bedroom.

(Has anyone noticed that 75% of Radio 4 and 5 Live phone ins are snowflakes moaning about their lot? Tune in anytime, and it’s woe is me, moan moan moan. What a contrast to the considerate 70s and early 80s!)

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July 10, 2017 at 12:38 am

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Canada falls for the toxic liberal dystopia

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There are people out there who consider this a good thing. If they ever get control of a nation’s military, IE, form a government, humanity may as well capitulate.

Despite being a techie (my main interest), I believe some liberal values to be one of the greatest evils sentient life on Earth faces. They must not win, ever.

Fight back club: Make it illegal, start by writing to your MP. That’s how the system works, right?

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July 3, 2017 at 7:21 pm

Almost at the bottom

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Well, FFS (Fudge Fudge Sugar), yet further justification for not paying the license fee.

Went to the BBC News website for some intellectual stimulation (I know, should have known better), and what do we have lower left…

Screenshot 2017-06-29 at 16.01.55

What a superb example of content for young people to look up to and emulate! Brainless narcissists and generally not very nice people being observed by the same on the telebox. Be interested to know what John Noakes would have thought of this.

What makes it really appalling is that the dumbed down BBC now even include a ‘Must See’ heading, turning what used to be a respectable publication into a mix of YouTube and those awful ‘Top ten’ list type advertising click-bait links below most online content these days.

Fight back club: Don’t pay the license fee. I don’t.

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June 29, 2017 at 4:08 pm

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…no comments allowed under any of these Guardian articles or column. Just saying.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 00.13.40.png

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June 20, 2017 at 12:15 am

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Continued BBC bias

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We all know how much the BBC hates anything American or not liberal, so it was no surprise that in regards to the collision between two ships near Japan, they state:

“Later will come the investigation into how one of the world’s most sophisticated warships failed to avoid colliding with a 30,000-tonne cargo ship on a calm, clear night.”

Who says the warship collided with the cargo ship? Even from the photos the damage to the cargo ship is on the bow and on the destroyer mid ship, so clearly the cargo ship hit the destroyer!

Ah, but then this is the same BBC that reports the Palestinians being killed, and as a footnote, mentioned that female soldier they had murdered earlier.

So glad I pay not a penny in license fees to that organisation.

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June 17, 2017 at 10:25 pm

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We need to talk about plastics

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Something tells me am not the only one to be concerned about this awful material. Made from the equally nasty petroleum, plastic was hailed as a miracle material during it’s heyday, but there has always been something unpleasant about it, from the effect plastic picnic dishes have on the taste of food, the effect BPAs used in plastic bottles have on humans to the horror caused by melting plastic dripping on a living being to the fumes given off when it burns to how it is polluting our oceans and countryside. Just stop at the side of any motorway and prod around the verge, you’ll find countless plastic bags and bottles embedded in the ground.


Look closely at that photograph above. Ignoring the inferno inside that flat that I discussed on the previous post, look at the outside of the building, all bubbled. Effectively, the whole building was flammable! Why? Because the cladding was plastic or made from an equally flammable material.

Fight fire club: We need to get off plastics, period.

Not sure how copyright works with blogs, but I have not contacted the photographer who took that above photo, but credit to max Butterworth @ Splash News. Will try to get permission later.

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June 14, 2017 at 2:38 pm

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Re the horrific fire at the Grenfell Tower, (I know the area well), this was completely avoidable:

  1. Warnings by this group
  2. A resident stated that the fire started on the 4th floor when a fridge ‘exploded’. If this is the case and it was the same brand of white goods appliance that has caused over 100 other fires (including some fatal), we have to ask why this brand was allowed to be sold in the UK, or anywhere else! Was it because we have geopolitical interests in the country where the brand originates? 10-15 years ago, electrical goods had to pass stringent QA tests, anyone shopping today knows how shoddy a lot of electrical goods are. (A similar dumbing down of our nation as per the end of dog licenses, hence more and more cases of babies and young children being maimed or killed by dogs that to be honest, should not be bread, never mind owned by people unsuitable to ‘manage’ them!) Re electrical goods, my advice is buy higher priced German models BUILT in Germany. They will last decades and be much safer.
  3. There have been countless fast moving fires in towers in Dubai and other nearby nations – the connection being the obviously flammable cladding used on the outside that helps the flames spread so quickly.
  4. If you look at the screen shot below, and this goes for every flat in that building that was (or still is as I type this) ablaze, it is like an inferno inside. And that is due to the use of plastics everywhere, including carpets. I have warned on this blog for over 10 years that the use of plastic in packaging, clothing and carpeting is not only catastrophic for the environment due to the difficulty in re-cycling, but a fire risk – the fumes kill you before the flames, happens in aircraft fires too. Just go outside and set fire to any non cotton clothing or a piece of non cotton carpet and see what happens.
  5. On 9/11 and here, (more so here where the tower is much shorter), why aren’t helicopters used to drop water onto the roof AND/OR rescue people who go onto the roof to rescue? Surely there is a fire escape to the roof in case that leading down is blocked?

grenfell tower fire june 14 2017

Note infernos inside each flat
Photo (C) 2017 Sky News

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June 14, 2017 at 8:43 am

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A few posts back, I commented on how unethical English capitalism is, from the way Channel 4 (a for profit venture!) showed masses of advertising during documentaries about the 9/11 attacks to dystopian parking technology companies that have blackmailed councils to charge for parking at hospitals and just about everywhere else in this godforsaken country. This not only causing additional stress and distress for loving family visiting hospitals, but the latter wrecking small businesses and communities.

