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Best ray forward!

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Unless you’re well loaded, financially, things are starting to get very difficult for many people due to various factors.

This cyclical nature of the Western economy is, like the solar cycle of identical length, something we take for granted. But it needn’t be that way. Despite living in the ‘free’ West, most people are not really liberated. (This whole blog is all about such a state of affairs and is what motivates me in my work too.)
So, unless you are in absolute power, meaning you won’t have to concern yourself with such matters, I’m willing to bet your typical Brit is worrying about the following:

  1. Paying the mortgage
  2. Paying the car loan
  3. Paying the electricity bill
  4. Paying the council tax
  5. Paying the water bill
  6. Paying the food bill (How much?!)
  7. Paying for the kids toys

And so on, silently, like a slowly ticking time bomb.

Always hoping your ship will sail in tomorrow, such that the stress that tugs at your soul 24/7 will finally be lifted so the strain it puts on your personal relationship(s) is all gone.

Sadly, things are not engineered to occur like that. There is no Hollywood ending in reality. (As per most British directed movies that tend to feature a more realistic 3rd act.)

The part solution to this is as I have been saying for 15 years or more and why a NASA image of the sun is my universal avatar, is for as many individuals and businesses as possible (Mrs May won’t have the government do it, she’s in bed with big carbon/nuclear) to fit as many solar panels as possible to their premises or garage.

Instead of buying that 42″ LG 4K OLED TV, (next year?), buy two 150 watt solar panels (£300), a leisure battery or two (£85), two regulators (£60), and get your basic gadgets off grid 24/7. As solar panels come down in price, you’ll be able to add more, get some more batteries (maybe a Tesla Powerwall?) and then take some major white goods appliances off grid too. A solar powered fridge eh? The irony!

By doing this, you’ll spend a bit, but then reduce your power bill and even be able to feed back into the grid once your output exceeds your input. Either way, you’ll benefit the environment and be setup to survive a power cut when the End Of Days apocalypse comes to pass.

Light back club: Invest in this…





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February 15, 2017 at 4:21 pm

Chocolate on the table

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This week there was some good news during a period when most news has been bad, from horrific terrorist attacks to acceptance that the 6th Extinction is no longer theory, but underway. No surprise there, and yes there is a connection between the two.

The good news is that an application to frack was unexpectedly rejected by a council despite said council being almost ‘threatened’ to vote in favor. (And the frackers have not given up yet!) We are all in agreement that an alternative to oil and coal is vital if we are to reduce pollution and extract our soldiers from nations that provide us oil but where there are cultural differences.

However, taking a harmful short-termism path is typical of an industry that would rather consume the whole bar of chocolate than avoid greed and temptation by putting it back in the cupboard. Effectively, the carbon fuel industry would rather suck the Earth dry at any cost than invest their billions in a whole new ecosystem of technologies and subsequent business opportunities – including building huge solar farms in Australia, a Western nation that will not require a military presence.

When visiting the US, where there is a lot more space, anywhere there is a carbon fuel extraction or processing plant is polluted, noisy and unpleasant to live around. A while back I remember driving past a plant not far from San Francisco and feeling immensely sorry for the poor people (mainly Mexicans) living near the refinery. Their standard of living and health is horrible. Environmental prejudice comes to mind.

Having lived in and travelled to many of the UK’s village communities, it is an almost idyllic existence. Quiet, clean and almost crime free. Never mind the ground water pollution and risk of small quakes, having large tanker trucks and associated paraphernalia passing through our communities is just not worth it.

As some communities around Oxford have done, way better to invest in solar farms and Tesla household battery packs and get our villages off the grid altogether bit by bit. The reduction in consumer demand for electricity sourced from carbon and nuclear power stations will free up energy resources for heavy industry that will continue to require carbon and nuclear energy until solar and other clean low accident risk sources can generate enough kilowatts.

As this blog has stated before, a Manhattan Project / Apollo Space Program level investment in clean sustainable non nuclear energy is the way forward, not harmful controversial short term solutions that are little more than shoving the problem under the carpet for another day.

Fight frack club: Done! (I know, I have used that pun before.)

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June 30, 2015 at 11:56 am

‘e’s ‘avin you on bud!

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Remember all those years ago, when the sparkly new ultra liberal President was elected with much fanfare and ‘hope’? “Finally, someone who will deal with race issues! Represent ‘us’.” Could have fooled me! “He’ll save the environment!” Where? Whose? Which one? “He’ll bring world peace!” A Nobel Prize was awarded too – before he had even done anything! And there are even more wars now, just about everywhere.  Really Mr. P?

