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Coming soon, the long overdue post that will probably instantly wreck some friendships and such, but truth has to be told. In summary, it is selfish somewhat bizarre contemporary ultra thin skinned dysfunctional liberals who have single handedly handed the environmental future of this planet to the wrong people – with the UK leaving the European Union and Donald Trump being elected in the US.

I’ll simply be listing a series of documented events that go back to about 1982, mainly covering matters of the bedroom and other awkward subjects.

I am too busy to finish and publish the post now, but just inserting a placeholder. I came up with the phrase, ‘Reap, snowflake’ myself last year before Brexit.

The irony of the situation today is incredible.

Note that I have been using the term 2+2=5 for years now, which was really an alternative way saying ‘fake news’, although I was referring mainly to inaccurate scientific reporting by corporations and right wingers. Liberals are also in denial about certain matters.

Let’s kick things off, in reverse chronological order…

Monday May 15 2017

US – This!

UK – Lads can wear skirts at school. (Although I’ll go into detail another time outside of this list, the reason for all this madness is financial. Men are to be made socially obsolete so women can pay clinics to be impregnated. By causing them to question their identity, men will lose their natural strength, desire and confidence. Don’t think so? I’ll track down the BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour episode where it was implied.)

Saturday May 13 2017

Several entries for today!

1. Why is the BBC putting this banner at the top of their Eurovision page? Who are they to tell me what to celebrate?

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 22.52.53

2. The BBC are implying that his support of feminism and other ultra liberal behavior by the Canadian PM are popular. Who says? Why is he promoting concepts that are not supported by everyone, this blogger included? Are the BBC aware of the current political situation in the world both sides of the Atlantic?

Very glad I do not pay a penny in license fees to the BBC!



Scientific community warns* of a new virus that appears to be spread through homosexual behavior. The warnings are ignored, leading to thousands of horrific deaths. Politically correctness more recently (1990s onwards) leads to continued illness and death that is covered up by the MSM, but still researchable online.

*Scans of articles to follow. I have printed magazines in storage.


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May 11, 2017 at 6:30 pm

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