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How long before the placid English revolt?

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We’re known for our laid back attitude to being ‘wound up’. And then, like a drunk alpha male at a bar who witnesses someone hitting on his girl friend, we spring, and punch – hard.


Written by Oflife

June 4, 2017 at 11:31 am

Barking mad

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Uh, the government of the UK are still so in bed with the oil industry and supplier nations in that not so nice part of the world. So to appease them, rather than kick out or lock up the nasties who the police in the UK and France admit to having tracked BEFORE they carried out murder and carnage, they are letting them stay and instead a) Monitor us all b) Ruin our open democracy that was working rather well until we capitulated by creating a ‘wall of steel‘ around our great institutions, this time, with dogs.

Fight back club: Kick them out or lock them up. And if you’re a consumer, go solar.

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May 7, 2017 at 4:48 pm

The terror just got personal

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One of the frustrations of being in a position of leadership is that one has to temper ones, uhm, temper. There are situations when it may be acceptable to get strict with staff, but when it comes to politics and other matters where one may desire to express an opinion whilst releasing steam from the ears, where do you draw the line? Speak your mind in an internal email or blog post and risk alienating those in your team and other stakeholders? Or keep quiet, in order not to offend anyone. It’s a tough one.

I just learned that along with an 11 year old girl (still missing?) and two or three other people, one of the victims of the recent heinous atrocity in Sweden was a wonderful British guy from Spotify, and not only that, he held a position directly related to my work and my staff may have interacted with him. (Since it’s foundation, I have been a massive fan of Spotify for multiple reasons.)

Connections with my employer or not, he has been murdered in a horrific manner.

It really is time that people extract their heads from the sand and admit that something has to be done that may not be politically correct. What really bothers me is that for some reason that I cannot fathom out, a large proportion of those in the tech community (including tech blogs, some of which I have been banned from, simply for stating the truth, not being rude), are the sorts who have allowed this very atrocity to happen by supporting groups whose values are in direct contradiction to the society that allows their employers to blossom.

I am angry and very very upset. It will be interesting to know how many more wonderful people will be slaughtered before this is dealt with effectively.

(I was going to send this text to my team, but won’t.  Shall keep my opinions within the personal sector – here.)

Written by Oflife

April 9, 2017 at 10:40 pm

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