Further, companies like Wonga and Bet365 exploit those with little hope but luck, creating a fake economy the leads to devastating consumer debt, and sometimes, crime. All whilst their owners live isolated in their ivory towers, like the wealthy Chairman of the parking companies.

Some of our leaders lack clarity of vision and purpose (and consistency), so people are forced to choose those who may mean well and promise to deal with some of the aforementioned issues, but alas lack a clear understanding of how their extreme politics could create other problems, such as high inflation and industry malaise.

Where’s the grand vision, like Kennedy’s speech that lead to the moon landings? When are we going to have a leader that says, right, “We’re going to invest £10billion in an off shore solar energy plant” employing 7000 people, or as Boris suggested, move Heathrow to the sea. Everyone is too focused on screwing someone over and talking, no one does anything!

No wonder the election went the way it did and the country is now so unsure of itself.

Prince Charles once commented that the best way forward was a mix between the pros of capitalism and socialism, leading to an economy and society that is both free market, and fair.

Thing is, who can lead the country to this ideal?

Fight back (up) club: An industrialist for PM? Boris? James Dyson? Someone else?

Written by Oflife

June 11, 2017 at 12:02 pm

Lord help us

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Exhibit A

Exhibit B (Translate from German using Google)

Exhibit C (Assuming attack is verified)

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June 7, 2017 at 8:08 pm

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How long before the placid English revolt?

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We’re known for our laid back attitude to being ‘wound up’. And then, like a drunk alpha male at a bar who witnesses someone hitting on his girl friend, we spring, and punch – hard.

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June 4, 2017 at 11:31 am

Now we have snowflake police!

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Read this, and realise where we are in the UK. I don’t like quoting the tabloid media, but it’s happening and needs to be known. Can you believe a police officer pressed a panic button because she was offended? Is she aware of what that button is for? It’s for threats to her life. The irony of it all, being she is supposed to be protecting other people not herself. Oh wait…

Here is a 16 minute video from the 1980s to show that the dysfunctional selfish oh woe is me snowflake is nothing new. I was not clued up to such things back then, but my Lord, if what is in that video is being taught at schools today, it explains a lot!

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May 29, 2017 at 12:21 pm

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Just watched the live broadcast from Manchester of the 1 minute silence for the victims of the latest carnage. At the end, everyone clapped! Is the new in thing in the UK to self congratulate? Be interested to know if such clapping will make those laying in hospitals with horrific injuries suddenly get better and make the terrorists run away.

From my history lessons, I don’t recall this being done after a German bomb levelled a building during WW2.

Anyone else feel like they are on another planet, confused at the bizarre behavior of contemporary society?

Answers below please!

My take: Denial.

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May 25, 2017 at 11:08 am

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Losers indeed

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5 or 6 years ago, I asked a well educated colleague of mine (who used to work for the BBC) what lay at the heart of one of the world’s oldest prejudices, being I had no idea at the time and was doing some research.

His reply was instant, “Envy!”

I hate to say it from the country I’m based in as I type this, but for those of you who have engaged in being creative, entrepreneurial or similar, there is a streak in some people diametrically the opposite of how (say) the Americans would respond to your success in life. A form of shrug, or puh, as if to day, “You’re better/having more fun than me, and I hate you for it.”

Trump may not be a man who can communicate as well as his predecessor, nor with tact, but his message is often spot on when you get to the core of the issue. And today, he told it like it really is.

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May 23, 2017 at 2:12 pm

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Told you so

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Have been warning my friends, family and colleagues for over a decade that social media was toxic and not suited to anyone under the age of 19 (anywhere) and even for adults, for it demeans our manner. I also predicted it would lead to suicides and other issues of the over stressed mind. Well, finally this has sadly been validated.

Several years ago, someone I know asked me what he should do for Lent. I said, close your Facebook account. He did, but not for long.

Apologies for sounding righteous, but in my role as technical and social visionary, sometimes beyond designing and making cool machinery, it is also nice to help people and society in general avoid certain disaster. Is it right to stand by and watch things unravel? Not much different than refusing to help a road accident victim.

Fight back club: UN needs to recommend an outright ban on social media to anyone under 19, world-wide.

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May 19, 2017 at 10:31 am

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Reap, snowflake

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Coming soon, the long overdue post that will probably instantly wreck some friendships and such, but truth has to be told. In summary, it is selfish somewhat bizarre contemporary ultra thin skinned dysfunctional liberals who have single handedly handed the environmental future of this planet to the wrong people – with the UK leaving the European Union and Donald Trump being elected in the US.

I’ll simply be listing a series of documented events that go back to about 1982, mainly covering matters of the bedroom and other awkward subjects.

