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Fight Fake News (FFN)

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Right, we now have a superb opportunity to use good old fashioned investigative journalism and contemporary social capitalism to test two news stories, one slightly more important than the other:

  1. Yesterday, there was an explosion at a nuclear plant operated by the French. They say there is no risk of nuclear contamination / leakage. We have heard that before, but currently no one outside the plant knows, so how about the operators invite the world’s media over for a looksi? If it is so safe, (and it may well be), then they will have no hesitation to allow people to enter the plant without any protective gear and unfettered access to all areas. Energy plants are part owned by and for the public, so unlike a corporate facility where IP will need to remain hidden, they should have nothing to hide.
  2. As is customary this time of year, the UK’s tabloid media are predicting an apocalyptic 4 INCHES of snow this weekend. My Lord, we’re all going to die! It’s a wrap. Up. They have been saying this for years now and been wrong on each count. This leads me to an idea (“Ding!”), a news service that pays compensation to their readers/subscribers for each story that is proven inaccurate. Maybe even offer rewards to journalists for accuracy of reporting? After all, if you visit a restaurant and the service is sup par, the manager will sometimes reduce the bill or offer a complimentary desert. On the other hand, if the service is outstanding, you’ll drop a fiver on the silver tray as you grab that enticing chocolate mint. Likewise, if your train is very late, you are now entitled to a full or partial refund from the operator.

Fight BS club: Prove it!

UPDATE 2: February 21 2017 – Uhm…

UPDATE: February 16 2017 – Well, not a peep about the reactor explosion in France since. So, the media are all laying into Trump, but not investigated an explosion at a nuclear plant FFS!*

And of course, approximately 10% of the UK was dusted in literally less than 0.5mm of ‘snow’ that melted quicker than a precious snowflake at an anti-Trump rally.

Fake news? More like, no news of importance!

*Fudge Fudge Sugar


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February 10, 2017 at 12:06 pm

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