Well, here at Vision Aforethought towers, we don’t like to dabble in politics – it’s an effective way to achieve little, slowly, but we do care for the environment, because while Presidents come and go, life full planets shouldn’t.

Over the years, having had his blinkers removed by applying research and observation to rumour and hearsay, this blogger has validated that the well known but little discussed concept that THE most powerful force on Earth is not God, nor a fully equipped American Aircraft Carrier or even the crafty security services. No, it’s the carbon fuel industry.

Everything that happens, from where ISIS try to take control, to which US States try to ban the sale of Tesla cars to where the West fights wars to who we make friends with (even if despising said friends behind their backs, deservedly so in some cases), is based on the awesome all reaching power of big oil.

I know, readers know this, but you also like a warm house – as do the Russians who have the people of Siberia to keep warm, so it DOES make sense to retain control of (current!) energy resources to a limited extent. However, for a leader to get into a position of power based on specific promises and values, and then once firmly embedded in the system but no longer able to be reelected – betray his voters and hopers by sleeping with the devil proves it was all just politics as usual. He could have taken a cleaner more visionary long term approach by forcing the industry to invest in sustainable and related technology.

Mr. President, with evidence of climate change occurring all over the world now (here in the UK too, 17 degrees last week, 1 degree this week!), you had a chance to really make a difference and stand your ground, backing up your empowering rhetoric and promises with actions.

Those of us over here on the more cynical less dupable side of the Atlantic, whilst also quite hopeful, now know our underlying feeling that you were just there to fool your gullible people and continue the status quo wasn’t just a hunch.

Fight Barack club: Support these guys via Greenpeace.

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April 2, 2015 at 7:42 am

Energy Aforethought

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So the UK’s (uhm, Scotland’s?), North Sea oil production is under threat due to the falling price of crude. Good news for the consumer and businesses of course, but not for the oil rig employees who are about to be laid off, not to mention the environment as people fill up en masse at 99p a litre.

However, if like more forward looking businesses, BP (‘Beyond Petroleum’, hah, don’t make me laugh) and others had in advance used their once huge financial might to invest in practical sustainable clean energy solutions, such as…

  • Tidal barriers, like the superb one proposed across the Severn Estuary
  • Large scale solar fields in Saudi Arabia, Australia etc
  • Next generation battery technology for efficient storage and distribution
  • (Electrical) energy ‘transportation’ infrastructure and management
  • Other

…then, by now, these companies would not only be able to retain their employees and contractors, but help contribute to a reduction in carbon fuel pollution.

They have had years to begin this bridge building in advance (like Rank Hovis Mcdougall: Movies > Bread), but greed and the human desire to always consume the whole bar of chocolate/apple/planetary resources rather than leave the rest ‘in the ground’, means that we’ll now go through a period of energy insecurity and unemployment. This is exceptionally dangerous with the world already in a very fragile position (yes, the terrorists attacks are related to oil – just use a map) but it’s not a surprise.

It’s controversial to say so, but as I have hinted at before on this blog, the types of people who run carbon energy companies lack the vision, imagination and pragmatic compassion essential to bring about change. Just visit a filling station, they are dirty, clunky and smelly, the only major change since the very first pump was installed being a switch from mechanical clickity whiz digital readouts to LCD. Whoopie doo!

Compare to the imaginative efforts from companies like Tesla and Gogoro.

Fight back club: Don’t put more gas in your tank just because it’s cheap – force the industry to invest in the future before it’s too late by maintaining your frugal less polluting lifestyle. Be Pushy.

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January 15, 2015 at 8:37 pm

It’s finally happened!

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On October 1 1908, Ford launched the Model-T automobile, the first internal combustion engine powered vehicle designed for mass production, and therefore, mass adoption. We can debate whether the invention of a carbon fuel powered motor was a wrong turn by humanity another day, but what Ford did with Mercedes invention was give credence to a method of transport orders of magnitude more practical than it’s 4 legged predecessor. (Nay I say more on that?)

Today at CES in Las Vegas, a company has revealed a machine whose thoughtful design and execution could finally do for electric transport (and potentially sustainable energy) what the Model-T did for the internal combustion engine.

If you have not already read about it, I’m referring to a superbly designed electric scooter from a 2 year old former stealth startup called Gogoro founded by former HTC execs. They really have thought of everything! (Do watch the excellent video in The Verge article.)

