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Worse than 1984

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If anyone needs evidence that the UK is headed towards a worse than Orwellian police state run by useless snowflakes and their sponsors, read this. I just cannot believe this is going on, and the government is not intervening! We are on the brink of something that is a huge threat to freedom, common sense and a way of life that is in fact harmless. Someone somewhere is injecting sham issues into the narrative and turning young people into sham victims and that is going to lead to decent people being branded as criminals, which is what you will be if you breach these inane protocols.

Yes, this is in the Daily Mail, but the article is backed up with tangible evidence.

Fight back club: Refuse to comply. If you’re a snowflake, get over yourself for goodness sake!

UPDATE: April 27 2017 – Melted!


Written by Oflife

April 22, 2017 at 3:08 pm

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