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No, not on the level of a true despotic state, but thought I would bring the following to your attention:

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of meeting a top class individual for a business meeting. We got talking about the incredible behaviour of some people after the death of Mrs Thatcher. Before he knew anything about my own causes or this blog, he mentioned that the other day he was in the car park of a well known middle class supermarket that until this moment, I held in high regard. He was surprised to discover they had recently introduced fees for parking. The on the spot fine for staying longer than 1 hour and 30 minutes was £60. So the days of having a friendly chat in the supermarket café are over unless you want to pay to pay – if you get my meaning. Anyway, my colleague had recently seen a pensioner struggling with his bags as he put them into his car at the aforementioned supermarket. A traffic warden (I like to call them, thugs for hire), came up to the old man. Rather than assist him, the warden issued the elderly man with an on the spot penalty charge. No questions asked.

For what you may ask? Spending more than 90 minutes shopping for free? Shop lifting?

No. Because his car was slightly over the white line dividing up the parking spaces.

No doubt a mix of a basic accident – he is a human – and perhaps, age.

My colleague who was witness to this was disgusted and begged the thug, sorry, warden, to leave the man alone, but of course, £60 to the VERY nasty companies slowly buying up our land for parking spaces is quite a nice little earner, so the thug refused to walk away.

Not long ago, assuming one had to pay to park to shop, (which one didn’t in most locations), a warden or policeman would simply politely inform the motorist of their offense and allow them to be ‘on their way’. As my own experiences since returning from the US validate, these people are quite simply after money. The law, ethics, fairness, common sense do not come into play. It is a cold hard fascist behaviour that is traumatising and financially crippling people who are already vulnerable. And that is before we even discuss clamping companies and their dubious ethics and intentionally small signage and hidden cameras.

From what I understand, my colleague has kept the contact details of the pensioner so we may try to help him fight the fight, and I for one, will try to setup a section on this here blog to document countless examples of this behaviour (and name names if legally ok)  of which I have been slowly building up a library based on newspaper articles and listening to others who I either overhear (happens quite often) or who contact me. Some of what has been going on is abhorrent.

Fight back club: Fight back and refuse to pay

This fee based parking has already taken over our hospitals and is the sort of thing that those idiots dancing in the street the other day aught to be protesting against. It is not capitalism, or socialism, it is pure evil and greed. Note that for my part I refuse to pay to park at hospitals or supermarkets and always look for a free space nearby if a hospital, and in the case of a supermarket, will will not longer offer them my custom. I want the right to shop for as long as I like, without stressing about over staying my parking. I know full well that if I leave my car there all day, it will probably get damaged or vandalised, so I don’t need a greedy self serving dystopian entity telling me to pay to pay or pay to offer support at a hospital. (Much more on the latter in due course – the lie I was told by the hospital I questioned on this was laughable.)


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April 12, 2013 at 3:31 pm

More for profit police state behaviour

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Beyond the ‘fine’ (more like, theft) in this situation, what is of concern is that the council people were out spying on us, the tax paying citizens of this democracy. Who is keeping an eye on YOU as you go about your hard working life? Yes, you, in your car/van/truck/lorry? Keeping an eye out for dangerous drivers is one thing, but a man in a van? What a gross invasion of privacy and freedom! It is no wonder that despite the horrific massacres of the last few years that Americans still wish to hold on to their guns. They learn from history.

For those wondering how this happens, and as I believe I have explained elsewhere, when the ‘footsoldiers’ of the state, who are often people with extremely little self esteem, get into positions of power (even at grassroots level), they impose their personal insecurities and prejudices on others, with compassion, common sense, fairness and ethics left out of the equation. This is extremely dangerous if it becomes the unchallenged norm.

Fight back club: Don’t look the other way.

I know, I should be out, it’s Saturday evening, but I feel people like this need to be given support by at the very least drawing attention to their experience. Since learning during my youth of far more troubling repression in other European nations, it has been a strong belief of mine that no one should party whilst others are persecuted, in particular if one is in the position to do something about it. It is very very upsetting and frightening to be persecuted as an individual by people working for the state when you know in your heart you’re a good person and your intentions are honorable. As I think I have mentioned many years ago on Vision Aforethought, my first ever experience of being persecuted by the ‘authorities’ was whilst taking casual photographs of fine architecture on London’s King’s Road on a lovely summer’s day – in a public space. Two jobsworths (foreign too!) approached me from either side requesting I erase my photos. Shocked and disgusted, I refused and fast walked off, bemused family member in tow. Since this happened, I never turn my eye away from a news story about people who whilst not suffering the kind of repression that goes on in dictatorships, do feel threatened by the state over matters that are quite simply irrelevant. G-d help the North Koreans, imagine what they go through. If only they had liberation oil.