Gogoro Scooter

Way to Gogoro!

Large cities across Asia are flooded with noisy polluting gasoline powered mopeds in dire need of obsolescence, whilst adoption in Western cities could also benefit from these cleaner quieter machines at the same time freeing up roads with a speedy mode of transport that takes up 1/4 of the space of a car.

Best of all, hopefully, if the rider can choose where the energy used to charge the batteries is sourced from, they can vote with their Gogoro’s on obtaining their energy from solar and other clean sustainables.

I have never felt so excited and confident that we may finally have a chance to supplant mass produced polluting carbon fuel powered clunky transport with a leaner cleaner greener alternative that’s fun too!

Therefore, winner of my Best of CES 2015 award. Said award to be redacted and this blog post updated with a more terse tone if anyone tries to garden wall the battery charging stations such that riders are fleeced for using ‘free’ energy, such as that from solar and other sustainable energy sources.

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January 5, 2015 at 11:11 pm

Sum of all fears

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As predicted in this blog and in various comments I have made on the Internet over the years, the use of disproportionate thuggish repression against decent citizens by the nefarious energy industry sponsored authorities has finally begun.

Meanwhile, the headlines are about overseas repression and celebs. Hence with the exception of the aforementioned polite well educated protestors, the increasing majority has been so dumbed down by over a decade of trashy 24 hour television that they lack the enlightenment, resources and drive to even be concerned about such matters, never mind do anything about it. And that dear reader is precisely why the ‘system’ allows such abhorrent processed programming to brainwash the populace. It’s the opposite of communism. But it provides the powers that be the same control.

OCP logo from RoboCop

A few years from now, if the effects of poisoned ground water begin to take effect, and our national cancer rate ups from it’s current 40% in the areas effected, you’ll know why and who to blame. And no, it’s not an ageing population!

Which begs the question: How much money is being spent by the energy companies on using solar energy to provide power to whole buildings and communities as has been proven successful in various trials and private enterprises in the UK and abroad? Zilch. Why? Because (unless you’re a visionary social entrepreneur), it is hard to commoditise solar energy.

Fight frack club: Same as usual, don’t spend your money on energy you disapprove of. Consider supporting Greenpeace who appear to be remarkably effective at keeping the spotlight on causes green.

There will be much more on this abuse of power against decent citizens in my (massively overdue) ‘WW4’ post. We are closer to a corporate dystopia than you think. It’s just not blindingly obvious yet.

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July 27, 2013 at 10:00 am

Idealog: Off grid sustainable energy

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Normally Vision Aforethought is primarily focused on issues outside the scope of my work, but after deliberation with my crew (intellectual property professionals included who often say “Alex, just get out there!”) and some thinking, the time has come to use social media to announce our ideas as soon as we can, in particular if it is unlikely we will patent the concept for whatever reason.

This blog also attempts to actually deal with matters it discusses, whether it be forwarding design proposals to our transport authorities or suggesting ways in which you, dear reader, can fight back against the march towards dystopia.

In this case, the subject is a frequent subject of VA, (clean) sustainable energy, and in particular, less reliance on the grid. For a while now, behind the scenes, my employers mathematics intern and I have been discussing my several year old idea of using solar (and other local clean energy sources, such as small wind turbines) to charge large capacity batteries (preferably next generation capacitive types as evangelised by Elon Musk) that would be located in your own home or premises to provide an alternative/backup to the grid – or one could consider the grid being the backup! The batteries would be constantly trickle charged and used to power an increasing number of devices and appliances as the power to price ratio improved. Meaning, currently, whilst we can charge and power low energy devices such as mobile phones using solar energy or solar charged batteries, such devices uses a tiny proportion of the energy of even the most basic home appliance. Consider just ONE low energy LED light bulb, possibly the lowest energy consuming ‘fixed’ item in your home or business. That draws about 5 watts. A regular mid power light bulb, 40 watts, a laptop or modern (low energy!) TV or monitor, 30 to 60 watts. And if we take things further, a kettle or toaster, anything from 1000 to 3000 watts! And then there are heaters and white goods, with the fridge that silent yet ‘deadly’ invention that has been quietly eating away at your electricity supply for a lifetime! (Think about it, the fridge is the ONLY device or appliance in your home that is ALWAYS on.)

