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It was only a year into my 10 years in the US that I discovered the one major flaw in American society – a total lack of common sense. Ability to comprehend why things happen and deal with them at the source, rather than try to get the ship back into the bottle later.

And this is dangerous. As forecast in many dystopian science ‘fiction’ books and movies, Taser (now Axon) are introducing the sort of Minority Report type technology to deter crime. And once this is coupled with that other dubious corporation, Facebook, with their forth coming mind reading technology (it will happen!), our worst privacy nightmares will be realised.

What isn’t being discussed is WHY there is crime! What causes the sorts of activity that requires this type of surveillance? The poverty trap? Multiculturalism? Liberal justice? Conservative justice? Culture? Genetics? More than one of the above?

This lack of common sense analysis applies to the American attitude to gun ownership and associated massacres too. I have stated on this blog that the (non political) mass killings occur due to fundamental flaws in American social and family life, and that removing guns won’t prevent more multiple fatality incidents, as recent vehicular terrorism have proven.

All these things are connected, and the sooner America studies the relatively stable societies of old school Europe, the better, else large corporations are going to profit from this disaster of a society to our mutual detriment.

Fight back club: Fix society.



Written by Oflife

May 1, 2017 at 10:20 am

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