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February 2, 2013 at 10:51 pm

Protected: Ditto

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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January 14, 2013 at 9:32 pm


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I voted Conservative because although I was aware a right leaning government would do a few things some of us would disapprove of (such as sacrificing the environment to profit their source of donations), I assumed (based on pre-election promises and prior philosophies), that the new government would repel the various dystopian, privacy invading and/or for profit laws introduced by the prior regime and threatened by the greatest evil of all, the rising Eurasia.

Unfortunately, we were either betrayed or stupid. Or both.

(I hoped that I would finally gain more time for other community causes, with little need to continue to commenting about the subject of this post or within the separate Towards Dystopia section of Vision Aforethought, believing we were no longer threatened by such issues. How wrong I was.)

Just in the last few days there have been several examples of new laws and behaviour by council jobsworths that will do what the SS and KGB did so well not much more than 50 years ago, namely, create a society where we fear doing everyday things that previously were taken for granted and caused little or no harm to anyone. In fact, they were part of what made life entertaining, enlightening, intriguing and surprising!

From about 4 or 5 years onwards, like all (not most) of my friends, I blew up hundreds of balloons, blew party whistles, shot an air gun in our back garden (from 10), climbed trees, swam in rivers and lakes, made things out of wood and nails – and engaged in many other activities out in the physical world. Whilst I think once in a while (over a period of many years), we did get hurt (slight scratch here, bruise there), not one of those I know ever suffered a major injury. (Ah, Dominic fell out of a tree, and Sebastian fell of his bike, but bones do repair, and they are alive and well today. Bless!)

Today of course, more and more youth are fed diets of junk food that did not exist 20 years ago, sit in front of televisions watching programming that is intellectually 1/10th of what we were (thankfully) bought up on whilst deposits slowly build up in their arteries, others are disallowed or discouraged from engaging in strength and character building activities at school and elsewhere. All this leading to a whole generation (some now becoming clueless subservient parents too, God help their children!) of humans who will die prematurely of diabetes, cancer and/or heart failure several years earlier than my generation will. In fact, the number of people who will perish that way will be an order of magnitude greater than those who die every year from blowing up a balloon.

Those who have studied their history know that in reality, all this has nothing to do with safety, and all about what most dystopian regimes do, and that is projecting their personal insecurities by prying into our homes (What? You don’t think a swarm of jobsworths will pounce on your home because little Robbie blew a party whistle? We’re almost there.) and extinguishing any sense of fun or danger that does not emanate from a ‘2D’ medium, in this case, that opiate, Saturday morning television.

Fight back club: God help us all, really.

What is really worrying? A dangerously large proportion of people through no fault of their own have absolutely no clue as to what is going on.

Oh, and if you believe that that former bastion of liberty and trust will come to our rescue, think again!

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October 11, 2011 at 12:21 am

Parents: Did you know this?

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No doubt instigated by the thankfully recently deceased extremely foolhardy previous UK government, this is something current and soon to be parents may wish to be aware of.

Be interesting to see what happens in the future with this data. Let’s see now:

  1. Sold off to marketing companies. “Dear Young Sir/Madam, your eyes are hazel, not too popular on the social networks today. Would you like a bio transplant to blue eyes? 20% off if you visit our clinic within the next 7 days. Click click here to book!”
  2. Used by government ‘Pre Cogs’ to arrest those who may or may not commit a future offense. Don’t think it will happen? Think again*.
  3. Misused by any future regime or terrorist group to genetically iradicat their ‘enemy’ using bio weapons.
  4. Or the actual scenario, “Dear Parent, we have identified your child as suffering from XYZ syndrome, you may opt for child euthanasia now, although of course, you should be aware that often such children are full of love and character bringing much cheer.”

Or is there nothing to worry about?

