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Dear WordPress: It would be good if there was a way to publish individual posts in different headed sections. That way, in the case of this page, one could publish a long list of questions with a Comments field below each question – as opposed to the current format where there is the one main Blogging (posting) area and then the separate Pages area – such as this one – with only one Comments field for all the content. Yours, Alex

  • The cloud is here, but where, who and how with would you like to store all your priceless digital content? Think about this one. Again: Where, who with, and in what format? (October 6 2009)
  • Can anyone provide me one benefit of oil? (As in, the type sourced from underground.) Think carefully before replying and consider all the alternatives first – and please, no “jobs, plastics, an efficient fuel for its price” and other value propositions. (Saturday 12th September 2009)
  • Not to discount the human loss, but what was the environmental impact of WW1 and WW2? It will be interesting to study one day. (Friday 3rd October 2008) UPDATE  (23 Jan 2011): Someone has looked into it! (Via Gizmodo)
  • Today, energy companies are for profit – the days of public ownership long gone. So if we are to be taking measures to reduce our carbon footprint and save ourselves money, how are the energy providers going to make a profit and therefore guarantee quality of service? Surely it is in their interests that as much energy as possible is consumed at the highest price as possible? Or should that read ‘…as little energy is consumed at the highest price…’ which would mean that renewables would be too pricey to be viable. IE, a lose lose situation. (30th July 2008 – The day British Gas announced 35% price increase with immediate effect.)
  • Should my employer develop a mechanical keyboard for the iPhone? I have a design and some ideas that solve several problems simultaneously. My concerns are that other vendors such as Belkin, Griffin, Logitech – and even Apple themselves – may be working on the same thing. It is a bit of a risk unless I attempt to sell my design to one of those companies who would already be in the loop. Either way, would you like a compact mechanical keyboard for your iPhone that did not cramp your style? (Wednesday 23rd July 2008)

Written by Oflife

July 23, 2008 at 11:22 am

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