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Climate change protests

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Oh the hypocrisy.

Yes, they are a strange lot, but they have heart.

If this was feminists chaining themselves to railings or running in front of horses, they would be praised. Yet here, we’re talking about the future of our planet, not a few individuals who feel they are being unfairly treated. (My views on feminism depends on the type, contemporary or original! Give it time!)

This blog is about 2+2=4. That is, that certain events or issues are destined to happen due to real science, whether that be the Earth revolving around the sun or the speed that a rock weighing 1kg falls in calm air from 1000ft.

Physics cannot be altered, unless in the vicinity of a black hole.

So if it is calculated by the world’s most powerful computers and unbiased scientists (science is about science, not heart!) that the climate is warming or changing, or both, then that is it. It doesn’t matter if you are a xenophobic Daily Mail reader (I actually agree with some of the paper’s columnists, just not the scientifically illiterate ones) or a tree hugger, the permafrost is melting and the CO2 levels are rising, with dangerous consequences. And flooding is NOT one of them, that’s a minor issue, we can move. But food shortages cannot be avoided.

So, if the public are being inconvenienced in London, tough! Wake up, stop putting petrol in your car and punish big oil (and plastic) with your wallet.


Written by Oflife

April 17, 2019 at 12:48 pm

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