Fight back club: Write to Dave & Nick and DEMAND this is stopped forthwith and the database be completely destroyed – backups included.

*Aso triggered by a socialist government, but the other side of the Atlantic. Go figure.

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May 23, 2010 at 8:20 pm

Look who’s coming back!

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This is who they were.

This is how they will return.

And in the propaganda war, here is the first shot in the ‘everything is just wonderful’ campaign. The issue is not what is being silenced, it is the fact that something is being silenced at all.

Fight back club: The usual.

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March 8, 2010 at 10:39 am

You don’t say!

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We really really (really!) do need a new Mrs. Thatcher to reverse many of the laws and social changes covered in and below this headline article in The Times.

It all started with the election of the current government who in what was a massive betrayal of conservative working class values, destroyed dignity, common sense and trust – simultaneously – all made worse by the awful celebrity and reality TV culture that preaches all the wrong values. The behaviour of the previous Prime Minister, jet setting around the world being paid huge sums is an embarrassing violation of the humble values and incentives that go with public leadership – and discredits any policy motives. How many times have you seen any of our recently elected or non elected leaders visiting factories to motivate workers and encourage entrepreneurship? – As Mrs. Thatcher did on countless occasions. Today, our leaders are in it for their egos, money and/or because they have a chip on their shoulders.

Each and every repressive nation throughout history has become that way due to flaws in the personality of the leaders. And that has often lead to war, tragedy and/or an almost permanent state of dystopia for the population. Or one followed by the other.

Fight back club: Consider who you know that would make a good British leader who is likely to click the national [UNDO] button and suggest they run for PM.

Don’t forget reader(s), I base every opinion on this blog on real world experience and observation, not what I read elsewhere. (Any links are to validate a point.) Just as one can look out of the window or ask friends to check the weather, so too one can monitor social change through experience and dailogue. There is much to celebrate in the UK, some service industries (restaurants in particular) offer far better choice and quality than decades ago, transport and cities are much cleaner and society is less prejudiced.

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February 9, 2010 at 12:38 am

A reminder of our dystopian reality

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This article in The Independent is essential reading for anyone concerned at the collapse of freedom, common sense and trust in this country. The irony is that the aforementioned newspaper (that is not what it once was) is responsible in part for the very issues it is hereby highlighting.

Fight back club: Ideas on a postcard to the comment field below. 😉

I have a strict rule of not publishing a view unless feeling it to be valid, after all, with electronic media, word spreads fast and it is difficult to retract an error once it moves beyond the confines of ones own place in cyberspace. The subject of this posting is more serious than any other covered within this blog simply because we are on a slippery slope towards a permanent living boring stressful meaningless hell that few will have the strength or means to escape. In the past, the British persona has oft waited until the last moment to wake up, smell the coffee and deter the shackles of evil. The problem today is we are unarmed and monitored 24/7 by people with an unjustified chip on their shoulder. Very very dangerous, surely?

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January 17, 2010 at 6:24 pm

Fascist nation we have become

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Says it all. I do recall family members telling me how when visiting dictatorships (such as Romania) in the 70s and 80s they would be approached and threatened by police or soldiers while taking photos. As per the Towards Dystopia section of this blog, it is unbelievable to think this is happening here today. As in WW2 Germany and KGB Russia, it was the young (such as these British PCOs and police) who were so indoctrinated and full of a sense of power that they did not comprehend the nature of or see fault in their behavior. I hope this Italian will show her disgust and not only refuse to pay the contribution to our bankrupt nation in the form of the ‘fixed penalty’, but depart forthwith and tell all her friends never to return and spend their money here. I am so embarassed to be British!

Ironic that the government are allowed to monitor us with the increasing number of CCTV cameras. And no doubt, these new reduced speed limits are designed as an excuse to install yet more cameras and entrap good sensible middle class drivers who have been used to a specific speed limit for decades – providing the government a nice little earner. It should be noted that the horrific accidents that occur once in a while where several young people are killed when losing control of their vehicle are caused because the driver is either drunk or distracted while talking to his or her friends in the back seat. Only a police speed trap will stop that, not cameras!

Fight back club: Leave.