We have along way to go before it will be practical to use batteries to totally extract oneself from the grid, but as with anything like this, baby steps are what count. In one of our family homes I have switched the whole house to LED lighting and one porch light is 100% solar powered, using a built in lithium battery trickle charged during the day. It is quite interesting to consider that if civilisation does collapse, that one light will remain in action until it’s components wear out! (The switch to LED lighting has recuced the energy bill by 40%).

My employer is researching how to bring about a practical realisation of the off grid powered premises, and as I type this, I am claiming this to be my idea, although the execution will be what counts, so if someone else does it first, so be it, the world will benefit!

Note that Toshiba have developed a compact nuclear reactor for use ‘in the home’. However, one does not need to dwell on the safety issues.

Negative energy

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In business, smart companies know when their core market is threatened and act accordingly. Some of the world’s best known brands started out producing things that have little to do with their current product portfolio. For example, Nokia started out in rubber. Rank made movies, but eventually diversified into bread! Hence, Rank Hovis McDougal! There are many other examples of this, including to a less extreme extent, Apple, who saw the end of the PC era (error?) and invested in the iPhone and latterly, the iPad. They win, we win.

What a contrast to big energy. It is 2013 (the future!) and today, we are not surprised to hear, that energy prices are going to rocket over the coming years because we failed to invest in alternatives.

I sit here watching Arsenal get thrashed by Bayern Munich and the very first sponsor logo to appear before the game was Gazprom. Yes, we won the cold war, but now the West has been pawned by the very countries we clandestinely fought for over 40 years because they have their hands on our balls.

If we had done what smart business does, we would have taken our oil war chest and invested it on a Manhattan Project scale in sustainable energy technologies. Initially, this blog praised (having suggested it a while back) the UK Government recent investment in graphene, but when you think about it, the amount provided is a drop in the ocean to that invested in a single fracking test drill and many other short termist (more harmful) concepts. Solar panels made from graphene could be mounted on all large buildings to provide a large enough percentage of our energy to make up for the rising costs associated with our migration to foreign owned gas.

Yes, the green movement (of which this blogger is part of) killed off nuclear energy with a little help from Chernobyl and Fukushima, (the one carbon free source that could keep prices down), but that is no surprise, – nuclear also killed itself by failing to invest in safer cleaner alternative (nuclear) technologies, always choosing the least expensive at the start path.

So why didn’t we invest in sustainable energy when we could? Because even allowing for the failure of nuclear, the people who own our energy are so wealthy, even a quadrupling of prices would make no difference to their lives. And the politicians are in bed with the same people so you know that nothing will happen, unless you do something about it.

My employers forthcoming (albiet delayed) venture, (@lifemachine) will suggest a robust but gentle path to a sustainable way of life and business, because you have always been free to harness that great big ball of fire up there.

Fight back club: Why wait? Mount your own solar panels and gradually get more and more of your household and business electrical and electronic items off the grid. Even if the initial investment hurts, you will be independent of price rises and so can at least plan your cashflow. And best of all, solar panels last a long time, so you’ll be able to rely upon them for decades.

I don’t mention wind farms, because there are so many issues with wind turbines, although new bird friendly designs positioned off shore – as the UK government has proposed to their credit, are a viable option too.

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February 19, 2013 at 9:29 pm

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Smoke and mirrors

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The government today repeated what has been said before that we can expect quite a few more years of austerity. Some blame the banks, others the government (which begs the question, which one?!) – and some of us actually blame the public too – for borrowing on easy credit (it WAS easy!) – the latter not only leaving no foundations with which to build a life, but a deep hard to climb out of hole!

Well, no matter the accuracy of the above three issues, let’s take a more scientific approach. After all, the great thing about science is that except when travelling at near light speed, physics and mathmatics tends to be robust in their reliability.

Maths says that if our energy and food stuffs goes up in price, so does everything else. In fact, the latter is linked to the former.

What is of concern is the reason for the rise in our energy costs. Namely, the total and absolute failure of the oil companies to invest in sustainable energy on a scale equal to that of the Manhattan Project during WW2. That saw a nation develop the atomic bomb in less time than it took to bring the DVD to market.

The credit crunch excuse cannot be used forever. Most of the banks have repaid the government bailouts and consumers have been pretty good at paying off their debts too.

Sadly, greed and the oft repeated indifference of visionless compassionless clueless stock holder owned corporations to ever think outside the box and invest in OUR future, as well as theirs, is the main reason we are suffering the effects of austerity. Why? We don’t actually need to rely upon them, but are (currently) forced to. Here in the UK, our potential/former enemies now own our energy companies (did you know China owns one of our water providers?) and are doing to us what we did to them in the cold war, and screwing us for every penny they can. Not that Western owned companies are that much better, it is after all a big cartel.