I am too busy to finish and publish the post now, but just inserting a placeholder. I came up with the phrase, ‘Reap, snowflake’ myself last year before Brexit.

The irony of the situation today is incredible.

Note that I have been using the term 2+2=5 for years now, which was really an alternative way saying ‘fake news’, although I was referring mainly to inaccurate scientific reporting by corporations and right wingers. Liberals are also in denial about certain matters.

Let’s kick things off, in reverse chronological order…

Thursday July 7 2017

Sexually transmitted diseases on the rise, and if you do the research, it’s the sort of behaviour encouraged by liberals that has lead to this.

Monday May 15 2017

US – This!

UK – Lads can wear skirts at school. (Although I’ll go into detail another time outside of this list, the reason for all this madness is financial. Men are to be made socially obsolete so women can pay clinics to be impregnated. By causing them to question their identity, men will lose their natural strength, desire and confidence. Don’t think so? I’ll track down the BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour episode where it was implied.)

Saturday May 13 2017

Several entries for today!

1. Why is the BBC putting this banner at the top of their Eurovision page? Who are they to tell me what to celebrate?

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 22.52.53

2. The BBC are implying that his support of feminism and other ultra liberal behavior by the Canadian PM are popular. Who says? Why is he promoting concepts that are not supported by everyone, this blogger included? Are the BBC aware of the current political situation in the world both sides of the Atlantic?

Very glad I do not pay a penny in license fees to the BBC!



Scientific community warns* of a new virus that appears to be spread through homosexual behavior. The warnings are ignored, leading to thousands of horrific deaths. Politically correctness more recently (1990s onwards) leads to continued illness and death that is covered up by the MSM, but still researchable online.

*Scans of articles to follow. I have printed magazines in storage.

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May 11, 2017 at 6:30 pm

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More ‘Parking Eye’ criminal money grabbing

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This needs to be stopped. Although English (partly), I pity the fact the lives of the typical person here is a lifelong battle against dubious councils and companies. There is so little time to actually live any more. No wonder there is an increasing number of incidences of mental illness, people are stressed to breaking point by an out of control unpredictable inconsistent mechanised dystopia.

Fight back club: Don’t pay. Don’t even waste time reading the letters, just photograph them with your phone, discard – and get on with your life. Revolution is about breaking the law if need be to create a better more decent world. If everyone revolts, the evil ones will perish due to lack of resources.

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May 11, 2017 at 3:04 pm

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Corbyn is right

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V busy, but being we’re about to have another election and the whole future of the country is at stake, (and consider this as part of my own planetary manifesto), society should be structures as follows:

Core infrastructure, such as the following, managed by the state, with private companies contracted by tender to provide any tactile products, such as rolling stock and such. (Similar to how the military operates.)

  • Railways
  • Motorways
  • Internet
  • National Health Service

Non essentials, managed by the private sector with the state there to protect consumers against poor business practice. IE…

  • Cars
  • Mobile phones
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Music streaming services
  • Etc

People argue that the trains used to be far worse when state owned. Totally untrue. The carriages had private compartments and comfortable seats. The staff were well dressed and polite. Only downside was trains polluted a lot more then because they were often reliant on dirty fuels.

We need a consistent brand for the railways – nationwide, fair pricing, well treated staff and modern technology. Today, each train is different, some with WiFi, some with decent fold down trays behind the seats, some with dirty toilets, some with well positioned power sockets, some journeys of the same distance cost more than others and so on. This inconsistency of design and pricing means that passengers are forced to choose based on their location, IE, it’s luck of the draw whether you get a good service.

If the government brings in top designers and visionaries to design a rail network of the future, it can then give the private sector the work to realise the design. The upside will be a less exhausted and frustrated commuter that in turn will be good for the economy.

Infrastructure cannot be for profit, it has to be there as a foundation with which to BUILD a successful ethical economy.

The same with the mobile phone business. We are still no there yet. Whole areas lacking coverage making it annoying for the locals and equally so for business people travelling who need to gain access to the cloud away from the office, cafes, pubs and so on.

Fight back club: Vote for consistency and fairness

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May 11, 2017 at 1:30 pm


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Good to see common sense fighting back against the forces of unnatural sham social concepts.

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May 10, 2017 at 10:46 am

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And the evil dystopian parking companies…

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…continue to exploit the already over stressed English public.

If Jeremy Corbyn does one or both of the following, of which the second covers the first, I’ll vote for him:

  1. Repeals ALL hospital parking charges, for everyone, for ever, no strings attached or small print.
  2. Makes parking in the UK free, everywhere, except outside fire stations and other similar locations where access and/or safety is paramount

But he won’t because the appalling entrapment based economy the UK is now based upon means that more and more people are going to be paying to stop their vehicles and waste millions of pounds driving around trying to find or exit car parks, not to mention pollute the air.

The English are too slow or reluctant to protest.

Fight back club: Refuse to pay to park and intentionally stay over the limit and refuse to pay any fines. Stop allowing landlords and ‘Parking Eye’ type ‘businesses’ to ‘own’ the planet. They are contemptible immoral bastards and need to be shut down.

Written by Oflife

May 9, 2017 at 10:55 pm

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