Why does the government keep focusing on matters that are not really pertinent on the grand scale of things? (In their defence, the swine flu crisis was handled well.) They have not insisted or encouraged the bailed out banks to invest in businesses who in turn will train and employ the increasing numbers of unemployed youth who once employed would pay taxes, reducing the need for the government to obtain it’s revenue from all these fixed penalty notices that are in turn imposing stress and inconvenience on many good people.

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December 16, 2009 at 9:59 am

Brits to pay £64 to prove they are not criminals

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I was going to write a long piece about how easy it is to become complacent in the face of true evil (in this case, our fascist bankrupt government), fortunately, the comments below The Times article make it clear how people feel about this further erosion of the trust, common sense and freedom that once comprised our nation. So I need not bother.

Exhibit A: The Times
Exhibit B: BBC News
Exhibit C: The Daily Telegraph
Exhibit D: The GuardianComments (The one by ‘LittleTyke’ is one of many that sum up the situation we are in.)

What is genuinely worrying about this, other than the climate of fear and mistrust it generates in society, is how the government is exploiting tragic but fairly rare crimes against children to turn half the nation against millions of innocent people. If the government want to crack down on crime then they need to implement the same proven tough approach as New York City did to turn that great city around over the last few decades. And that means harsh punishment for criminals after they are proven guilty. The liberal nonsense has never worked and never will.

As per the other issues covered in the Towards Dystopia and Dumb and Dumbstruck sections of this blog, these dubious laws are being introduced to entrap innocent people into parting with their money while at the same time imposing almost communist regime like control over the populace. Governments only do this when they are in fear of their own citizens and/or their leadership has serious self esteem issues. Do study the leaders of North Korea and other former and current despotic nations and notice how they mix populist behaviour with rigid control.


I took this photo at ground zero in June 2002. The messages on the flag are from the public, friends and relatives of the victims of the attacks that took place eight years ago today.
It represents trust, honour and freedom – something worth remembering this side of the Atlantic once in a while.

Fight back club: What do you think?!

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September 11, 2009 at 8:41 am

Well here’s a surprise

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UK Government to introduce (and/or encourage) 20 mph speed limits and (as this blog has been predicting and highlighting for a while now), remove even more of our civil liberties and ability to apply common sense along the way. Although some of this is covered in the public comments below the aforementioned Times story, here is my take:

  • Driving at 20 mph in any production car requires a very low gear and a lot of concentration. It does not come naturally due to the way cars are engineered – except in situations when such a speed is obviously required or intuitive, such as on a very narrow city street, in a car park, outside a school etc.
  • Driving below 50 mph down a hill on an A road requires constant braking or use of the gears. This in turn causes wear and tear on car parts, not to mention brake dust that in itself is a pollutant probably responsible for more cancer and respiratory deaths than low speed car accidents. (Hence you can smell brake dust on any hilly road where drivers are forced to decelerate for whatever reason.)
  • As the news media has covered over the last few months (links to each crash news story coming soon), the majority of road deaths are caused by cars full of drunk or criminal drivers ploughing into trees, walls, other cars or ditches after losing control of ‘their’ vehicle. Such people are not concerned at the speed limit in their state of mind. However, a human policeman in a patrol car or speed trap will be able to stop such drivers before they kill themselves and their passengers. Cameras cannot prevent such carnage.
  • While many other issues face the people of this country, increasing road deaths is not one of them.
  • Cars are not efficient at such low speeds and will therefore use up more fuel – a direct contradiction of the governments alleged green credentials, that I am sceptical of anyway – as are others. As a matter of scientific interest, the optimum speed for maximum fuel efficiency is 55mph, as the Americans discovered during the 1970s oil crisis. Why don’t they enforce that as a recommended speed on all our B roads? That will avoid any confusion. Ah, but they cannot do that, because entrapment is the only path to prosecuting the driver of his/her hard earned money.
  • Having local councils decide on whether or not they should introduce such limits means that drivers will continue to be confused about which speed to drive as they visit different areas, and therefore,  break the speed limit, further crippling their finances. £60 is the food budget for a lot of people for a week or two. This is entrapment, and it is despicable.
  • As the commentators below The Times story (and no doubt elsewhere) have thankfully pointed out, this is really all about more revenue from the already long suffering (mainly middle class) public and of course, increased electronic surveilance. To monitor the many miles of road covered by these new speed limits will require the installation of thousands more ‘speed’ cameras that will no doubt be linked to a database so they will be able to track you just about anywhere. How about using the money for something more constructive, such as installing solar panels on government buildings or improving our decrepid railway stations to make life more bearable for those who choose not to use cars?