Once you taste wealth, it is VERY difficult to let go. Really!

Technologically, the planet has everything it needs. Superfast supercomputers. Marvelous almost magical materials, such as graphene. Visionary well meaning intelligent entrepreneurs. Proven viable efficient solar cell production in Germany – the world leaders in such things. Seagull friendly wind turbines (for offshore energy generation that does not spoil our priceless landscape or turn birds angry). Huge hydroelectric dams (such as on the River Seven estuary). And new types of clean nuclear energy.

Instead, nothing has been done, so we are now fracking (and shoving the side effects under the carpet for cheap gas) and sending tankers into the melting Arctic whilst 40% of the increasingly dumb population are glued to celeb TV. Not to mention talk of building lots more (current generation) nuclear plants (whose waste disposal will haunt future generations) and of course biofuels that consume basic foodstuffs!

So whilst we wait for for the aforementioned environmentally unfriendly energy sources to kick in (8 years or so?), we’ll be paying for our failure to invest properly despite owning pocket gadgets as powerful as desktop computers of a decade ago.

Why does this happen?

As per my much delayed “WW4/2+2=5” post, sadly, too many large companies and nations are lead by people who simply lack the intelligence, suitability, character, ethic and passion to do anything about matters like this. Some are secure enough to escape the pollution, noisy flightpaths and price rises that effect the majority. Frankly, they just don’t give a f*ck! If you have attended a party, worked, been to school, college or Uni, and are now an adult, the enlightened of you will have observed that it is a simple fact of life that some people are what is known in the trade as douchebags. Sometimes, they end up running businesses and/or countries. The consequences vary from little more than a bit of bad behaviour (Italy) through to screwing the public (as this post is about) to all out despotic repression and worse. A common trait of such people is lack of confidence in self and therefore an assumption that ‘there is no other way’ and anyone or anything else better must be poo poo’d at all costs to keep the spotlight on self. (As an entrepreneur I experience this constantly from skilless losers with a chip on their shoulder.)

The only people who are going to bring this to an end are a mix of social entrepreneurs backed by the fed-up public (you!), through services like Kickstarter and other entities whose creators and members are so different in their character from the cold backwards types who run big pharma and big oil, that one could almost claim they are a completely different species. (“Visionaries are from Mars…”)

Fight back club: Simples! As ever, avoid using anything that is made from or consumes oil and bankrupt the whole industry into submission – whilst at the same time, reducing your carbon foot print. Open your wallet to those wonderful people and companies who are working on our sustainable clean future. For my part, I walk or bike to work and only use a car when it’s essential. Further, I am working on my own sustainable engineering projects through my employer. (I don’t moan in a blog post unless doing something about the matter I am moaning about.)

Yes, some of our energy will always need to be sourced from less sustainable and clean alternatives, but the lack of any serious effort or investment in getting at least 50% of our energy from elsewhere is unacceptable. If consumers can bypass ‘the grid’, then their energy bills will fall significantly and they will have more to spend, bringing an end to ‘austerity’, which in my book is simply a term for ‘we’re going to make you pay for our greed and lack of vision’.

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November 26, 2012 at 1:52 pm

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As I type this (despite being on multiple work deadlines), much of the world is in a fairly precarious position. There is no need for any expansion on that subject.

Well run businesses and households often have failsafe systems in place to protect against possible or unforeseen events. For example, a company whose existence and customers rely upon digital information (most today) ensure their data is backed up across physical hard drives and cloud services. In the event of a disaster at one end, the other can be relied upon to recover any lost information. Failure of all systems will only occur due to co-incidence or human error.

An example of data backup working was on 9/11. Whilst the loss of life was the key issue, the objective of the attackers (as they stated) was to damage the economy. It did no such thing. The data used by the financial institutions in the twin towers was safely backed up. Their physical presence did not reflect the location of the data their tenants relied upon.

Some families keep an inventory of their possessions and install smoke alarms. This ensures that whilst there can be no substitute for the loss life or personal effects, the odds of survival are increased and obtaining the correct amount of insurance compensation is made easier. Life can go on.

However, when it comes to the stability of society as a whole, currently, no widespread failsafe exists, meaning that if our source of income, warmth or sustenance is cut off, things can spiral of our control very quickly. I have always believed our complete reliance on the ‘middleman’ to be our Achilles heal because it not only allows us to be exploited by the less well intentioned but even well meaning arrangements put the lives of many in the hands of entities whose fate is uncertain.

