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Paying to stop your vehicle

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The corporate surveillance police state that now ‘powers’ the UK is out of control.

Co-incidentally, in view of the timing of this article, I was recently visiting a town that charges between £2.00 and £3.20 an hour for parking, or £16 all day. WTF?! There is literally NO place where you can park for less than £2, and certainly not for free, even further out from the town centre. You literally cannot stop your car, causing pollution and a waste of fuel. Poor people cannot afford to stop and enjoy the location or shop anymore, so there are few people around in the scenic areas.


RIP The family outing – better to grow obese on the sofa in front of the telly

Of course, the council are Greens, so despite a name that creates the impression of caring for the environment and people, they are in fact making things worse. Of course the millions they make on parking fees and penalties pay their huge salaries, but do NOT go toward the upkeep of the town that features many areas and items in disrepair – something I’m logging with my camera.

Worse, want to take a bus, it’s £8 to travel 15 miles. Think about that! For the record, I took a bus the same distance as a student, and it was 15p. Or about £0.30p for non students.

UK councils are like oligarchs, all socialist on the outside, but greedy self serving and corrupt on the inside. Please don’t buy their green or community BS, if they cared, they would invest in making things EASIER for the motorist or public transport user, not worse. Effectively, they are entrapping people.

Fight back club: 1. Refuse to pay fines, no matter how threatening the letters your received or nasty the bailiffs. I was issued a fine for parking on a Sunday afternoon, around the back of a row of shops for a few minutes on a bit of road that I assumed was ok to park on. Little did I know there was a tiny no parking sign affixed to a building. Even if larger, there was no good reason for the parking restriction. I refused to pay the £100 fine and they have given up chasing me. What really showed how nasty these people are is that they must have used a hidden camera to spot my car and send a jobsworth around to affix the ticket to my windscreen. 2. Time to expose councils and replace them with something more visionary, compassionate and democratic. I have some ideas on this.

Please don’t let these dystopian corporations take control of our democracy and freedom to stop our vehicles and enjoy the day, oh, and buy things whose taxes pay for the infrastructure. It is these corporations who make all the surveillance gear and manage the issuing of fines.


Written by Oflife

April 21, 2017 at 9:30 am

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