“It’s all so perfect – but…

Those who lack confidence and a sense of worth or achievement will attempt to move the spotlight from themselves or genuinely pertinent issues by tarnishing, controlling or punishing innocent others. This occurs in dictatorships around the world.

Fight back club: Simple! Contest any fines you know in your heart are unjustified and don’t do the British thing of just paying up. Objective? Cost the government or your local council more than they will gain through their fiscally and paranoia motivated micromanagement of your life. Oh, and drive sensibly, as you have always done. It’s all about common sense really.

You may be asking why this blogger is concerned at what seems like a good idea – raise money by encouraging (forcing!) people to be careful. Because that is not what this is all about. This is about creating a completely subservient nation to be milked and manipulated at will over the coming decades – along with the far more serious issue of your life being recorded – with or without your concent – and that Dear reader, is what a large portion of this blog is concerned with. And there are those of us who would rather it didn’t happen – ever, come hell or high water.

UPDATE: (Un?)believable, they have introduced 20MPH limits in my home town! That’s New Labour!

Written by Oflife

April 21, 2009 at 2:47 am

In the 1970s…

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…some people I know visited Romania – a country known then for KGB style behavior towards its people and tourists. One of the aforementioned visitors was taking photos of a building and was approached by the military police who asked him to destroy his camera film. When he told me this on his return to England, I was stunned. I found it hard to believe there could be a place on Earth where such behavior existed in the modern world. As I matured and learned more about Soviet style nations of the 70s and 80s I remained grateful to be born in a free country and felt sorry for those living under the constant fear and subservience of such dictatorships. Little did I know that one day, my country would slowly become like the nations we once fought wars against.

Incidentally, I have also been challenged when taking photos of innocent subjects. On one occasion, I was earning my living, the other, on a nice sunny day with the family on King’s Road in London. What really disgusted me was that the people who approached me on King’s Road were dressed in bright orange overcoats as if they were official, when they are nothing more than for hire security people. Ironically, they were foreign (yet challenging me in my own country!) and claimed to be working for a private entity of some sort. In a public space! Huh?

Fight back club: If this happens to you, yes, show the photos, but refuse to stop taking any more and do not hand over your memory card and/or film. I resisted and still have the photos that I will post here in due course. Don’t let these jobsworths who think they are important get away with echoing the behavior of the footsoldiers in fascist nations of the past or present. And no, it’s not (just) about terrorism. As mentioned elsewhere on these pages, we have a government who are so terrified of their people that they are gradually micro managing more and more aspects of our lives until we are totally subservient and monitored 24/7. Next they will be introducing a 20mph speed limit and using that as a way to install even more cameras, track even more of us and fool even more middle class motorists into accidentally going 5mph over the limit in return for a £30 fine to make up for loss of tax revenue since the indoor smoking ban. You think the banks are corrupt? Wait until the government has you wrapped in it’s embrace a few years from now. All powered by cold heartless efficient technology.

For more worrying tidbits, visit the Towards Dystopia section of this blog.

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April 16, 2009 at 10:38 pm

Just a little reminder

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Of this(1). As with previously published stories on similar subjects, a number of concerned individuals write eloquently below the aforementioned article. Alas, like other breaches of our privacy and dignity, those who sit back and allow it to continue will reap what they sow through such innaction in the future. Just use your imagination. Isn’t it great to know that government and large business (such as the heneous ‘Phorm’) are so powerful we are unable to stop them – except by ceasing to ‘exist’.

Fight back club: Simple really, don’t communicate electronically. There will be nothing more effective than to deprive those who monitor our every breath of the oxygen that feeds their paranoia, advertising dollar or voyeuristic pleasure.

It is unbelievable that this is actually happening in the ‘modern’ world – and here on this island! Many brave souls gave their lives in the past to ensure such an existence never came to be. But with modern technology, it is so easy to be heneous, everyone’s doing it. The fact a whole generation (including some in positions of extreme power) were bought up with celebrity obsessed voyeuristic media, they don’t even comprehend the ethic of their station.

I came very very close to embedding in this posting images of a swastika and communist red star, but cannot bring myself to do it – yet.