Artists / graphic designers: I wanted to insert a picture of a toggle switch here – one position showing a power station, the other, the sun. Alas, unable to create it from scratch and cannot locate any top down view photos of a toggle switch to Photoshop. Anyone creative out there want to knock one up? Free Bottle Of on me!

Therefore, individual families and organisations need a built in system offering backup not reliant on the state or ‘grid’ based infrastructure.

  1. Local sustainable energy generators need to be installed on as many homes and businesses as possible. These should charge batteries that can be relied upon when the energy generators are not functioning or external grid based power is unavailable. The only way to make this viable is for a compact and efficient mass produced sustainable energy generation and storage system to be developed. This can be activated to keep core systems operational, such as computers and heating or air conditioning. (The latter until naturally ventilated buildings are commonplace.)
  2. More importantly, there needs to a backup food source. Here in Oxford, such a system is already well established in the form of the increasingly popular alotments. No, not a replacement for efficient ‘mass produced’ produce designed to feed the 7 billion of us, but a backup. Just as the mass produced produce system is a backup in case ones alotment is washed out by an overly wet period of weather.

Without wide-scale adoption of these two core components of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, society will become too vulnerable (if it is not already) leading to scapegoating, civil unrest and even war.

Fight back club: a) Apply for that allotment. b) Entrepreneurs (including this one) need to bring mass produceable sustainable energy sources to the home and small businesses as quickly as possible. I have my own ideas on this and have been testing one on a small scale for a while now. Every little helps!

Update (Monday 21 May 2012):  Look what Mr. Clegg has to say on the matter.

Update 2 (29 March 2013): Cannot believe no one spotted the typo in bullet point 2 above, I spelled ‘feed’ as ‘feel’ by mistake. Well, I didn’t spot it either, but I am often in a hurry as explained in the about page of this blog. Sorry!

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May 14, 2012 at 10:26 am

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Fracking hell!

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Oh dear, one post after another. Not good to blog during working hours, but cannot let this one slip.

As VA has mentioned before in reference to other matters, a great way to get away with something dubious is by deception. Case in point: During most of the debate about fracking, the worrying issue was that the chemicals used to extract the gas could eventually leak into the groundwater above, polluting that used by future generations. A while back, I listened to a superb BBC Radio 4 program on fracking, where scandinavian government scientists had looked into the effects of fracking. The outcome was worse than they imagined and they decided to oppose it. The twin threats are not so much the minor quakes, but the aforementioned pollution and the fact the gas obtained is not a low carbon fuel. Effectively, we would be moving from a dirty fuel (coal), to a slightly less dirty fuel, fracked gas.

So the UK government and the company behind the fracking are diverting public attention away from the threat of polluting to the easier to placate risk of minor quakes. The same in the USA, where fracking is now being adopted by a government who were voted in and continue to state they desire a switch to sustainable energy. But then, that administration got in through deception, so no surprises there!


Ray to go!
Photo taken this morning by the author and uploaded to this post on location.

Whilst a camp science fiction movie should not really be referenced in a blog like VA, there was a key scene in Independence Day when the alien Will Smith’s character captured forms a telepathic connection with the President. He asks the alien why they are here, to which the Alien responds, (approximate): “We have exhausted our resources and are scouring the Universe for what we need. When we’re done with your planet, we will move on to the next!” At the time I remember thinking that the message of this scene was a hint at our own behaviour and we were not much different. Something that could haunt us in the future.

Fight back club: The only ways to stop fracking is to protest en masse (won’t happen, we’re all too busy or exhausted) and/or begin to move to a sustainable lifestyle whereby you are not dependent on a fuel source you do not approve of. For my part, I am putting much time into thinking about how to bring about a practical economically viable solar economy and therefore have been experimenting with solar panels and solar powered household gadgets. So far, very impressed with some offerings. The problem is, those who lack vision and desire short term results and shareholder returns will do anything to delay sustainables – as hinted at in the aforementioned Guardian article. The West missed a huge opportunity to invest it’s previous oil wealth in new technology, choosing instead to spend the money elsewhere. Yes, we need to move away from nuclear and fuels imported from dubious nations, however, rushing into a short term solution is storing up problems for the future. But greedy short termists don’t care, leaving the ball in the court of the consumer and entrepreneur.



Tim W at The Daily T says we should frack.

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April 17, 2012 at 9:49 am

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