(1) Link © 2009 The Independent.

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April 4, 2009 at 2:47 am

A minor point of note

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For those who are just slightly worried about our gradual slide Towards Dystopia, you may find this terrifying, in particular if you are an enlightened historian and therefore aware of what happened when laws like this were introduced elsewhere, not too long ago.

Fight back club: Well, to be honest, I haven’t a clue what to suggest beyond writing a very testy letter to your MP or leaving the country as soon as possible for any remaining outposts of true freedom. As for other ideas, over to you.

Link © 2009, The Daily Telegraph

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March 14, 2009 at 10:11 am


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A few years ago, I recall clearly watching the last episode of one of the contemporary series of Doctor Who. The scene showed an (enemy) space craft catching fire and exploding (as they do) right at the end of the show. It was beyond obvious that the ship was in the shape of a cross. And throughout the whole episode, you could see the BBC taking a swipe at Christianity.

I won’t say “I have no idea what is going on.” because like some of you, I know precisely what is going on. Ethics and ethical people are being debunked and humiliated such that the state can exercise a more callous, cold and ruthless policy without the monitoring and critique of those who know in their hearts that something is very wrong.

What this country is doing to kind well meaning charitable Christians is unacceptable and those familiar with the term ‘dhimmitude’ and/or for profit law and order will comprehend precisely what is going on, why – and where we are headed.

Fight back club: Revolted? Then revolt. This chap is, and he’s spot on.

Meanwhile, William Golding’s book continues to evolve into reality as the UK’s Channel 4 television, possibly the world’s most unethical broadcasting system, continues to poison and exploit this nation’s naive young in order that it can profit from the sale of advertising space. On that subject: In the days and weeks following the 9/11 attacks, the American broadcasting networks ceased any advertising while showing related programming. Meanwhile Channel 4 ran many programs about the attacks, filling them with advertising every few minutes. That’s a secular ethics for you.

Links © 2009 The Daily Telegraph & The Times

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February 12, 2009 at 2:04 am

Thought on this?

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Cliquez ici. Oh, and this. Get it yet people? Fascism. We have a government who are terrified of common sense, instinct and the natural way of things.

Fight back club: Study history and act accordingly.

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February 6, 2009 at 1:48 am

Hell freezes over

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Just as the media reports that children are living in the worst conditions ever (indifferent selfish parents, smothered in celebrity rubbish, booze and dumbed down media – uhm, like their young parents?!), the one chance they get to go out, have fun, run around, fall over, be human, they are forbidden!

Fight back club: Climb over the fences – literally, and figuratively.

Written by Oflife

February 2, 2009 at 4:22 pm

Just a reminder…

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…of this hot issue – before it is too late. The Gord really is insecure.
©  2009, The Independent

Fight back club: Simple really, don’t communicate electronically on matters that if you discussed privately in person you would not really want others to know of – even if the subject of said communications was innocent banter. Oh, and write to your MP if you are worried about this. Else, if you’re a subservient Brit (like most alas), who enjoys being in the hands of an untrusting government, go about your day.

I for one have given up with regards to the UK and shall no longer be posting on this matter. I believe that evil is currently winning with regards to propaganda and the general direction of the world. I’m an optimist, always searching for solutions to make things better, but at present, things are spiraling depressingly out of control.

Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

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January 15, 2009 at 11:26 am


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…let this happen – ever!

In a remarkable quote that makes points covered by some of my prior writings, this says it all:

“The tendency of the state to seek ever more powers of surveillance over its citizens may be driven by protective zeal. But the notion of total security is a paranoid fantasy which would destroy everything that makes living worthwhile. We must avoid surrendering our freedom as autonomous human beings to such an ugly future. We should make judgments that are compatible with our status as free people.”

– Sir Ken Macdonald, the former director of public prosecutions (UK)

© The Guardian, 31st December 2008

Fight back club: Just don’t let it happen. It really is that simple.

Update: This lot agree too.

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December 31, 2008 at 8:12 am

The UK’s privacy invading money grabbing fascist dictat continues..

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(Filed under Towards distopia of course.)

As usual, most will read this (and this) and get on with their day to day work / play / Xmas preparations (last minute shopping?), but those who really know what is going on will hopefully sit up, take notice and finally begin to make preparations to fight back with all the force available to stop this goverment in their tracks before it is too late. I never for one second ever believed that I would devote time from my career in product design / business to comment on such matters, but I suppose one of the genetic traits of being a visionary is that you can foresee the consequence(s) of situations and actions ahead of time – whether the results are sweet or sour.

Meanwhile, people are robbed and stabbed, the country collapses in a pile of confused ethics, but all the government can do is think of more ways to punish it’s OWN people for ‘offenses’ that pail in comparison to more pertinent matters. And is it no wonder people don’t have any money to spend as they are fined and taxed into bankruptcy!

So, who of the unemployed masses will signup to sit at a CCTV console and look for couples arguing en route? And how much money will it take to turn you into such a person?

Fight back club: In the event the above madness comes to fruition, harness the due process of law to sue for undue stress, loss of time and infringement of privacy – and of course, avoid parting with any money until any legal action has been concluded. For all you know, your case may become a test case. Alternatively, as per Thompson Travel’s pertinent advertising from a while back, consider that it may be “Time to leave the country”. Thing is, where? If there’s money in it, ‘it’ will be adopted by other nations who begin to lose their way too when it comes to abandoning common sense and trust for a for profit based system of state control. Lord ‘elp us all…

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December 24, 2008 at 4:59 am

Most excellent news

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Exhibits ABCD. Says it all. Without any doubt, this matter is more important than any other and it will be interesting to see how the UK Government reacts long term. Ironic, tonight, I’m attending a talk on privacy in Oxford.

© BBC, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian. More to follow, I am late for a meeting!

Fight back club: No matter your opinion on the matter, take it from me, my family tree and what happened in India recently, you don’t want people to be able to identify you without your express permission.

Oh, and madam Home Sec, if you want to cut down on crime & terror, then get the media to raise the bar in their publishing and broadcasting, make parents directly responsible for the actions of their children and put some real meat and bone walking, talking, running* policemen on the street.

*Because CCTV cameras cannot chase criminals or protect victims before the event.

Written by Oflife

December 4, 2008 at 1:55 pm

Too stunned to devise a heading for this post

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In the late 1970s and early 1980s, like most, I was informed at school and the news media that in the Soviet Union (and other nations based on similar authoritarian regimes) if one failed to comply with certain fairly draconian ‘laws’, the punishment was unjustifiably harsh – and you certainly could not leave the country!

So, here in freedom loving, iPod toting* England, HM Government are threatening the populace with ID cards. It is claimed (from what I understand) that these cards are not (initially?) going to be compulsory. But if you don’t carry one, you cannot leave the country. Think about this.

It should be noted that with regards to terrorism and crime, the majority of attrocities and crimes to date have been carried out by people who use the system, rather than bypass it. (Whether with genuine or forged identification makes little difference after the event.) IE, future crimes and more will be carried out by those holdng a legitimate ID card that by its nature will make the perpetrator appear even more credible. The railway bombings in Madrid were carried out in a country where the populace already carry ID cards. The 9/11 attackers bordered the aircraft using legitimate means.

Update: 26th November 2008, terrorists in India have shot and killed a number of people, rounding them up by nationality – Brits and Americans as I type this. Their job will be a even easier once we’re all tagged. Faking your accent and/or clothing won’t help. The ability to deceive, even to save your life or carry out other pertinent if slightly naughty actions will soon be impossible. What a lovely rigid inhuman world we’re creating. Looks so pretty, tastes so bitter.

Fight back club: Learn all you can about English ID cards, study history, consider the motives of those issuing them – and who has the most to gain. Then make your own informed decision.

*A tease on the fact that while we may live in a nation that is increasingly aesthetically pleasing (like pre WW2 Germany), what is going on behind the scenes is terrifying in its implication. (Of course, Germany today is also aesthetically pleasing, but politically a mirror image of the 1930s, so there is no comparison with where England is headed.)

As someone with over 15 years experience designing and building various incarnations of a database that allowed people (and now businesses) to (at their discretion!) create an online profile designed to assist with advertising and/or social networking, one has to ask, why not just make these ID cards as voluntary as any other product or convenience? The idea of a universal all-in-one ID to eliminate all those passwords, credit cards, discount cards, travel cards and more would be great! But as the citizen of a democracy, I would like to choose whether I posses one – and I would also like to choose how much information is ‘linked’ to it. That is my birthright – and yours. For now...

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November 22, 2008 at 10:05 pm

Dumb down and monitor at the same time

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The increasingly desperate UK government are now considering revamping (commercialising!) public libraries – in a manner that defeats the object of a library in the first place – a venue of total silence where one can focus on work or studies. The government lacks the funds to avoid this crassness – yet they do have the money to further track and entrap the innocent motorist – at great expense. With regards to libraries, if one wants to ‘study’ in a more social environment, then why not simply go to a coffee shop? This and other blogs discuss the traffic camera issue elsewhere, so I won’t cover that here. (Both these items will of course be featured in the Towards Dystopia section of Vision Aforethought.)

© The Independent and The Times 2008.

Fight back club: I have no idea what to suggest on this one. But any action that threatens the ability for children and others to seek enlightenment should be repelled.

One has to wonder whether these ongoing announcements by our increasingly dangerous government are designed to squeeze the concerned of us out of the wood work for an eventual crack down on the thinking classes. This has happened before I believe. Maybe we should all just shut up and accept our fate?

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October 9, 2008 at 1:01 pm

Time for change

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The enlightened amongst you who question everything, will have known that issues such as this (© The LA Times 2008) would rear their ugly head once the effects became mainstream. (I have been warning my friends about plastics for over 10 years.) Likewise, the events in the financial markets are unsurprising, not due to capitalism (a force for good), but because any entity that goes too far and relies on greed rather than common sense ethics is liable to collapse when the rotten foundations give away. This writer has no experience of the corporate world – being an every day consumer – however, if the big financial houses attempt the same shenanigans as the hight street banks, one cannot imagine the level of hardship some individuals or businesses must be put through. A recent example that has lead to some successful consumer lead lawsuits of late is that high street banks will intentionally or through incompetance ignore any courtesy warning from a customer who knows he or she may slip into the red while some payments clear. The bank will subsequently impose a fee for even the smallest oversight, for example, a £25 charge for an overdraft (OD) of £10. So, you are now £35 over. And guess what? A few days later, a pre-arranged small payment of £15 automatically direct debits from your account (mobile phone? sports club? etc), so you are fined another £25 for that breach of your increasing OD! And so on until it steamrollers out of control. At the end of the month, you are dealing with fees of anything from £50 to £300. No wonder people are strapped for cash and cannot feed the economy! This is fairly common, but most Brits are too embarassed to say anything and the process of challenging that huge electronic entity in the sky is too complicated, with real sit down and chat managers surplanted by overseas call centres manned by pre-programmed staff who are unable to stray from the beaten path. (Effectively, they are robots.) On a more serious scale, and of course, this is why the banks are also in meltdown, why did building societies both sides of the Atlantic offer mortgages to people who had no hope of repaying them?

We are also seeing more and more services whose essential telephone lines begin with 084X, 087X, 09XX etc, leading to unexpectedly large mobile and landline bills from ‘trapped’ or unsuspecting consumers. Just today, I called an 00800 number for what appeared to be a UK based company (UK prices, Union Jack on their home page!), and ended up talking to an office in Canada – on my mobile! (I await my bill.) Finally, there is the massive dumbing down of society across the planet, denial of climate change (it’s real) and invasion of privacy by terrified governments who are actively attempting to destroy the intelligent, thoughtful and vital middle classes – who are the greatest threat to all this nefarious behavior.

Each issue has been discussed on my older blog for years and will be imported to these here pages in due course, with external links to provide vindication of most pertinent matters.

I am sure many of you have seen films, read books, or even thought about the writings in the leading religious texts that discuss multiple threats to humanity arriving simultaneously, followed by significant changes and then, well, things get better. This time may well be upon us. The way forward is for people to revolt against any entity that it is plain obvious is a threat to our freedom. Start by ceasing to do business with them and if you are really feeling brave, start your own venture to offer a superior more considerate alternative. Don’t forget that the main focus of my blog is to highlight the usurping of democracy by technologically ominpresent and callous ‘corporations’. Cut off their income and they will die. That’s capitalism at its finest!

P.S. Remain optimistic.

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September 16, 2008 at 7:38 pm

Protected: Another few steps towards distopia

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August 25, 2008 at 7:24 pm

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